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Small devotional acts. (Of self and platonic love)

  • Wear cozy/comfy clothes
  • Listen to music that makes you feel empowered
  • Sing along to your favorite songs
  • Give little gifts to your friends
  • Go for an evening walk
  • Sleep in when you can
  • Bring more gentle colors into your life
  • Clean your room and let some fresh air in
  • Drink tea with honey 
  • Visit the ocean or find some ways to be connected to it (sea salt, seashells, etc.)
  • Write a letter to your future self or one to her
  • Glitter!
  • Go to a store and try on some new clothing styles
  • Leave positive notes in random places
  • Change your look every once and a while
  • Treat a friend to some drinks/dinner
  • Don’t limit yourself and your style because of stereotypes
  • Support small businesses
  • Take a day off and do whatever you want
  • Watch some cute animal videos
  • Visit a garden
  • Go on a picnic
  • Stand up for those who need it
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Be there for your friends
  • Eat those extra sweets
  • Wear more makeup/jewelry if it makes you feel nice
  • Compliment people more
  • Try out some new face masks
  • Take more selfies and pictures (by yourself and with friends)
  • Enjoy floral scented things
  • Go to a movie by yourself
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

This is my boyfriends oposssum! Her name is Clementine, or Clemmy for short. In this picture she was brought to a preschool to teach about wildlife!! She’s an education animal and takes her job very seriously. I can’t remember what the caption was about haha. 

What a great way to teach kids about animals! Possums are ceitainly nothing to be afraid of. Thank you for your submission, Leo!

Free Roaming Was A Mistake: Two Years Later

This morning, I watched Kaiju emerge from her burrow, yawn, and walk around her cage. She soaked in her swimming pool for a while, got out, drank some water, played with her feeder puzzle and got some breakfast, basked, dug a hole, moved to the other side of her cage, dug another hole, and then flopped on her log to bask again. Watching her dig made me think a bit, and then I looked back at my lizard records and realized that hey, it’s two years to the day since I put her in the cage, and that made me think a little bit more. 

Namely, it made me think about the year I spent letting her free-roam all the time. It’s something I want to talk about here for a few reasons. One, I think it’s important to talk about why it was a mistake so that nobody else tries it. Two, I think it’s important for me personally because a lot of the Pet Experience™ on the internet is cute pictures and videos and talk about how amazing your animal is. Pet owners like to present themselves as experts in excellence, and I think particularly here, that contributes to a lot of the toxicity and hostility that goes around in the petblr tags. Many private challenges to our way of doing things go ignored or are met with hostility; public challenges tend to devolve into ad hominem arguments and fighting that ultimately doesn’t change the animal’s care. But everybody makes mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, and even husbandry decisions that are made with careful planning and forethought can be a huge mistake. Sometimes you back the wrong horse. 

When I was looking into tegus for the first time, a commonly recurring theme was free-roaming. While most of the community supports caging, there is a small, vocally adamant subsection that says that free-roaming works for them. They talk about how they do it, how they set up hot spots and humid zones, and how their animal is part of the family. That loud minority really seemed inspirational to me- like they were so dedicated to their animal’s experience and mental well-being that they converted their own home. I thought I could do that, too, and maybe it could have worked out long-term, but you know what? I don’t care. There’s a lot of what ifs left, alternate universes I don’t have much of an interest in exploring. It’s an irresponsible, foolish gamble. There’s no what ifs about her health- I know that she’s got the humidity and heat she needs for her organs to function properly. There’s no point in looking back or trying to figure out a work-around to facilitate full-time free roaming. 

Here’s what I know: While the year she spent free-roaming caused no problems based on bloodwork and imaging analysis, there’s no telling what could have happened in the long run. Tegus are tanks and it can take a long time before improper care takes its toll on them. This is the post I saw that made me change my mind; the tegu here had been free-roaming for six years before his health rapidly declined. That’s what made me decide that even if I did everything “right” to keep letting Kaiju free-roam, it just wasn’t worth it. Sometimes, even if you think you’re doing the right thing, it’s valuable to take a step back and say “ok, but is this really the right thing?” It’s said a lot by petblr bloggers that your ego shouldn’t ever come before your pets’ health, but sometimes these decisions aren’t based on ego- sometimes they’re based on just plain being wrong. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that! It’s ok to be wrong. Nobody’s right all the time. But have the courage to reevaluate your husbandry practices and the honesty to fully consider the risks- and if you realize you need to make a change, then make it. Your animal’s worth it.

BTS Reaction to seeing you sleeping with a stuffed animal they bought you

Anon Requested:  Can I get a BTS reaction to them coming in and seeing you sleeping with a stuffed animal they bought you please? Thank you in advanced 😄😄😄😊💕

I hope you like this ♥ & my apologies for having such short reactions on this omg

Jungkook: Jungkook would be shocked at first but be pleasantly surprised that you felt affection for something that he had gotten you such a long time ago. The smile would grow the longer he looked at the cute little scene in front of him. 

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Taehyung: Taehyung had just got into bed when he noticed the small brown bear curled up in your arms, he scooted closer trying to see it properly in the dim light and smiled lightly once he realized it was the bear he had won you on your guys’ first date.

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Jimin: This little sunshine boy wouldn’t be able to keep his smile hidden when he saw you on the couch with the little plush animal laying on your chest with your hand limply laying on top of it. His heart would honestly swell ten times in size because the sight was just so precious to him.

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Jhope: “Aww!” Hoseok couldn’t help but say loudly causing you to stir in your sleep. He’d quickly slap a hand over his mouth hushing any more sounds to unexpectedly come out of him before he decided to snap the photo of you and your plushie in your arms.

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Namjoon: He’d honestly be so shocked upon seeing the sight in front of him that he had to call over Jimin who was just walking past his bedroom. “Woah Jimin! Look at this.” He pointed towards your sleeping picture and Jimin would chuckle. “She still sleeps with stuffed animals?” Namjoon would immediately nudge him, “I won her that months ago, I didn’t know she liked it so much.”

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Suga: Yoongi didn’t really have an opinion on seeing you sleep with the small stuffed bunny he bought you for the past valentine’s day. He thought it was cute but didn’t see the need for sleeping with it when you had him to sleep with.

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Jin: He’d be the weirdest goofball about this. He’d chuckle seeing the little stuffed animal in your arms and walk closer to you, hovering you and end up doing some weird dance whispering. “Look who likes Jin’s plushie, that’s right you do.”

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I Forbid You From Putting A Shirt On! (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)

Hey everyone! Another Peter Parker imagine!! I got this idea while watching Homecoming for the millionth time. Slight spoilers because it’s based on a scene from the movie, but no huge indications of anything really. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! It’s kinda long, but I put a lot of thought into it. Thanks for all the love you guys have been sending, I’m so glad you guys enjoy my work so much! Don’t forget to send in requests and things to my inbox (I’d love it if you did :) ) I love you guys! Hollanders for the win <3
- Xoxo K

Warnings: Slight spoilers and making out (which isn’t really a warning, but just in case)


You had just gotten home from school. Today, was another weird day. Your long time friend, Peter (who you were also crushing on at the moment) was acting so weird lately, and today was no different. He wouldn’t hang out with you like he used to. Everyday after school something would come up and you wouldn’t see each other until school the next day. You missed the way it used to be. You two used to hang out everyday and do homework together, you two used to be inseparable, but as soon as he got that Stark internship, everything changed. Now you sit at your desk, getting ready to do homework… by yourself, the usual for you these days. You spotted the picture on your desk of you and Peter from last Christmas, when you spent the holiday with him and Aunt May. In the photo, you and Peter are wearing ugly sweaters and plush reindeer antler headbands (I LOVE headbands, guys. Animal headbands are the shit), mid laugh. It’s your favorite photo of you two, and you just couldn’t help but think about how cute he was. You were lost in thought when all of a sudden you hear a voice coming from right outside your window. You get up from your desk and walk over to the window to inspect the noise. You pull back the blinds and open the window to see… Spider-Man? “What the hell…” You mumbled under your breath. He didn’t seem to notice your presence because he kept on with his conversation over the phone. “I helped this lady with directions” He said, mask pulled up just far enough for his mouth to be exposed. “She was really nice and bought me a churro.” He held up his hand, referencing to the sweet treat, taking a bite right after. You stood there in shock until he finished his conversation and hung up the phone. That was when you climbed through your window and onto the fire escape, only this time he heard you. As soon as your feet hit the metal on the fire escape, his head whipped around to face you. His mouth hung open. “Y/N?!” He said shocked. You were confused as hell now. “How do you know my name?” You spoke cautiously. It’s in that moment that you hear a soft but frantic voice come from the hero in red and blue. “umm… I don’t. I mean…” His voice cracks slightly as he awkwardly attempts to cover up his mistake. He clears his throat and starts again, this time in a fake lower voice, placing his hands on his hips like a cheesy comic book hero. “Hello miss” He said. You made a sour facial expression at his attempt to cover up. “Umm… okay” You said, weirded out. “Let’s start over…” You reached your arm over, through your open window, and into your desk. You pulled out a letter opener and pointed it at Spider-Man, the unlikely intruder. You slowly walked over to him, never taking your eyes away from him. “A… letter opener…?” He laughed a fake hearty laugh, still trying to pull off the fake deep voice. “Silly citizen.” You narrowed your eyes at him “Okay cut the bullshit” You frowned slightly. “No one says that.” You said, irritated with his “macho” attitude. You threw your letter opener at him in hopes that it would make you look intimidating. It was actually pretty pathetic looking. Your attempt at spearing his arm with it ended up with you just hitting him on the forehead with the handle. His hands immediately left their place on his hips to cover his forehead where your letter opener just hit him. “Ouch.” He started talking normally again. “What the hell?!” He yelled, surprised at your sudden action. “No, what the hell to you!” You yelled back at him. “Why are you stalking me?” He seemed offended by your question. “I am NOT stalking you.” He said, defensively. “Umm… you’re sitting outside my room and you know my name so…” You trailed off, annoyed. “Okay, listen…” He held his breath. “I’m Spider-Man.” He said, letting out the breath he had been holding. You gave him a funny look. “Yeah… I kinda got that…” You said, raised your arms and gesturing to his suit. “Damn it…” He said. “Will you let me take off my mask first?” You held your hands up in defense. “My bad.” He pulled his mask up and your eyes widened at the sight in front of you. “Peter?!” You loudly exclaimed, shocked. “YOU’RE SPI-” Peter jumped and held his hand over your mouth to keep you from talking. “Shhhh. Y/N! Be quiet! You can’t tell anybody!” Peter stage whispered at you. You nodded your head at him and he removed his hand from your mouth. “So… you hang from ceilings and stuff right?” He nodded at you. “Show me” You said, smiling. “Y/N… I don’t know…” You gave Peter a ‘really?’ look. He gave you the same look back. “C'mon! Pleaseeeeee?” You put on your puppy face and your eyes welled with fake tears. Peter’s look softened and he gave in. “Okay fine!” He said finally. “Yay!” You said, excitedly, slightly fangirling. Peter shot a web up at the fire escape above you and held onto it, flipping to be upside down. You stared at him, bewildered, as he hung from the web, smiling over at you. “So what do you think?” He asked you. You smiled and walked over to him. “I think…” You moved your hands to hold the sides of his face. Peter’s expression turned hopeful and his mouth hung open slightly as if he was in a trance. “You,” You said, thumbs brushing along his face. You leaned in to Peter’s lips and kissed him. Peter kissed back as soon as he registered what was going on. The kiss wasn’t too long, but it was passionate. When you pulled away, you continued what you were saying to Peter. “You,” You repeated. “Should get your ass inside.” You started walking towards your window. Peter looked at you in shock, flipping down from his previous position. “Uh… w-what?” He couldn’t believe what was happening. You stopped and turned around to look at him. “Or stay out here in the storm.” Just as Peter looked up at the sky, a crackle of thunder was heard and he could see dark grey clouds rolling in from the distance. “But I prefer you come in here and keep me company.” Peter turned his eyes back to you as you said this. You smiled at him as he picked up his stuff and came inside after you. When you two came through the window, he awkwardly stood by it. You walked out of your room and came back with sweatpants and a t-shirt for Peter to wear. “Here, Peter.” You dropped the t-shirt and sweatpants into his hands. “That suit doesn’t look too comfortable to wear for a long time.” He looked at you. “Thanks, but… where should I change?” He asked. “You can change in here, I’ll just leave.” You told him. He shifted slightly and gave you an “okay” and you exited the room. You went over to the kitchen to look for some snacks for the two of you when you heard Peter actively struggling with what you assumed was his Spider-Man suit. You heard a loud groan of frustration followed by Peter yelling for your help. “Y/N?” You giggled at his defeated tone. “Yeah?” You yelled back, trying not to let him know you were giggling. “Can you help me get my suit off?” You smiled and went back to your room to help Peter. You walked over to Peter and helped him unzip the dang thing. “Thanks.” Peter said, cheeks tinted a light pink. You smiled at him. “No problem.” You blushed slightly at how cute he was. “If you need anything else, just holler.” Just as you were exiting, you turned around to look at Peter just at the moment that his suit came off. You nearly had a heart attack at the sight of Peter’s physique. “Holy shit!” You jumped up in surprise, hand quickly gripping back onto the door knob. Your mouth was gaping and the hand that wasn’t gripping the door knob, was over your heart. Your breath was taken away at the sight of your shirtless best friend turned crush. Peter’s head snapped up to look at you, thinking that something was wrong. “What! What happened?! Is everything okay?” Peter exclaimed in worry. You couldn’t take it anymore. There he was, shirtless in all his glory, and he liked you back. So, what were you waiting for? You ran across the room to where Peter was and thankfully, he caught on. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you jumped, wrapping your arms around his neck and latching your lips onto his. Peter wasn’t prepared for your fast approach, however, and your momentum caused both of you to fall onto your bed (ooh… saucy). Peter pulled away from the kiss, making you frown slightly. “Will you go out with me?” You looked down at Peter, smiling widely. “Yes! Duh! Oh my god!” You giggled. Peter smiled at you. “But…” Peter gave you a skeptical look. “I get to try on your suit.” His look softened and he chuckled slightly. “Okay.” “And I get to meet the Avengers…” You added. Peter’s head snapped towards you. “What? Y/N! What the hell?!” You laughed. “I’m just kidding…” You rolled off of Peter’s chest and he got up from the bed. Peter turned to look back at you as he picked up the t-shirt you gave him. You jumped up from the bed and snatched the shirt from his grip. “No!” Peter was taken aback by your sudden outburst. “I forbid you from putting a shirt on!” He gave you a look. “What? Why?” You shrugged at him. “Because…” You trail off. You continue, smirking. “Those abs are too delicious.” Peter looks shocked now. “And besides… You ditched me for months and didn’t tell me why until now. So I think you owe me this for all my suffering.” Peter’s cheeks tint pink and his lips curve up into a smirk. You smile at him sweetly and plant a kiss on his lips before walking out of the room, dragging your hand along his abs as you walk away from him.

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I think it’s so cute when people really love something like a certain animal or a fictional character, I find myself starting to appreciate them as well even if I didn’t give them much thought beforehand. It’s like their enthusiasm rubs off on us. The other day I saw a person on here who really liked goliath beetles and tagged pictures of them with things like “beautiful boy!!” and you know what? They are beautiful boys and I’m glad I can see it now

GOT7 as Pet Owners
  • Jaebum: cat dad. if given the opportunity, he would own more cats than societally acceptable. pets every stray he sees regardless of hostile nature. smiles and gets teary eyed whenever he thinks of kittens
  • Mark: generic pet guy. the kind of guy to name a cat 'cat' and a dog 'dog'. likes to cuddle his pets even though they're struggling to escape his grasp. regardless of excessive cuddling, their favorite pastime is still taking naps together
  • Jackson: so many fish. started with a single goldfish and thought it was too lonely. purchased an extra large tank and filled it with lots of fish friends and one too many overpriced decorative rocks. names every fish and knows the differences between them
  • Jinyoung: self aware hamster owner. spends all of his money on cage extensions and tunnels to impress said hamster. said hamster does not care, they just want to escape and run away. HE JUST DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. learns a valuable lesson about freedom
  • Youngjae: puppy extraordinaire! his entire camera roll is pictures of his dog(s). will delete family photos when his phone storage is full just to take ONE MORE PICTURE of his pet in a cute costume. runs a successful dog blog. everyone goes to him for animal advice
  • Bambam: an inconvenient pet. probably something designer that he impulse bought because it looked cool. requires more upkeep than his ever growing YSL collection. purchases ONLY THE BEST accessories. owns a fancy carrier that he barely uses
  • Yugyeom: owns a pet rock. most likely either forgets it exists or ends up dropping and breaking it. mourns his rock for days until Jaebum picks him out a newer, better rock. (he took it from Jackson's fish tank) ((don't tell Jackson))
Once a Week Bullet Journal Challenge for 2017!

I really wanted to spend more effort on both my bullet journal and my studyblr especially since I’m in my final year of high school and will be going to university soon! Feel free to join in. Just upload a photo of your bullet journal with these prompts once a week! I will be tracking #studyinpeace!

1. New years resolutions/ goals

2. Places you want to go to

3. Books to read

4. Habits to break, habits to make

5. How are you feeling today?

6. Favourite quote

7. Playlist of favourite songs/ playlist for

8. Things you are grateful for

9. Plan your outfit for tomorrow

10. Movies to watch

11. List of stationery you want to buy (you can use these as rewards!)

12. Things that annoy you

13. Draw a cute animal or a pet

14. Favourite fictional characters, reasons why you like them

15. Write a letter to your future self

16. Self care routine

17. Favourite recipe

18. Positive words for yourself

19. Scrapbook with pictures of whatever

20. Research a topic you’re interested in and write a summary

21. Your handwriting/ tumblr handwriting tag

22. Your favourite poem

23. Draw the first thing you see

24. Tv Shows to binge watch

25. STICKERS (No seriously just put a bunch of your fav stickers)

26. Pictures of cute animals

27. Review a book

28. Favourite jokes/ puns

29. Self Reflection

30. Pen test! write something with all of your pens!

31. Quote of the day #2

32. Review a movie

33. Things you love about yourself

34. Favourite resteraunts + favourite thing off the menu

35. Create an imaginary animal/ creature

36. Favourite lyrics

37. Write or draw something you are passionate about

38. Recipe for an easy to make healthy snack

39. Timeline of your life so far

40. Reasons to smile

41. Favourite beauty products/ self care products

42. Favourite colours swatch

43. Favourite Youtube videos to make you smile

44. Quick 10 minutes workout routine

45. Review an episode of a tv show

46. Draw your favourite cartoon character or print a picture and describe them

47. About me page

48. Things to do on a rainy day

49. The Alphabet in your favourite font

50. Character study: analyze your favourite character

51. Things you’ve accompllished in 2017

52. Things you want to accomplish in 2018


Miniature hedgehog!

This tiny little hedgehog arrived at Wildlife Aid recently after being found out in the day. A member of the public had seen her and was worried that she may have been injured.

She was taken in to see our vet team and was given a full checkup by our vet, Angela. Luckily, she wasn’t harmed and, due to her age, would most likely have been exploring out of the nest for the first time.

After a sign off from the vets, she was taken back to where she was found and successfully returned to her family

Day6 on Instagram


• posts pictures of delicious food
• w/ the occasional wonpil trolling, also taking pictures of maknae line at their worst possible moments
• has hella hoes in his DM’s, but always responds w/ memes or a ‘lol’ when getting hit on
• ootd posts for days
• giggles every time someone tags him as a MCM


• posts pictures of his kids / cute selfies with the peace sign
• captions are always full w/ cute animal emojis and rainbows and flowers
• follows lots of people but never likes anyone’s posts
• deletes all the comments if they’re not complimenting him
• mirror selfies, also with the infamous peace sign


• spends hours just finding the right lighting and pose
• gets mad if he doesn’t get 100 likes under an hour
• low key shades everyone on insta
• posts pictures of healthy meals yet he’s snacking on junk food all mf day
• snapchat filters still going strong “SC saw it first :^^^^”


• does covers of songs and posts like 15 seconds of them
• takes pictures w/ his worst enemies and posts them anyways “tag me when you post it!!! :))))))”
• will do / has done everything to get a verified check
• shows everyone the nudes he’s been sent in his private DMs
• his snapchat is linked to his insta and it’s a mess


• innocent flower boy who just wants his insta to look aesthetically pleasing
• wears chokers in some of his pics and yes you can hear screaming from 20 miles away
• hella sarcastic when someone asks him where he got a certain clothing item “a sweat shop lol”
• comments on everyone’s posts w/ weird emojis like just emojis
• tags jae in all the “__ pack would include” posts lmao

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Haechan as a Boyfriend. . .

Anonymous said: What would Haechan be like as a boyfriend?? (I dont know if you do these, but I’m so curious and you’re so good at writing 😊) thanks!

A/N ookayyy, my first NCT request, and to make it better, it’s for my child. here you go anon

Other Boyfriend Scenarios:

Johnny II Yuta II Jeno II Haechan II Renjun II Jaemin

  • the biggest pain in the ass you could ever deal with
  • always has something to say about how you do things, ‘why do you have to brush your teeth like that??’, ‘can’t you be more lady-like when you trip??’
  • but he adores you either way, and is always only joking
  • he wouldn’t want you to change for the world
  • the tiniest things you do make this smol boy soft
  • the way your eyes get wide when you get excited about something, the way you get flustered about certain things so easily and he can tease you [I’ll elaborate further on this later], your little habits like biting your nails, or biting your bottom lip or twirling your hair etc.
  • he loves ‘em all and watches you  – his eyes literally shining with adoration, he just can’t help it
  • So back to you getting flustered, when this happens, Haechan loves to tease you further about your heated cheeks or nervous fiddling of your fingers or stumbling over your words. 
  • He always has a huge smile while joking about how nervous you look, sometimes copying your actions
  • Tho he would make up for it by buying you your favorite dessert or watching the movie you want on movie night
  • Though if anyone else tried to tease you Haechan is to your rescue with affection and sweet words – he isn’t a confrontational person so he wouldn’t tell the person off, but he’d instead comfort you and counter their teasing words with his own sweet compliments for you
  • though if it was the other members he’d be a little more confident in throwing a quit and witty insult at them
  • Random teasing texts throughout the day when he can’t see you, 'hey, i found this picture of a turkey on the internet, its your long lost twin 😘' 
  • then a few minutes later he would send a picture of a cute fluffy animal (like a kitten) and be like 'oh, did i forget to mention that the turkey is your ugly twin? this kitten is you.. i miss you babe’
  • When you guys go on dates it would be more like best friends going out to chill, but there would be little hints from him to the people around you guys that you’re a couple
  • like him intertwining his hand with yours, him casually pulling you closer by the waist when he wants you to see something on the store shelf that he likes, Haechan calling you Jagiya like it’s your name and in his loud ass voice just to embarrass you too
  • then you two excessively bowing and apologizing to the store owner who’s  scolding you because you got too loud from you not-so-quietly telling your boyfriend to shut up and in return Haechan calling you Jagiya  L O U D E R
  • playing random games while taking a rest on a bench after you guys spent most of the day store hopping ex: who can spot the most red cars first, i spy etc.
  • though he’d lowkey be sweet af to you through out your dates every single time asking questions like, 'you want to stop here and grab a snack?’ because he’s worried you guys walked too much and doesn’t want your feet to hurt
  • carries your purse and/or your shopping bags – but F A K E complains 'cause he doesn’t want to seem soft
  • but he’s actually more than happy to carry all your bags for you and would even go as far as to give you a piggyback ride as well if it was asked of him
  • random acts of skinship between you two
  • you’d be sitting across from each other and just naturally your feet would gravitate towards each others – your feet would justend up resting on top of his comfortably,  and he wouldn’t even care or really notice cause its just so natural and quirky like your whole relationship
  • on a more serious note, if you were to get into fights, Haechan’s whole demeanor would change from bright and bubbly to cold and quiet
  • he would give you the cold shoulder, his responses to you short and snappy
  • he’d quickly feel bad, but his pride and stubborn ways would get in the way of him apologizing and talking it over with you
  • you would need to patiently help him out and coax him to talk
  • the second you guys talk it out, the Haechan you love and adore is back instantly
  • it’s like the fight never happened and he’s back to his old ways of teasing and jokes
  • he’s just so relieved you guys aren’t fighting any more because he really missed you
  • no matter how tough he tries to act, you’re his safe place, and he relies on you a lot to be there when he’s having a hard time, feels like giving up or is under too much stress
  • though he still tries to hide his weaknesses from you, but sometimes he slips up
  • mark is like your lawyer in this relationship, if you’re having another bickering fest with your boyfriend, Mark’s got your back and you’re both smirking while your boyfriend is sulking and complaining
  • there will be times when Haechan faces this new and self-changing emotion called J E A L O U S Y
  • and because he’s so unfamiliar with this odd and unnerving feeling in his gut he gets very clingy and even sometimes snappy towards the boy responsible for making him jealous if they try to talk to him
  • at the beginning of the relationship he’d  be in denial about him being jealous, though later on he’d be more honest about his jealousy – this just has to do with his trust and comfort with you
  • as your relationship progresseshis admiration and love for you would grow
  • mainly cause you an put up with him so well 
  • but also just because with every new thing he learns about you fascinates himand makes you 10x more beautiful than before in his eyes
  • he treasures you so damn much, and he’d show it through those random moments when he’s the mature one and becomes the caretaker in the relationship
  • he loves and adores you and you shouldn’t doubt it even if sometime it’s hard to tell
  • he works really hard to show his love, but he’s still a shy smol bean and it’s sometimes scary for his smol bean heart