cute aiba


└ Festival of feels:

Stimulus: Embarrass themselves.

Reaction: Cuteness as their response.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.02.2017


└ Aiba x Male Cheerleader Collaborative Cheer

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 20.05.2017


I want to share the cutest person in the world 🙈 Aiba Masaki is loved for being a baka, his clumsiness and his smile. I don’t know any person but Aiba that smiles everytime. He’s my reference to be happy 💕

1. It was from the first or second tour that I watch of Arashi. I didn’t know who was who but when he did that I just thought “OMG he’s so cute falling” YEAH I SWEAR IT XDD

2. This is totally obvious what he think when he is with Sho. I found it and by then I didn’t know anything about Sakuraiba but I laughed a lot XD

3. There is a little of Juntoshi XD It’s a bonus, I want to emphasize Aiba behind like a stalker looking fixedly at the camera XDD He’s so funny and cute at the same time XD

4. Yes, it’s a post to Aiba but I can’t do anything if I search “Aiba Masaki” and it appears Sakuraiba XD
Well, talking of the gif, Aiba is shy but it’s when he’s alone, when he’s with Arashi is fucking crazy. Then, I can’t explain with he was so ashamed, maybe it was because Sho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Ok, stop now-

5. His ability to be cute goes beyond what anyone can. I usually don’t shout or be fangirl but I can’t with Aiba. I usually frighten my mum because I’m relaxing in the sofa and then I shout and fall onto the floor. -I’m not normal-.

It looks like I wasn’t serious but talking about Aiba being cute, who can be serious?
He’s not my ichiban, nobody of Arashi is my ichiban but I have weakness for Aiba.
Disco Star-sama~ ♡