cute aw

imagine ashton taking care of you while you are drunk and he takes you to your bed and helps you lay down and traces shapes on your back and hums a song he wrote and you drunkly mumble things but none that can really be heard and finally you feel him trace a heart and you turn to look at him and he smiled at you and you look into his hazel eyes and slur “e-even though I-I saw you c-copy on my math test in y-year 9, I still r-really like you-u, ash”

anônimo perguntou:

omg I completely agree. like, it's clear joe isn't very affectionate. he's usually uncomfortable at the slightest mention of intimacy or affection. it's also clear he tries to act very laddy. but the fact that he pushes all this aside and lets his guard down around caspar is so adorable. that's why I actually get more from joe, because caspar is the ONLY person he's like this with. I mean cuddling with him, being open to his hugs and kisses like joe has a MAJORRR soft spot for caspar

it really makes me happy that joe is like this. LIKE INSANELY HAPPY. joe can go on holidays all year long and act laddy af but the second he comes home to caspar it’s something different and he’s so cute with him aw. i love them so much :(((

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I would say "aw how cute I bet that will be a cute story" but at the same time I know perfectly well that it's all a lie and probably your saddest story yet >T

those two things don’t have to be separate do they?

Joe Sugg: Zoo Date/Vlog

Request: Hello, I’d like to request a Joe imagine. Where Joe and the Reader go to the zoo for a day (and of course they see the penguins!) and it just is really fluffy. Thank you, I absolutely love your blog!!!

“Hey guys! It’s Joe. Today my girlfriend and I will be going to the zoo and I will be vlogging the whole thing.” Joe said into his camera. The two of you walked in and went straight to the monkeys. “Aw look at the baby!” you exclaimed. “Aw how cute! He might even be a bit cuter than you.” Joe joked causing you to laugh. “I beg to pardon.” you giggled.

After a while of looking at the sweet cute animals, you walk towards the reptiles. “Holy crap.” you said as you eyed the huge crocodile through the (hopefully) very thick glass. “That’s honestly really scary.” Joe admitted. “Joe.” you said while laughing. “What?” he asked as he walked closer to what you were looking at. In another glass room was a huge snake that could probably swallow the entire zoo whole. You giggled as you started singing Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Joe pressed record and got your whole singing solo on video. “That’s definitely going on the video.” he laughed. “Joesph Sugg! No it is not.” you laughed back.

As the day drew to a close, you had one more exhibit to visit. The penguins. The two of you walked into the empty room with cute little penguins all around inside the glass. “This is definitely my favorite part.” you laughed as the penguins swam about in the water. “What was yours?” you questioned. “Honestly, it was watching you. You’re just so beautiful.” Joe said. “Aw, Joe.” you said as you reached up to kiss him. After the kiss, Joe pulled out his camera. “Alright guys! That’s it for this Vlog. Hope you enjoyed watching us sing rap songs to the animals.” he said as you laughed. He pulled you into his side and kissed your temple. “Bye guys!” he said as you both waved at the camera.