cute ain't it

Boyfriend Wonho

For @ariea this is more than likely what you can possibly expect if Shin Wonho was your man.

  • Good morning texts when he’s not spending the night. His name is probably something cute in your phone like ‘Big 🐰 💕💕’ or some corny shit like that.
  • His morning texts wouldn’t be anything too deep something like, “Hey wake up! Have a good day. I’m always thinking about you!”
  • Speaking of phones, he’d want to FaceTime constantly! And for random shit too, “Hey babe, I’ve got to tell you this joke I just heard before I forget it!”
  • And for some reason he’s usually shirtless which leads you to believe he’s always shirtless UNLESS he’s at your house.
  • He’d do random cute shit for you like buy you meaningless trinkets that reminded him of stuff like your nail polish color the other day. And he’d leave them with a note in some place for you to find later.
  • He probably isn’t a gourmet chef, but that wouldn’t stop him from preparing you his “Wonho Specialties.” Like milk and cereal WITH FRUIT and noodles (of course)
  • Also he’s your built in workout buddy/ personal trainer. Rooting you on to do another set and bribing you with kisses afterwards. “Come on babe, you can do it! Just five more reps! You got this!”
  • He’d of course expect for you to push him too and record his IG videos when he’s having a good workout day.
  • He’d help you find healthy snacks to eat and explain why they’re more beneficial for you.
  • He wouldn’t push you into working out if its not something you’re passionate about. He’ll always find you attractive. You’re beautiful and he tells you that constantly.
  • Let’s talk about work! When he’s making new music he’d want to run it by you to see what you think. He’d play the beat, ask you to help him finish lyrics, and sing it back to you.
  • He’d practice his choreography for you too, you might not know anything about dancing but he’d want you to see that cool point dance move and then say, “Shh… it’s a secret! Don’t tell anyone!”
  • Let’s talk about those boyfriend looks too, because damn there’s a lot of them. He likes to look good for you because he knows you like to look good for him too.
  • He’s not quite into couples looks, but you buy a few matching pieces that actually fit his style. Subtle pieces like your nose stud matches the studs in his ears.
  • You know he’s got a closet full of oversized hoodies too because sweater paws are a must when it gets cold and he lets you wear them all the time.
  • Like I’m pretty certain half of your hoodie collection is his that you haven’t returned.
  • I’m sure he would say lots of gooey shit to you all the time. “You’re prettier than all the stars.” And “I can’t see myself without you.”
  • I’m sure he slides a playful marriage proposal in there too. But you both know it won’t always be playful.
  • He’d like to hold your hand a lot and kiss your nose and forehead.
  • When he does spend the night, y'all talk until one of you falls asleep. Sometimes the conversations would last so deep into the night that you’re both delirious and laughing at dumb stuff.
  • Some nights y'all don’t even sleep and just stay up talking and wait for the the sun to rise.
  • Some nights you go get lost in the city and find some 24hr bbq joint or breakfast spot and order $80 of food.
  • Some nights are party nights and y'all get shitfaced together and go to a club or sing karaoke.
  • In the club that man has you pressed against his thicc body and I know you gotta twerk something special for your mans. Everybody around y'all envious af too, “Damn they look good together.”
  • Sometimes y'all stay in and drink and make uo stupid drinking games like the first one who blinks has to take a shot.
  • He’s a playful rabbit too. He likes to poke you in your sides and nose. And ask you ridiculous questions until you get annoyed.
  • Then he hugs you until you get over it so he can annoy you some more.
  • Speaking of hugs. He’s a world class cuddler. I mean this big arms need to hold something… might as well be you!
  • I think he’d take random pics and videos of you too. Not creepy sleeping footage but like a video of you making grilled cheese because you hold the spatula so cute.
  • Like all his social media content would be workout stuff, food, shirtless pics, and random stuff you do that he finds adorable.
  • When he gets upset, you’re the first person he calls. He doesn’t expect you to have all the answers but just wants to know that you’re listening. “Thanks for being there for me, I just needed to vent.”
  • Of course he’s all ears for you too. Duh, a relationship is nothing without reciprocity and trust.

I can see this is getting long and I could go on for days but I’m going to end this post here or it’ll become a book! I hope you enjoyed this!