cute bacon

Boy: “Your dress is too short”

Girl: “Thanks, the designer used your dick for inspiration”

Someone watching the scene:

had somebody tell me that “as much as I love animals, I wouldn’t be able to go vegetarian or even vegan that’s crazy!”
and what I heard was “I don’t care or respect animals bodies enough because my taste buds are more important.”

You can’t ‘love animals’ and eat them too.

SOOOO Der the cat’s mama messaged me and said she loved my art so much she wanted a full set for some new stickers!! of-course I was so excited I peed a teeny bit Q3Q so here is the set together, hope you like them! links to where to buy them will be available soon!!

exo at disneyland (OT9)



suho decides that it would be a good idea to take the whole crew (you and exo) to disneyland for more bonding time. and here’s how it goes…



honestly baekhyun would be the person who forgets the smallest, yet most important things. for example, he would’ve probably forgotten to fill the car up with gas and later during the trip up to disney, the car would break down in the middle of the road and you guys would just look over at him like damn baek, you had ONE job, just ONE JOB OKAY?!?!?!


lay would be the guy to chicken out at the last second for a ride. like, he would look up at the roller coaster and be like “pfft” but then as he gets closer and closer he hears the screams and sees how high it is then he’s just like nOPE NOT TODAY bYe. and then even if he does go on the ride he probably had over 10 sticks of cotton candy and throws up a magical pile of unicorn rainbow shit after.


do i need to explain suho? obviously him being the mother he is he would make sure everyone behind him marching along with him and every damn minute or two he would stop to count all the heads. he’d be short on one and then realize he couldn’t see kyungsoo because he was right behind chanyeol but yanno. he’d probably pay for all the fast passes and food.


now here we have chennie. he’s gonna whine about every single thing tbh;;;; “my feet hurt and I’m hungry ugh why did i agree to ever come oMG IM SWEATING EW” as he is known as the whiniest in the group, every time someone tries to talk to him he’d say “aWAEEEEEE” also on the rides i stg him screaming is probably gonna slay as much as his vocals.


THIS NUGGET MUST. GET. A. PHOTO. WITH. ALL. OF. THE. DISNEY. CHARACTERS. he will NOT, i repeat, NOT leave until he has enough photos to post on instagram and make a whole album. chanyeol would definitely be the loudest, and the most entertaining so it wouldn’t be as much as a pain in the ass to wait in the long lines for rides. he also needs churros every minute.


he needs shade. he needs to protect his “flawless, gorgeous” skin as he likes to call it. oh, he also needs a mini fan cause he hates sweating. he’d be that one guy who wants to sit in the splash zone because of the heat but as soon as the water dunks on top of him he will BLAST OUT OF THERE. boi watch him wear a white t-shirt and yum yum yum those abs.


we all know that one person who needs souvenirs, and presents to give to his friends and family once he’s home. kyungsoo gonna stop by every single gift store to buy key chains, clothes, magnets, cups, stuffed animals, etc. in all the family photos suho tries to take kyungsoo would either be squished in the middle or his eyes will be peeping behind the other members.


xiumin is the guy who keeps all the tickets and passes organized because everyone else would lose their’s tbh. he’d also probably follow kyungsoo into gift shops to buy a whole bunch of plushies/ stuffed toys. on your way home in the car, he would just cuddle with the 500 stuffed animals he bought and make sure to give each and every one of them a special name.


he needs food from every restaurant and stand. he sees churros? gotta get that. he sees popcorn? gotta get that. he sees cotton candy? gotta get that. he sees cinnamon buns, ice cream, milkshakes, and candies? he gotta get that, that, that, that and that. also be that one guy who suddenly starts break dancing out of no where. no one knows why. probs the nerves and habit of dancing 24/7.