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manly tyler headcanons

• so since I saw tyler and mcgucket at the same concert I like to think that tyler and mcgucket are concert buddy’s they both freak out like fangirls
•I like to think Tylers day job is working at a bakery with that girl from the love gods truck and that manly dan and his kids love Tylers special made honey buns and go to the bakery once a week if they can
• since Wendy’s mom isn’t shown I think she left manly dan after little Tommy was born ( that’s what I’ve named the youngest brother) and since he had all this new responsibilitie tyler offerd to help raise them so he’s become a mother figure for the kids and even though he’s not around as much they still go to him for help when they know their dad can’t help
•also wendy goes to the bakery to talk with Tyler about her boy problems or just to get away from the house befor the pines twins came into town
•tyler does have a huge crush on Dan but won’t say anything becuase he’s waiting till Dan feels he’s ready to start dating again even though it’s been six years
•tyler rides a motorcycle and likes to ride on the road out of gravity falls becuase it’s always empty but he only does that when he needs to think

we’ll that’s all I’ve thought up so far I might add more or make a manly dan headcanon post


Trip to London! I love this city ! For shopping it’s perfect! And beautiful monuments to visit !

I wear a gray ripped jeans Asos. As the weather is unforeseeable : a Balmain leather jacket ! Complete the outfit: a scarf Kooples. The essential accessory for walking in town, a messenger bag Tommy Hilfiger. I chose to wear desert boots Opening Ceremony because they are very comfortable. I like the combination of gray and black in this outfit !

Hello my name is Samuel and I’m 20 years old. I’m going to Michigan State University and studying physiology. I love music, hiking, and spending time with my friends and family :) I’m looking forward to this upcoming bike adventure to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. My grandmother recently passed away from this specific cancer and I genuinely hope to help others suffering from this deadly disease.