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chris evans dating a fan would include:

(authors note: so this is my first time writing on tumblr, so excuse the format if it’s a bit funky, and also i drew inspiration from other headcannons i read, but otherwise here we go)

-hyperventilating when he asked you out

-texting all your mates about how you were dating the infamous chris evans

-being able to kiss the star spangled man with a plan on the lips

-knowing more about marvel than he does

-insisting that captain america needs a beard

-“no, babe listen. imagine captain america in a beard. like woaHhH”

-having movie marathons in matching captain america onesies

-lisa, scott, basically chris’s entire family absolutely aDoring you

-chris trying to protect you from the press

-having dinner dates every friday on skype when chris is away filming

-chris using your shampoo to remind himself of you. vice versa

-dodger keeping you company while chris is away

-becoming close friends with seb and mackie

-them telling you embarrassing stories about chris

-“so one time we were at this stri-”

-“woah woah woah!¡ y/n doesn’t need to know about this”

-visiting disney every year

-watching the little mermaid play

-chris squealing when ‘part of your world comes on’

-you two being the cutest couple on the entire planet

-‘working out’ with him

-which just results in a really hot make out

-chris spoiling you with presents

-him calling you the sweetest pet names such as ‘darling, love, my girl/my boy’

-him finding your tumblr

-'hey y/n, does y/t/n sound familiar to you?“

-pretending not to know what he’s talking about

-you being awful at hiding it

-chris finding the glorioUs stucky smut you wrote a couple years ago before you got together

-“y/n this is…certainly something”

-chris sending it to seb

-you end up ignoring him for the entire day

-he can’t stand you ignoring him, so he apologizes and does everything he can to please you

-that ends up in hot seX!

-him loving being on top

-acting out smut you’ve read

-'no, you’re supposed to put your leg…oOF!“

-chris is beyond terrified to meet your parents

-your mom is really welcoming and can’t believe their son/daughter is dating THE captain america

-your dad on the other hand, is passed out in the corner because he can’t believe you’re dating

-your siblings parading around chris, asking him to sign things to auction off at school

-taking chris to your childhood room

-chris teasing you about how cute your stuffed animals and baby photos are

-chris holding your hand under the table whenever he’s nervous

-whenever chris has an anxiety attack before interviews/premieres, you calm him down by pressing a kiss to his temple

-coming with chris to christopher’s haven

-chris introducing you to the kids as captain america’s secret girlfriend

-being able to connect with the families and kids at christopher’s haven

-chris admiring how loving and kind you are

-chris also admiring how confident and badass you can be as well

-chris finding you in your bed with a pool of tears around you

-“darling, what’s wrong?”

-“i just read the most aNgsty fan fiction ever!!!”

-most fans proudly supporting you and chris’s relationship

-but when haters do show up, chris or the fans firing back

-being chris’s date to the 'gifted’ premiere

-being held tightly by chris the entire night

-when you go off to the bathroom, octavia spender pulls chris aside saying 'that girl/boy of yours. hold on tight to her/him. she/he’s a special one.“

-going to sleep that night with chris cradling you in his arms

-sleeping in his loose white tee

-chris drifting off to sleep thanking god he found you

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(short and sweet)

“Here, hold this,” the Doctor said, reaching his empty hand out to you. You hesitated, confused, but then the Doctor wiggled his eyebrows and gave you a saucy wink.

You smiled at his antics. “Doctor…”

“C’mon, I did it right!” he whined, waving his fingers at you. “I was cute! Don’t tell me I wasn’t cute.”

“Yeah, Doctor, you’re cute.”

“Then hold my haaaaaaaand….”

“You’re such a baby,” you said, grabbing his hand. He immediately linked your fingers together and you stood on your tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek. “You know you can just ask, right?”

The Doctor grinned at you. “But then I wouldn’t have gotten to say the line.”

“You think you’re so smooth.”

“I am so smooth.”

Painting Roses//Pietro Maximoff

Summary: The Avengers realize that Pietro had more family than Wanda

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton

Warnings: blood, shit load of angst

A/N: Reader is female for this one. Like I said in response to @avengeultrons​ you guys are going to FEEL THINGS

Also, this was majorly influenced by Painting Roses by Dresses

[The baby’s name is pronounced Naa-dja, which means hope in several areas of East Europe and in the Rromani language]
[Tchekobi Te - English transliteration of the Serbian ‘Волим Tе’, meaning ‘I love you’]
[Draga -  English transliteration of the Serbian ‘дpar’, meaning ‘Thank you’]

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Dating ChanBaek

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A/N: Yes, I am posting about polygamy. So if you don’t like this kind of stuff, don’t read it.

-You were with Baekhyun first but Chanyeol was unbearably clingy to Baek

-You and Chanyeol used to hated each other tbh

-But you became close because you hide from him when he plays LOL

-”Is he screaming at the monitor again?”

-”He punched it this time.”

“Yah! I know you two are hiding!”

-Laughing fits but no one remembers the original joke or reason they started laughing.

-”Y/N…only I can wear the eyeliner today”

-”Baekhyun, its my make up.”

-”Baby…the both of us can’t be in the spot light”

-Fashion Shows in Chanyeol’s huge clothes

-Extremely suffocating yet really cute cuddles

-You guys will always look like walking cellphone signal bars

-”Did you take out the cucumbers?”

-”Is is spicy?”

-Questiong whose child you will have first

-”I mean, I was with Baek first…”

-”But Chanyeol and I would have babies with cute ears.”

-Proudly holding hands in public

-Responding to confused stares with with confident smiles

-Attempting three-way kisses but failing hard

-Chanyeol’s deep voice in your ear

-Baekhyun’s slender fingers dancing on your skin

-Baekhyun getting jealous when you show Chanyeol just a tad bit more attention

-”Remember, you were mine before you were his

-Rough!Byun and Gentle!Park

-Cuddles after sex

-”I love my family.”