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Authors note: I am trying so hard to get back into writing, but I am struggling… I’m sorry if this sucks, I honestly have no brain right now.

He’s one of the softest, grumpiest, adorable I’ll-tempered man, (baby), that walks the earth when he’s exhausted, even worse when he’s flying while miserable.

The whole time in the departure lounge he has been relatively calm, occasionally a little whiny, but other than that he has been calm and sleepy, keeping his arms crossed over his chest, his head leaning on your shoulder while you keep yourself occupied on your phone, doing what it takes to stop yourself from going stir shit crazy in the bloody airport. 

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im actually questioning whether chyler is in love with melissa.. like in EVERY SINGLE interview she just looks like she's in love with her?? either way i ship it


It’s a lovefest everytime those two are together, right? Since the very beginning..and i love this so much, because i think this is the special ingredient that made me so in love with them (and of course, Kara and Alex).

I have to say, i have a soft spot for Co-Stars that really love each other in real life. It’s always those relationships that keeps my attention. And they are so’s wonderful to see.

And yes..i think they are a bit in love with each the most awesome and cute way.

And well..Chyler indeed had a good couple of crushes on girls before [x]

Let’s make a recap on all Chyler heart eyes for Melissa and quotes, because this is just TOO GOOD:

Memorable quotes:

Meeting Melissa was the most powerful relationship I’ve ever felt”…

“Meeting Meliss was..i think short of meeting my husband” 

“i believe that a very big reason i’m on that show is that i was meant to be there for [melissa]. i also believe that’s why it carries over so well on the screen. i care about that girl. i would slash somebody’s tires for her. i’m not gonna lie”.

“she is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She is such an incredible gift and I love her to pieces.”


Chylissa forever!

Looking at all the cute smiley Louis pics and the cute bouncy Harry vids from tonight (and indeed, from the past couple of months), I just keep thinking….everything is going to be fine.

You know why? Because we’ve seen our boys upset, and we’ve seen our boys stressed. We know what it looks like. We saw them in early and mid 2012 when the closet was brought down on them. We saw Harry nearly in tears after being accused of being ‘the womaniser’ again. We saw them touching feet under the table to reassure each other when they were grilled about whether they’d ever kissed.

We saw them during Haylor. We saw them tired, and stressed. We saw them pale and baggy-eyed and listless. We saw Louis reach breaking point. We know what it looks like.

We saw them in 2013 and 2014 when they were even more locked down than before. We saw how much it ran them down to be constantly separated. We saw Louis disengaged from the crowds, restricting himself, holding back.

We have seen them unhappy. We know what it looks like.

It’s becoming apparent that this Brianna plan has been in place for months. They knew it was coming.

And haven’t we all been commenting on how happy they’ve been? How Louis has been relaxed, and smiley, and bouncy? How much he’s been interacting with fans? How grateful and sweet and full of energy he’s been?

I just can’t comprehend how he would be this happy, this consistently, in the weeks leading up to a stunt if he knew it was going to have a negative outcome.

I’ve always thought that Louis’ body is sensitive to stress. In difficult closeting periods, on demanding tours, you can always tell when it’s starting to catch up with him. He loses weight. He loses sleep, and starts looking tired and pale. He doesn’t smile as much, and it seems an effort for him to interact with fans. He gets sick often.

That is not the Louis we’ve been seeing. He’s bright, he’s fit, he’s well-rested. He hasn’t been sick in months. He smiles and laughs and dances. He teases and talks to fans.

It may sound silly to act like we ‘know’ the boys. But we have been observing (and, sometimes, obsessing over) their behaviour for literally years. I just feel like we would know about it if this stunt was really upsetting them. Which is why I think it’s all going to be okay.

Bittersweet | Carmilla AU | Chapter 11: Bonding Time

Yay backstories!



There are lots of great things that Carmilla has woken up to. She’s woken up to birthday cake, kittens, coffee, breakfast, and lots of generally awesome things. But waking up to Laura snuggled into her is probably the best thing she’s even woken up to.

The blonde’s face was buried in Carmilla’s neck, soft puffs of air ghosting along the brunette’s skin. Her arms were wrapped firmly around Carmilla’s torso and her legs were hooked around her waist. She clung to Carmilla for dear life and it would be even cuter if the blonde wasn’t whimpering out “no” and “please no”. Not to mention the fact that her head felt awful and she was sure this was one of the worst hangovers she’s ever had.

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