cute ball of fur

Personal Thoughts on Jumin’s route

Jumin is like an onion. He is a deep character which has many layers to peel off before we finally see the core. And as I understand a bit of Jumin, my heart starts to ache.

His childhood wasnt full of rainbow. He has many people around him but none of them are really true to him except for V and Rika. This is why he keeps everything to himself. He prefers to emotionless than deal with all these fake feelings given to him.

When the fur ball (sorry, this name is also cute) was given to him as a present from both of his only best friends, he took really good care of it. He put in all the love that he never give to anyone to nothing but a cat, thinking that the cat will always be there for him.

He may be direct with words and at times, seems to be mean with them. However, at the end, all he means is to be well for the others. He is more like a blockhead, doesnt know how to be flexible as I can see in the Jaehee’s route. He keeps mentioning contract was signed, it was her job. But i sincerely think that he has feelings but all were buried down in his heart. He doesnt know how to express them and he is afraid that by showing them the feelings, he will give in more and people will hurt him.

I get why some people do not like his route. But all i can feel for him is sadness. It is like i want to protect him from all the two-faced people.

And of course, zen being protective like an older brother in Jumin’s route made my heart fluttered but the fact that Jumin never did anything just showed how pure he is.

In the end, I love Jumin Han a lot.

Just a personal thought. Never meant to offend anyone. (: