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CLEARANCE SALE - Hand Knotted Black Skull Light Pink Hemp Bracelet, Halloween Fanatic Gift Idea, Bubble Goth Jewelry
Hand knotted light pink hemp bracelet, with a black howlite skull bead in the middle. This is the perfect little gift for your favorite Halloween fanatic - and they can wear it year round, too! Size is 7 inches, and I only have one left, so get it before its gone! *** Originally $10, now reduced to $5 *** Ready to ship once order confirmation is received.

Obsessed with Halloween?  This one’s for you.

😇New month, new bracelets!😈
Just added these two cuties to the shop~😁 custom options will be available soon, so check back for more updates and previews 💖




Hi! I’m a 20 y/o trans & neuro diverse college student and I was wondering if you would be willing to feature these on your blog? I’m having trouble getting people to look at my shop and I thought if I reached out to some blogs I loved I could get some help :) My shop is
thank you for your time!

Of course!! Good luck friend, I hope this helps <3

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I recently went to pride fest and felt a little uncomfortable bc the lack of bi things you could get but ended up finding a cute beaded bracelet (the I now wear everywhere) and saw 3 people caring around bi flags, one of them was a huge one, and felt so much more comfortable!! I even told one of the people (after I worked up the nerve) that I liked their flag then showed them my bracelet!! I really wish there was more bi positivity in the community for this reason...

i’m so so so glad you were able to feel more comfortable !!! i totally agree, there is a lack of bisexual visibility not just in general but in our own community as well. it can be frustrating but just know that there are so many people out there just like you and we’re all rooting for each other :)


Today I made these super cute morse code bracelets! I’m going to be selling custom ones.

  • The base price is $3.
  • You can request any name, word, or phrase. I take special requests!
  • It can be any color or style. 
  • Beaded ones are +$1.
  • I can also make it with a clasp instead, +$1. 
  • I use cotton cord but I could also use glitter or satin (they are more durable) +$1.
  • If you order more than one, you'll receive a discount and a gift.
  • Shipping within the US is $2. International varies. Ask me.
  • Every order will come with the packaging shown in the second image, customized and handmade by me. It will be in plastic too! 
  • Good for yourself or as a gift. 

Thanks for looking! 


My name is Jordan

My preferred pronouns are She/Her

My hobbies/interests are coloring,being cute with daddy,watching cute tv shows and movies to help me get into little space,making cute beaded bracelets but I don’t have that many cute beads,I love to play with my dog

I would like to join cause it looks like so much fun and y'all seem so nice and I wanna make more little friends cause almost all mine left me and stuff which sucks

My SFW account is @daddys-little-girl810

hi jordan! welcome to honeypot preschool!

-mod kayla