cute ball of fur

“Hm, hmm~ ooh, so thrilled! ♡ ♡ ♡ ”


It’s DONE!!! The Raúl Esparza Puppy Trilogy is completed! I put all my love into it and I am so glad these drawings seem make so many people happy!! 💞

The last one is Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 144.
These drawings mean a lot to me. They were so much fun and puppy Lia is such a cute little ball of fur 🐶❤️
Thank you guys for supporting these. It means a lot. Such a pleasure to draw for you. 😘

“Fuck no!” Levi snapped at his boyfriend who was hugging three different cats at the same time, to which the latter shushed him while he pointed at the kids only metres away from them.

“You’re not supposed to swear in front of children Levi” Eren pouted, “Plus look at this cute ball of fur!” he sang as he stretched his arms in Levi’s direction while he held the grey fluffy kitten in his hands.

The cat meowed at Levi, as if it was trying to befriend him, but Levi only hissed at her, being fully aware of both Eren’s and the kitten’s plan.

Eren decided to use his puppy eyes to get Levi on board with the idea adopting a kitty, it was his fault for bringing him here after all.

So he looked at him with the most innocent look that you could ever imagine while he pouted and held the ball of fluff right next to his face. “Come on Levi, look at us, we’re already a family…” The brunet trailed off as he started petting the cat’s head and earned a soft purr from it.

The raven shifted uncomfortably in his place, not being able to resist the look that his boyfriend was giving him and knowing how happy he would be if he would be okay with adopting a cat.

It had always been the brunet’s childhood dream to have a pet, but unfortunately his mother was allergic to all feline animals so they couldn’t even get a hamster inside the house without her having a sneeze attack.

Levi creased his eyebrows and rubbed the spot in between them while he was trying to find the strength to say no to this angelic face, even though he knew he would say yes in the end. He just had to make sure that his boyfriend was aware of the responsibility that came with taking care of a pet, plus he was worried about the mess and hairballs that would be flying around their apartment.

“Eren are y-”

“Levi pleaseeee, I already love her so much” Eren whined while he proceeded to cuddle the cat, treasuring the time that they had together.

“You’re acting like a child, we need to have a talk about this first” The raven demanded as he softly tugged at Eren’s shirt and gestured for him to hop over the fence along with him.

“I know you don’t want a cat, and I’ll respect that…” Eren whispered to which Levi’s eyes widened.

He swallowed before he spoke again, as he was sure he would sound like someone who was going through puberty again from the emotions that were dwelling up.

“I didn’t expect that from you b-”

“I love you more than I like cats Levi” Eren interrupted him, while giving him a genuine smile.

Even though there was still a hint of defeat noticeable in those emerald eyes, Levi knew he was speaking the truth.

“Gimme a second okay?” Levi said and turned into the other direction while leaving his boyfriend behind with the kitten.

He made his way to the front of the shelter and impatiently cleared his throat to get the receptionist’s attention.

“We want to adopt a cat” he said coldly, trying not to lose the last strain of manliness that he was holding onto as he had to suppress the urge to smile like a 5 year old.

“Okay you and your husband need to fill these forms in and then you’re good to go” the redhead smiled as she handed over the paperwork.

“Thank you uh,” he trailed off, looking over at the namecard, “Petra”

“No problem” she yelled as the raven had already disappeared into thin air, sprinting back to his boyfriend.

Already breaking a sweat and a faint blush on his cheeks from the word ‘husband’, Levi enjoyed the sight before him; Eren still playing and cuddling with the same kitten as before while the latter purred contently.

“Eren,” Levi said softly, suddenly feeling way more conscious about himself than he should.

“Hmmm?” Eren hummed, turning his head into the raven’s direction and his eyes widening as soon as he saw the yellow papers that the latter was holding in his hands.

“For real?!” he squealed as his eyes darted between Levi and the cat who was sitting on his lap.

“Yes for real, let’s take her home with us.”

Requested by @ererimakesmesin (Hey Lieverd! Congrats on 2.5K !!!!! I hope i’m not too late for the drabble thing but i would love to see a catshelter!au where either Levi or Eren works at the cat shelter with a shitton of fluff and adorableness and you can keep is sfw :) I’m looking forward to it ;) )