cute and sleazy

Love Was {Chapter One}

Prologue//Chapter Two

Jungkook x Reader College!AU

Summary: Love to you was everything about Jeon Jungkook.

Word count: 6,071

Notes and content warnings: Strong language

This is so long rip me but I hope y’all enjoy ((:

Jungkook didn’t feel comfortable with giving you his address, so you two decided to meet up at IHOP per your suggestion, because brunch food was high up on your list of good hangover food. He was a bit hesitant to go to a restaurant with you; you could tell he just wanted to have the exchange happen quickly and easily then never talk to you again, but you weren’t about to pass this opportunity up. You also had to go to rehearsal in four hours, and you weren’t going to go on an empty stomach.

You hoped Jungkook looked at least half as bad as you felt. It was just your luck to have made a bad first impression on the boy you had taken such interest in. At least if he looked kind of bad, you would feel better about yourself.

So you were sorely disappointed when he pulled himself into the seat across from you looking like he stepped out of an Armani Exchange magazine.

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