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imagine luke always talking about music to you and always recommending songs and albums and you listen to every single thing so he can ramble on how much he loves it. and so he finally drags you to one of the concerts he was dying to go to and he starts freaking out when the band comes onto the stage bc this is his dream and hes smiling so big and hes screaming at the top of his lungs to all the songs and instead of watching the concert you watch him bc hes a masterpiece :—————))))))


The secretary was just doing her job. It was fine, it was necessary, it was expected, it was what she was paid to do, but the tappatap of the keyboard was drifting through the open door and grating on every nerve Seijūrō owned.

And why was the door open? Because his father had read somewhere that employees felt more involved and therefore became more productive if there wasn’t such an obvious barrier between ‘employer’ and ‘employee’ and wanted to test the effects. Why couldn’t he get up to close it? Because his father had his spies everywhere, and he couldn’t move too far away from the phone when negotiating the most important contract of the month.

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Space Lessons

Author’s Ramblings:

Here’s a rather short fic for fun Friday, visiting our favourite Deborah and Rolo! (Sips and Sjin’s characters from Yogsquest 2) squeee short but sweet. enjoy!

Warnings: Sexual references, implied sex, over dose of fluffiness, shooting, human/creature


“Come on, puny human must learn how to shoot better,” Deborah had his arms crossed, a pout on his features as the tall, blue squid man dropped him in front of a target for shooting practice.

He did have to give the guy kudos for tricking him into actually coming here. He wouldn’t have gone voluntarily, of course, but damn was this bastard the joker. Originally, squid guy had told him he was tense, and was craving some of Deborah’s ‘sexual healing’.

How could the blonde refuse? A big, muscular, handsome squid man craving some of his sexiness? He’d always wanted to feel those arms around his, have a hot round of fast, hard, sweet loving~

“Deborah, hello? Space to human?”

“Hmm~? Sorry, Rolo, I got carried away fantasizing about the different possibilities that lie beneath your trousers…” as the pilot began to reach a hand towards the squidman’s crotch, Rolo effortlessly grabbed his wrist with an eye role, before instead pushing Deborah back into a good position to watch him.

Stumbling, Deb pouted, just huffing and finally surrendering to the other’s whims. Maybe if he behaved, he’d even get some? Jeez..was he this desperate to feel Rolo? Was it something more? Fuck, what was wrong with him? Why was his heart beating like this?

Was it…feelings? Ew.

“Watch, puny,” Rolo held up his large weapon (diRTY) and positioned the head to aim at the small cubeonion dummy for firing.

Deborah did watch, fascinated by the concentration brewing in those hard eyes, smitten by the way those blue claws so tenderly; but firmly, held the gun. He wish to be held like that, like someone would never let go..

The blonde jumped at the sudden 'BANG!’ upon the weapon’s ejection, and blinked his eyes up at the squid-rambo. The bullet had shot right through the target’s middle. Hm, impressive.

Deborah mustered up his infamous smirk, before nodding, relaxing a bit now. “Impressive, Rolo. Y'know, you’re actually pretty’s cool,”

Was that a navy blue blush he witnessed blossoming over the other’s skin?

“Yeah…thanks, Deb,” Rolo readied to take another shot, before he heard a small rustling noise. Hm? Looking to the side, he honestly couldn’t hold his small laugh at bay. The pilot was grooming his hair in a reflection of one of Simon4000m’s old parts.

“Come on now, beautiful~” the squid teased, snapping the hairstylist out of self-endured stupor, and coaxing him over. “Grab a gun, and aim for the target next to mine.”

Deborah laughed, but just instead nodded, and picked up his favourite space-pistol, before lining up next to the creature. “Alright, alright. I’ll admit, I needa little practise,” the blonde waved a dismissal hand, before aiming at the target with straight, stiff arms.

Rolo immediately noticed this flaw, and came up behind the smaller male. Lifting his arms, he gently cocked Deb’s arms at the elbows, just softly holding him and guiding him to aim properly. “You’re a good shot, Deb…just a few flaws.”

The blonde took this compliment as more than a comment on his shooting skills.

“Thanks..” he murmured, before slowly focusing on the centre. C'mon now, c'mon…slowly squeezing the trigger, he watched it spring to life and pierce a hole in where the dummy’s heart would be.

Holy shit.

“Did you fucking see that?” the pilot was chuckling, before laughing loud, he turned to the squid and hugged him tight, only to be embraced in return and even spun around with a happier laugh in return. He buried his face into that warm skin, just bundling up in this larger creature’s arms. In his comfort and love..

He didn’t want to let go.

For the next fifteen minutes, the duo improved their skills and joked around about the different scum that would have to endure their awesome weaponry, and now awesome shooting. Now, the pair were slumped on a couch, breathless from the different courses and challenges they’d made up, but happy to have spent time together.

“I…guess that was actually really fun,” Deborah chuckled, just leaning his pretty little head onto the squidman’s shoulder. An arm was wrapped around his waist, and he received a hum in return as an answer.

“..Deb…do you want to…um…” Rolo awkwardly scratched the back of his head with a sharp claw, just giving the human an awkward grin. He’d never done it before..

But he wasn’t met with laughter of teasing for his nerves, but instead with a small smile and gentle peck on the lips. “I’d love to make love with you.”

Turned out to be a pretty fun day after all..