cute bedspread

random things about dan and phil that make me cry
-phil is right handed and dan is left handed so they can easily sign things together
-they’re both taller than most people and so you can see them both in a crowd
-their lounge is full of a bunch of little things that are really representative of their personalities and is super cute
-they have matching bedspreads
-even though they’re surrounded by a bunch of international friends that they only see once or twice a year when they go to conventions like vidcon they’re always together
-little things about each other’s personalities have rubbed off on each other over the years
-they seem to always get similar haircuts around the same time
-even though they’re individuals and have done a lot individually, together they’ve accomplished so much
-they live together, spend a ton of time together, and work together but they still haven’t gotten tired of each other yet
-they know so much about each other and always seem to be curious to know more
-they have extremely similar interests surrounding a lot of subjects
-they wait for each other to wake up so they can watch an anime
-they help each other film videos and show the other person their videos before uploading to get feedback

🌸 hello !! 🌸

i am pretty new to tumblr and agere in general and would like to find some blogs to follow and maybe a pal or two !

my name is rice !
my two big communities are chire and kidhearts but i haven’t been very social yet !

please like or reblog if you post:

- indoor / outdoor playgrounds !
- care bears, my little pony, beanie babies, and other stuffed animals !
- sanrio, pokémon, and cute food !
- short text posts about self care
- mental health positivity
- winnie the pooh, vintage stuffed animals and toys, and cute bedspreads
- animal crossing, little drawings, line stickers

please do not interact if you post or allow any of the restricted blogs in my about !

please do not interact if you frequently post pictures of people, including anime characters, yourself, or drawings ! i have pretty bad bdd and chire is my main coping mechanism for that !

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okay thank you egg !!!!

lolipopsandrazorblades  asked:

Peachie-Sempai, I'm trying to turn my room into sweet Lolita theme, any ideas on what I should look for to buy to make this happen?

Ohhh congrats!! *u* <3 Here are a few personal tips, but I’d also recommend looking up “sweet lolita room” and “princess room” on google images for an inspiration mosaic!

 You can also check out my decor tag.

- Consider painting cute second-hand furniture! Get a good white undercoat paint, and then buy some pastel paint of your favourite colour (Baby pink? Baby blue? Lilac? Pastel mint? etc) Go for a colour that suits the majority of the belongings you want on display for your Sweet room. Make sure they’re the correct paint types and stuff for what you want to paint (eg Wood paint? Metal paint? etc) If the paint is oil-based, make sure you get oil-based varnish to go on top.

- You could get a cute lacey bedspread, but those can be a little pricey. As a cheaper alternative, you could get a bedspread with a super sweet print like cupcakes, bunnies or bows. The bed is the staple of a bedroom so it’s good to put a lot of focus on that when designing a special bedroom!
 A nice throw-pillow always helps.
- Look for cute hangers for your lolita clothes! I have pink puffy hangers with bows on that I got from the £ store.

- For your less “kawaii” items, keep them in cute storage boxes. Hat boxes are a cute addition to a bedroom and can be piled up with different patterns. Look for ones with pretty designs that suit your theme and colour scheme.

- If you don’t have a wardrobe, or would like one but don’t have room, consider getting a clothes rack to hang up all your pretty lolita dresses. You get the bonus of having your awesome clothes out on display. Just watch out for collecting dust! Keeping a sheer cover over them means you can still display your nice dresses without worrying about the dust.

- Cupcake stands are a really cute way to store some of your accessories and jewellery.

- A nice pink heart-shaped rug can make your floor instantly cuter! And is great for shoe photos.

- Frame some nice photos of sweet lolita themes, and look for suitable frames or paint and varnish old ones. You could look for official art from Angelic Pretty!

- No sweet lolita room is complete without a large plushie! What one would you like best? A big teddy bear? A big Hello Kitty? A big Arpakasso? Look for one that will become an eye-catching and fitting staple to your room!

I hope that helps somewhat! ^^