cute ankles

15 Dainty Ankle Tattoos That Will Tempt You To Get Inked

With so many body parts to choose it’s hard to decide where to get a new tattoo. 

An ankle tat has been a popular choice over the years and we can see why. With so many adorable itty-bitty designs, it’s easy to fall head over heels for a cute little ankle tat. 

Plus, it’s a great place to hide the rebellious skin art from your grandma..

Sun and Moon

Okay, so we are going to be dreaming about these simple sun and moon tats. [Photo: Pinterest]


If we had this stylish text tattoo we would definitely roll up our jeans an inch or two.  [Photo: Pinterest]


Well, isn’t this just magical.  [Photo: Pinterest]


Be forever stylish with this tattooed anklet.  [Photo: Pinterest]


We love this wavy tattoo, it’s super rad.  [Photo: Pinterest]


You would be flying high with this beautiful feather tat.  [Photo: Pinterest]


These unique designs would definitely make your summer sandals just that extra bit stylish.  [Photo: Pinterest]


How adorable is this single flower? Surely even our mums would love this one…  [Photo: Pinterest]


We wouldn’t mind this cute flock following us around wherever we went.  [Photo: Pinterest]


We have nothing but a mountain of love for this ankle tattoo.  [Photo: Pinterest]

Palm Tree

This is definitely the perfect holiday accessory.  [Photo: Pinterest]


How cool do these roman numerals look on the side of the ankle? [Photo: Pinterest]


Okay, so this cat is pretty darn cute.  [Photo: Pinterest]


Be 100% angel with secret angel wings.  [Photo: Pinterest]


This cactus tattoo is very aesthetically pleasing.  [Photo: Pinterest]