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Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Nails"

Title: Nails
Characters: Clementine, Luke
Summary: Clementine finds nail polish and paints Luke’s nails.
Author’s Note: This is also dedicated to my Anon who’s birthday was recently ^^ I’m sorry that this is a little late, I had to work and I’ve been so busy recently ;-; I hope this is still good, and happy birthday lovely❤️
Requested By: Anonymous
“Hey, check it out!” Clementine whispered in awe to herself, lifting a tiny container of nail polish and studying it in the light.
Just reaching the ski lodge, Luke suggested that everyone split up to check out different parts of the building. Clementine wandered into a tiny supply closet, and found a beautiful jewelry box with some fancy rings, a pearl necklace, a single bottle of pink nail polish.
“Hey, Clem? What’s with all the noise?” Luke asked, poking his head into the tiny room.
Clementine smiled, turning to her male friend and placing the bottle of nail polish in his hands. “I found this in here.”
Lifting the bottle closer to the light, Luke raised an eyebrow and squinted as if trying to better understand what the object was. “What is this, some kind of paint?”
Clementine gave a faint smile and forced back a laugh. “It’s nail polish. So yes, it’s paint for your nails.”
Luke scoffed. “Please, I knew that. I’m not stupid.” He grumbled quietly, lowering his arms.
Clementine smirked. “I kinda want to use it. I haven’t done anything like this in a long time.”
“Do you now?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck as he scanned the rest of the room.
“Will you help me put it on?”
Luke’s eyes widened at the statement, turning to meet the young girl’s gaze. “Are you serious?”
Luke raised an eyebrow and finally laughed. “Yeah, okay Clem.”
Leading the young girl back to an empty library room just adjacent to the living room, he guided her to a seat and placed her hands against a tiny coffee table. Upon popping open the lid, he gasped upon seeing the pink goo.
“Do you know what you’re doing?” Clem asked, raising an eyebrow as she watched him struggle to keep the liquid at bay from over-flowing and flooding onto the table.
“Yes. Kinda. No.” He sighed, sliding the lid back on.
Clem smirked. “Then let me show you. On your hands.”
Luke laughed and held up his hands in protest. “Woah now, Clem.” He stated with a nervous laugh. “I don’t know. The gang probably won’t take me very seriously if I have pink nail polish on.”
“Then just hide it.”
Luke studied the girl’s expression and noticed her serious face with a hint of joy and excitement. And seeing her like that just made his world. Her smile was just adorable, he couldn’t say no. “Okay, Clem.”
She nodded excitedly, taking the polish from his hands and dipping it into the paint slightly, before glossing it over his index finger nail.
“This feels weird. I don’t know how girls can do this all the time.”
Clementine smiled. “My mom always said that it made her feel beautiful, so she loved having nice nails.”
Luke smiled, watching the joy on her face grow with each nail painted. All of this would be worth it if Clem was happy. That’s all that Luke ever wanted; a safe and joyful Clementine.
Finally finishing, Clementine twisted the top shut and pushed the bottle to the end of the table. “Okay, now wave your hands to dry the paint.”
“Are you serious?” Luke asked, raising an eyebrow.
Clem smirked and nodded watching the male sigh and wave his hands around by his face, attempting to dry his now-pink nails.
“Okay that should be good enough.” Clem said, setting his hands down in front of her so she could study her work. “You look fabulous.” She teased with a smirk.
“I feel like it too.” He replied.
The two laughed gleefully, causing Nick to wander over. “Guys?”
Quickly, Luke ducked his hands into his coat pockets, grinning up at his pal. “What’s up Nick?” He asked with a smile, desperately trying to act nonchalant.
Nick raised an eyebrow. “You guys are acting weird…”
“No.” Clementine replied quickly. “I’m just helping Luke find his inner girl.”