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“Hm, hmm~ ooh, so thrilled! ♡ ♡ ♡ ”


It’s DONE!!! The Raúl Esparza Puppy Trilogy is completed! I put all my love into it and I am so glad these drawings seem make so many people happy!! 💞

The last one is Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 144.
These drawings mean a lot to me. They were so much fun and puppy Lia is such a cute little ball of fur 🐶❤️
Thank you guys for supporting these. It means a lot. Such a pleasure to draw for you. 😘

Auston Matthews- Short Drabble 90

90 with Auston Matthews pretty please💕💕

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A/N  by Julianne from @write-write-hockey-write

“This place this so big!” You squealed.

Auston laughed at you before leading you down the hall with the rows of cats. “He looks cute or she.”

“She, even though her name is Mr. fuffybutt.” You frowned.

“It is not.” Auston said tilting his head at you.

“IS TO! Look at the tag on the cage!” You said pointing.

“Oh my god. Why would someone name a cat that.” Auston said as he walked down a few more rows.

“Maybe they had a hockey player for a boyfriend.” You giggled as you pinched Auston’s butt.  Laughing at you he just pointed to a black kitten sleeping in it’s litter box. That’s when Auston knew that you two were done looking.

“Ohhhh look at that face!” You said as you stuck your finger inside the cage, causing the kitten wake up.

“Would you like to hold him?” the lady at the desk asked. Auston shook his head and the lady took the kitten out.

“Auston, look at this face! Can we keep him!? Pleaseeeeee?” You asked giving your best puppy eyes.

“Well how can I say no to both of your faces.” He giggled.

“You mister have been replaced with this cute fur ball.” You joked as you cuddled the kitten closer.

“I’ll remember that when there’s a spider that needs killing.” He laughed as he placed a kiss on you cheek and one on top of the kitten’s head.