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GOM reacting to yuri on ice?!?! :D

OMG THIS ASK JUST MADE ME SUPER EXCITED. I’m not sure whether this is an MTC ask, gif reaction or headcanons request, so I’m just gonna make a reaction thingy.I hope you like it! - Rin

Long post ahead! Episode 1 spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen it yet!

(I’ll include Momoi and Kuroko in this!) credits to the owners of the gifs!

GoM reacting to Episode 1 of Yuri!! on Ice

Kise: Wow, the opening song is cool! The colors are nice! Do they have this song on Karaoke? Hold on I’m gonna look up the lyrics—

Aomine: Oi Kise, you’re too loud. Shut up.

Kise: Jeez, fine.

Midorima: This is interesting.

Kuroko: Their English is good. Wow.

Kise: We were born to make history.. I’m tweeting this!

Murasakibara: Can I go get some snacks?

Akashi: The episode’s starting. Be quick, you might miss important scenes.

Aomine: Are there only three main characters? The glasses guy in the beginning, blondie and the gray haired dude?

Kise: So the guy with the silver hair’s name is Victor Niki.. what was it again?

Akashi: Nikiforov. So he’s Russian..

Momoi: He’s attractive..

Murasakibara: Their clothes are fancy in figure skating..

Aomine: Glasses guy is back.

Midorima: His name is Yuri Katsuki.

Aomine: Shut up, Glasses guy.

Midorima: *frowns*

Kuroko: He sure is having a hard time..

Kise: Did I hear that right? His family dog died?!?!

Murasakibara: Oh, it’s him.. *bites into his snack* He looks mean..

Murasakibara: Eh, he is.

Akashi: So there are two Yuri’s now.

Aomine: What’s the kid so angry about? Hahaha

Kise: Huh.. Victor’s voice sounds familiar..

Kuroko: I agree.. It sounds kinda like… umm..

Momoi: Why would he turn down his offer? I thought he idolizes him.

Aomine: That Minako girl’s cute.

Murasakibara: Ehhh~ She’s flexible.

Kise: Is Yuri wearing multiple jackets? 

Kise: *gasps* NO WAY

Aomine: What?!

Kuroko: *hugs Nigou*

Momoi: Oh no!!!!

Akashi: Poor dog..

Murasakibara: …..

Kise: Yuri likes this girl?

Kuroko: His younger version is cute.


Aomine: Now I want a poodle.

Momoi: You’ve always liked dogs, huh, Dai-chan.

Kuroko: Oh, he’s copying Victor.

Aomine: Huh, that’s actually pretty cool.

Midorima: I’m impressed.

Murasakibara: Skating looks tiring.

Akashi: His skating is remarkable.

Momoi: Yuri has Victor posters all over his room!!!!!!!!!

Kise: How cool!! His imitation video of Victor went viral!!

Momoi: That Yuri is cute.

Murasakibara: Eh? But he’s mean~


Kise: Look, another dog!!

Aomine: If that dog dies too I’m out.

Momoi: OMG OMG

Kise: But that’s Victor’s–?!

Akashi: Then that means..

Murasakibara: Do you guys have snacks?

Midorima: You’ve had two bags of chips!

Momoi: YES!!

Aomine: Really?

Kise: Look at Yuri’s face hahahaha

Momoi: \(*0*)/

Aomine: What…

Kise: Uh…

Momoi: Yes!!

Kise: Victor’s voice really sounds familiar!!

Midorima: He sounds like Aomine.

Aomine: Hah?

Kise: *gasps* You’re right!!

Murasakibara: Ehh.. Now that you’ve said it..

Akashi: This show is interesting.

Kuroko: Do any of you know how to skate?

Momoi: Next episode please!!!!

  • Kagami: Honey bun?
  • Aomine: Yes?
  • Kagami: I meant.. would you like one?
  • Aomine, embarrassed: Oh. Yeah, sure. Sugar?
  • Kagami: Yes?
  • Aomine: I just meant.. would you like some in your coffee?
  • Kagami, embarrassed: Oh. Yeah, sure.
  • Both: *embarrassed*

It is so very very very very cute! I just can not according to that, it is really too much kawaiiiiii !!!! 😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤😻😻😻😻

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Aomine and his son scenario when they're looking at Aomine's wife childhood photos(the most cute one and super shameful one) pretty pls? Thanks and love your bloooggg❤❤❤

Sorry I saw that you wrote “childhood photos” but I hope you like this. Enjoy! ^^

“Dad, what is this?” your son came out to the kitchen where Aomine sat eating breakfast. You had already left for work and it was his turn to stay home with your child. 

“Huh?” Aomine looked up from his phone. 

“What is it kiddo? Oh you found a photo album. Come here ______”

 Aomine lifted up his son and placed him in his lap. He loved these moments with his son.

“Is that mom?” _____, asked and looked up at his dad. 

“Yes, when she was little.” 

Aomine turned the page. On the photo you were rolling around in the leafs with your dog. You were so cute and adorable. You laughed and your cheeks was red of the cold wind.

_____, turned the page again before Aomine was finish looking at it. Well actually he could never stop looking at you. 

“Oi! I wasn’t finished…” the next photo was at you lying on a bathroom floor.

Aomine remembered that photo. That was the first time he met you. Then he remembered that his son also saw this. 

“Oi! You shouldn’t see this!” he said and tried to cover up the photo with his hand. 

One of your friends had taken the photo for fun and then she put together a photo album with picture of you and gave it to you when you two graduated.

Aomine laughed nervously and put away the album under the table.

“Well isn’t there a beautiful weather today? Look at the clock! It’s already 10 am. Come on son let’s not waste all the day. Let’s play some game!” 

Aomine tried to distract his son but he knew that someday he would have to take THAT talk with him someday. 

He scratched his head. Well, he hoped that you could take that talk with him.

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Can I have Kise finding out Aomine punched Haizaki to save him? AoKi fluff please thank you :33

Hi dear! Sorry if it took me so long and thank you for asking AoKise, I missed them! I tried to write it giving a fluffy and daily atmosphere, considering their relationship as already established! Ps. Protective Aomine is the best!

Hope you enjoy it!

Aokise, Fluff, Slice of Life


Good Boyfriend


It was a summer midafternoon and in the middle of a street court four boys were laying panting and sweating. Aomine was seated with his legs crossed and kept his eye closed to focus on his breath, while Kagami next to him was bended with the hands on the knees and a tired but satisfied grin on his lips. He and Aomine had defeated the other two, who were laying sprawled on the ground. Kise was whining about their stupid destructive strength, while Kuroko was too occupied gaining back some strength to speak. They had put up a fight, but the other two aces, even without managing to coordinate, in the end had won by sheer force.

They were laughing and chatting quietly, when Kuroko dropped the bomb with his straight expression.

“What?” Kise stuttered, his head perking up suddenly and he fumbling to straighten. The blonde immediately focused on the tanned friend.

“Tetsu!” Aomine growled menacingly narrowing his eyes, but it was too late and Kuroko had stopped being intimidated by him long time ago.

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