cute arse

  • Draco: Hey, Potter! I want to see your arse
  • Harry: what
  • Draco: -be kicked so you will learn your place. Let's fuck
  • Harry: WHAT?
  • Draco: -ing take this outside! I'll give you head
  • Harry: W H A T?
  • Draco: -aches so that you're in pain all the time. Be my boyfriend
  • Harry: W H A T???????
  • Draco: You heard me, Potter
  • Harry: Oh. Alright, then.

Keeley Rebecca Hazell is an English glamour model, and actress, who was born in south London, England. She appeared in popular magazines like FHM, an features highly in ‘most sexy’ opinion polls. Her 2007 calendar sold 30,000 copies in its first few days of release. She is also the face of the Formula One & MotorStorm video games for the Sony PlayStation. An she has also appeared in advertising posters for PETA, who aim to stop animals being unnecessarily killed for mere fashion vanity. After taking acting lessons she pursued a career in Tv, an had 12 screen credits by 2014.