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Shhhh.. She’s sleeping

Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

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Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader gives birth, baby is home and Tom does a livestream to show the baby to his fans.

Warnings: Swearing cause Tom swears IRL.

Word Count: 1,200+

A/N: Comment if you want more of these kind of imagines. Also my requests are open :) Tyoed this while on pain medication so,hopefully its not fucked up.

[Tom’s POV]

   Today I just got done filming what I had to do. Now I get to go home, be with my newborn and spend time with my lovely wife. My wife and I got to bring her home after a few days. Ever since we introduced Tessa to her she’s been hooked,Tessa loves laying by the crib now. She absolutely loves being near the baby.

    The doctor warned us about introducing Tessa to our daughter. Me of course I knew Tessa couldn’t do any harm. Even my wife knew Tessa wouldn’t even harm her. The moment Tessa met her was the most purest and sweetest moment anyone could witness.

   Opening the front door I’m greeted by a happy Tessa. Smiling down at her I rub the top of her head. Pulling out my phone I smile by all the sweet comments on my picture. I posted a picture of me holding my daughter when she was born. Clicking on my story I click the ‘Live’ option. It counts down from three to one after checking the connection. Viewers start racking up once the livestream started.

“Ello guys, today’s been a really good.. I finished filming what I needed to for the new sequence, yes I’m not going to spill details” I laugh at how I recklessly spilled stuff in the past.

   Reading the comments I see them mainly asking about the baby. Other’s asking about how my wife was feeling. Setting my phone on a shelf I pull out a mug. Pulling the coffee pot from its warm home I fill the cup up. Smiling at how the coffee was ready for me, she must have started it knowing I’d be home as of now. I’m so blessed.

“My wife is a trooper guys, she was in labor for eighteen hours.. I’ve never heard her swear so much..” the memory causing me to laugh out loud.

“She was like “Fuck you Holland it’s all your fault”  and I being a lil shit was like “well if we didn’t fuck we wouldn’t be here” then I got slapped on the head which wasn’t fun” chuckling as I take a sip of my coffee. Reading more people comment about how beautiful our daughter is. One person saying she looks like a baby rather than an alien like some baby’s look like when they’re born.

“Thank you for all the lovely comments! You guys won’t believe how lovely my daughter is..” holding my phone in front of my face as the live stream continues. Watching as the side gets spammed with hearts. Then I see the same question pop up, yet It was on the post I made a few days ago. Drinking more of my coffee as I see the same question pop up again and again.

@tomhollanlover6991: WHAT IS HER NAME?!

“Her name is Nova Anne Holland, she was born two weeks earlier which surprised everyone because I didn’t think I would be home for her birth” I respond making my way up the stairs. The carpet feeling good against my aching feet from today’s interview and photoshoot.

“We named her Nova because our daughter is beautiful like Supernova’s and no we didn’t name her Nova after the Marvel character” I explain with a small laugh only imagining the memes they would try to make. My fans and their damn memes will be the death of me.

    Making my way up the stairs I hear Tessa’s tags jingling behind me. Checking my bedroom I don’t see my wife. The only other place she could be is in the nursery. Walking down the hall I see Nova’s galaxy plaque with her name on it hanging from the door. Continuing to talk to my fans as I get closer towards the door.

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh my,you’re so beautiful.. so so beautiful” You whisper down at Nova,the rocking chair moving slowly as you cradle her in your arms. Her little finger wraps around yours as she lets out a little yawn. Watching her eyelids droop were falling due to sleep beckoning her.

“Let’s get you off to bed love” her eyes closing slowly as you get up from the rocking chair. Smiling at the sight of her hand still wrapped around your finger.

“Your daddy and I love you so much darling” Pressing a soft kiss to her head before lowering her into her crib. Slowly taking her hand off of your pointer finger,her small hands making your heart melt at the sight. This little human you created was everything to you.

   Taking the small multi-colored purple knit blanket off of the railing. Laying it across her body you tuck the sides so she’s in a semi blanket cocoon. She cried the most when she was cold, which we learned quickly. Tom’s voice could be heard through the door. Freezing I look to see Nova stirring in her sleep.

Thomas I swear to God.

“I’ll show Nova to you, she’s probably sleeping by now” The door opens to reveal Tom. He peeks in the room entering slowly. A smile popping up on his face as he sees you. You were dressed lazily and felt like death, yet he still looked at you like you were a million dollars.

“Shhh… she’s sleeping Tom, I don’t want her to wake” you whisper holding a finger to your lips. He walks over towards you giving your cheek a swift kiss.

   Turning the camera around he shows Nova to his fans. His free hand reaches down towards Nova. Tom strokes her cheek gently with his finger down to her chin. Nova smiles in her sleep at her father’s touch making you almost die from the cuteness. 

    His eyes full of adoration while he looked at her. Tom ends the livestream and puts his phone away in his pocket. Leaning against his chest as he held you next to him. The two of you looking at your beautiful child together. Tom kisses you on top of your head making you sigh out in content,life was perfect.

“C’mon I’ll got put the kettle on, if she cries I’ll head back up” You whisper taking Tom’s hand giving it a small tug. You didn’t know how much time you would have with him before he would have to take off again.

“Can we look at her for five more minutes? I feel like she’ll grow up so fast” Tom begs quietly pulling you towards him. Stifling a laugh you nod up at him as he grins. 

“She’s got you wrapped around her little finger and she’s only been home for three days” Your eyes examine her sleeping face. Tom rests his left elbow on top of the railing of the crib. Resting his chin on his hand as he looks down at her. 

“She’s definitely going to say Daddy first” he sends a cheeky grin your way. She is going to say Mommy first, what is he thinking?

“If she’s smart like her mother she’ll say mommy first” you respond in a challenging tone earning a look from Tom.

“Is this going to be a bet?” Tom asks raising an eyebrow up.

“You’re going to lose” you whisper pushing him slightly. He fakes a painful attack placing his hand on his forehead. Opening the door to the nursery Tom grins pulling you towards his body. He picks you up spinning you in a circle. 

“Let’s make a bet,if I win we have another kid and if you win we have another kid” His offer making you laugh a bit as he carries you out of the room. Setting you down he cups your cheek with his hand. The warmth of his skin makes you smile.

“Well I was wanting another kid anyways so we both will win?” you respond brushing a curl out of his face. He lets out a chuckle nodding his head agreeing with you.

“She’s still going to say Daddy first, I just know it… I mean did you see that smile when I touched her cheek? That was brilliant” the excitement in his voice was absolutely adorable.

“Nooooo” you whine wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“It’s going to happen darling, just you wait till Nova says Daddy”  he whispers as his lips kiss your forehead. 

“You cheeky lil shit” a groan escapes your lips as your head falls against his chest. You give up with a sigh of defeat as he laughs holding you close to him. Moments were wonderful like this with Tom, you couldn’t imagine a life without him and Nova. 

30 day OTP Challenge: Day Twenty-Nine: Doing something sweet

Note: Pure fluff :D BABIESSSSS

Words: 1115

You frowned softly as Loki got ready to go to Asgard for a few months and it killed you inside to be away from him. Six months, that’s the longest he’d be gone and especially now that you are married it hurt like a knife in your chest. You held a smile on your face despite the ache in your heart of not being with him as you placed a hand onto your stomach. It was slightly swollen for being now almost three months pregnant and you were more emotional due to the hormones. Loki looked back to see your broken expression before you immediately forced a smile for him.

“My love do you like this dress, or this one?”  He asked offering out two different dresses as you frowned softly. “What does it matter? What does it have to do with you leaving for six months?” You asked crossing your arms. “Because, I want you to look nice and be comfortable when you meet Odin.” He said as you rolled your eyes. “Of course you–Wait… What?” You asked as your eyes widened in shock before looking to Loki who had a grin on his face. “Did you think I was going to leave my love and child alone for six months?” He asked quirking an eyebrow.

“Y-You mean you’re taking me to Asgard?” You asked as your jaw dropped open. “Of course, my love if I left you here by the time I would get back you could possible have our child. And that is a no on my list. I want to be with you every step of the way.” He said cupping your face as you tear up before laugh happily pulling him into a kiss. “You really thought I was going to leave you alone?” He asked softly. “Well I thought maybe you thought I’d be safer on Midgard.” You mumbled when he placed a gentle kiss onto your forehead causing your eyes to flutter close.

“I think you are safest when you are here, but I want to watch this child grow, be a better father than Odin ever was to me. I will give this child all the love and happiness that I can give it.” He whispered as you smiled before hugging him in tears. “You are just a sap.” You giggled as he nips your neck with a playful growl. “Funny.” He comments as you grin before burying her face into his chest. “What will we tell the others about me going with you?” You asked looking at him when he winks before putting his index finger over his lips as he shushes you quietly.

“I shall tell them of your absence, besides you would be suck in this tower all day with nothing to do. They wouldn’t allow you to go on missions while carrying a child, and if they’re smart they won’t considering it’s mine.” He said in a dark voice as he cleared it quickly smiling to you. “And as your prince I cannot allow you to remain trapped in this tower.” He said before picking you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist causing you to squeak. He grins before kissing your cheek as you blushed looking at him when you looked around. “I’m not too heavy?” You asked.

“Of course you aren’t. I can pick up Thor without a problem, you are fine.” He said as you nod biting her lip gently. “I promise my love.” He whispered nuzzling his face into your neck causing you to laugh at the ticklish feeling as he grins holding you closer. “My beautiful wife.” He whispered softly as you smiled before tightening your hold on his leather. “Come we should get ready, we leave tomorrow morning.” He whispered setting her onto the bed. “By the way I like the first dress the best.” You said as he smirks. “I told Thor you would.” He chuckled going to the closet.

It took a few hours, but you were both packed for the six month journey as he looks to you for a moment in silence. “You’re having second thoughts?” You asked as he sighs. “I’ve been having second thoughts before even informing you, but I don’t want to be away from you for that long.” Loki sighs softly when you sat up on the edge of the bed before he walked in front of you. “I’m just worried, but Asgard is a beautiful place. I know you’ve wanted to see it for a long time.” He said as you smiled softly when he makes you lay back before he lays a hand onto your stomach.

“If I had known getting pregnant would get you to touch me more I would have done it soon.” You laugh as he rolls his eyes before gently lifting up your shirt over your swollen bump. “If I had known all you wanted me to do was touch you I wouldn’t have done it.” He countered as you laugh before look down to him when his eyes fell to your stomach. You bit your lips seeing a glimmer in his eyes that you don’t see as often as you would like to. He grinned to the unborn child growing in you when he leaned down pressing a gentle kiss onto it. “Rest.” He said.

He pulled back as you sighed wanting to protest, but the feeling of exhaustion over took your words. He pulled you further onto the bed when he whispered that he’d be right back, going to ask him why sleep claimed you before you had the chance. The morning came while you, Loki, Thor, and Jane set off to the realm of Asgard, your new home for the next six months. You were happy to have Jane with you considering Loki was going to be a little busy with things involving Thor and the council. So it was nice to have someone you considered a friend and someone from the same place as you to top it all off.

Your eyes widened feeling you and Jane both freeze in place at the awestruck beauty that is the realm of Asgard. Thor grins to Loki who chuckles at both of your reactions. “I love it when they do that.” Thor comments as Loki nods agreeing with him before they both lead you towards the palace. “This place is magical.” You gasp looking at Jane who smiles to you nodding. “In more ways than one my darling.” He chuckles softly as he helped you up the steps towards the palace where Odin stood smiling happily to them. “Welcome dear Ladies to the world of Asgard.” He said gesturing.

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