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LazyTown age chart ideas

Sportacus (Adorable little Sporacus in diapers gnawing a soccer ball, kid Sportacus eating Sportscandy, awesome as hell Sportacus doing his signature move)

Robbie Rotten (ADORABLE AS HELL BABY ROBBIE, kid Robbie in one of his disguises, Robbie trying to be “cute”)

Stephanie (Adorable yet awkward baby Stephanie, Stephanie dancing and singing, adult Stephanie as a pop star)

Ziggy (Cute grumpy baby Ziggy, Ziggy with candy (his lollipop and/or taffy), adult Ziggy as a chef)

Pixel (Chubby baby Pixel with his first video game, kid Pixel having a blast on his website Pixelspix, adult Pixel designing a new system)

Trixie (Adorable baby Trixie playing with a relay race baton, Trixie about to prank someone, adult skater girl Trixie)

Milford (Baby Milford being cute, kid Milford meeting Bessie, Milford becoming Mayor of LazyTown)

Stingy (Starts out an adorable baby in diapers, goes to Stingy petting his piggy bank, ends in a way too rich adult Stingy)

Bessie (Adorable baby Bessie playing with makeup, kid Bessie with her flip phone, Bessie dreamily looking at a framed picture of Milford)

Dating Zach Dempsey would include :

- lots of PDA, everywhere. He’s not ashamed to show everyone that you’re his, not a all. It doesn’t have to be too sexual though, he just likes to hold your hand or having you close to him

- Him always trying to make you smile

- He’s honestly the cutest dork

- Zach had to beat Bryce’s ass more than once because of his inappropriate comments about you

- Him secretly sneaking in your bedroom pretty much every night and leaving early in the morning after cuddles, causing him to be tired during the whole day at school

- He often missed his trainings because of that

- Being the reason why he often ditches his plans with the guys

- You’re the first person that comes to his mind when he needs to talk

- You’re basically the mom of the boys group

- Telling Bryce that he’ll end up in jail because of all the bullshits he does

- Hanging out a lot with Justin after school because he always makes you laugh which makes Zach extremely jealous

- Zach and the guys were watching the both of you laugh

- When you go ask him what’s up he gives you the silent treatment

- He avoids your gaze, only answers with Hmm.

- You eventually get that he’s jealous and hug him by behind as tightly as you can, and he tries to shove you away but you literally turned into a giant koala

- “(Y/N) stop.“  ”I won’t move unless you tell me what’s wrong

- He loudly sighed

- ”You’re always with Justin.“  ”Awh. Is my baby jealous ?you asked playfully as you kissed his neck, making him turn his head to the side.No. And don’t call me that.“  ”What ? Baby ?you mocked him.Stop.he tried to sound like he was mad.Baby, baby. You’re my baby.He sighed again and bit his lip to hide his smile.God you’re annoying.You snuggled your face in his neck and circled it as you left kisses on his skin. Zach, you’re the only one I’m in love with. You and only you. I love you. you said before leaving a kiss on his cheek. He sighed, smiled and finally took one of your hands and brought it to his mouth before leaving a kiss on it.I love you too idiot.

- Let’s say that the guys wouldn’t stop mocking you after that

- Wearing his jersey and attending all his games


- Catching all the attention on you doesn’t bother you at all, fuck everyone

- Keeping his little sister with him when his parents are out

- Him watching you in awe as you listen to her sister talking about her friends while she tries to braid your hair

- His sister absolutely loves you and always asks Zach about you

- Zach being pretty sure that you’ll end up married in the future

- You always being there for him, even more when he discovers the tapes

- Receiving drunk texts of him when you can’t be at one of Justin’s party

- You calling Alex and asking him to keep an eye on Zach, just in case he does stupid things

- You’re the one who explains to Justin that Jessica won’t take him back and that you completely agree with her, but that you’ll still be there for him, no matter what

- Justin hugging you really tightly after that and of course, Zach saw it.

- But he quickly calmed down when you tell him why you shared a hug

- Having one of his shirt that you always bring with you on holiday so when you sleep you can smell his scent as if he was with you

- Having tons of adorable, funny, cute, awkward and weird selfies of the other in your phones

- Zach pouted when he discovered the awkward selfie of him as your lock screen but he secretly loved it

- You don’t fight often but when you do it’s like a "let’s see who can hurt the other the most” game

- Which results as you both not talking to the other for a day

- Then he sends you a pic of him with a pouting face with and a “don’t you wanna talk to your favorite idiot? :(” text

- “I love you.” *kiss on your lips* “So” *kiss on your nose* “Fucking” *kiss on your cheek* “Much.” *kiss on your forehead*

- Him being a fool for you

- Bear hugs

- Hands holding

- Unexpected gifts from the both of you

- Helping him preparing his biology tests

- You once offered him your pen that just ran out of ink and said “It reminded me of how empty your brain can be sometimes

- Justin died of laughter that day

- He pouted all day

- You’re just the cutest couple of all times

- Everyone ships you

- You’ve been elected the king and queen of the prom

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You could feel him stiffen under your hands as you braced yourself against his shoulders to lean up and kiss him.  Your lips connected to his and Frank hesitated before gently reciprocating.  He was the first one to break away, frowning deeply at you.  “What was that for?”  His eyes studied your face, looking for any hint of meaning or reasoning that you could offer him.

“Does there have to be a reason?”  You retort, flashing him a smile before turning and walking away.  Leaving a still confused Frank behind you.

You came to me today, with the eyes that always want to know more about my world and a kind hand on my shoulder. Is it weird for you to touch me like that? I remember when it used to be. As a matter of fact, I remember a lot of things about who we were. I just never really thought that you could be remembering them too.
—  🖤
this was supposed to be short, but my rambling got the best of me

Okay, Trini being a cute and awkward gay mess is adorable asf but Trini being a chivalrous sweetheart gets me in the feels. Like she wouldn’t even have to be doing big stuff, just holding the door open for Kimberly or buying her a flower just because or sending Kimberly a picture that reminded Trini of her.

Zack trying to make fun of Trini by poking fun at the fact that she would literally jump over the car to open her girlfriend’s door and Trini just raising her eyebrow and him and saying, “romance and chivalry aren’t dead y'know” before slamming the door into his face when he tries to get out.

Jason trying to tell Trini to tone it down because she’s going to attract unwanted attention when she’s literally blurring to stand in front of Kim when a car splashes onto a puddle or carrying Kim around town without breaking a sweat

Billy being confused when Trini lands herself in detention for the rest of the year because she usually just saunters in without reason but understanding once he sees the faded bruising on her knuckles and face plus the fact that Ty and some of the other football players aren’t at school for a week or two due to some mysterious fight that happened after school.

Kim just playfully rolling her eyes at her adorkable gf while secretly swooning when she does things like this.

The rangers ship it

The Harts and Scotts ship 

 Alpha and Zack are #1 shippers

Billy’s mom and Zack’s mom ship it

Jason giving the “if you hurt her” big brother speech to Trini

Trini paying rapt attention and taking it seriously

Zack trying to give the same speech to Kim, but Kimberly can’t really take him seriously when he’s hanging upside down by his shoelaces

Kim being intimidated and taking it seriously when Zordon gives her the overprotective “wall-dad” speech because he knows what Trini goes through at home, especially when he’s seen Trini wander into the pit to release some frustration and cry because of her parents

Mateo and Isaac (Trini’s brothers) originally not liking Kim because they feel like she’s taking Trini away from them before eventually and slowly warming up to her when they notice how happy she makes their sister and how Trini smiles more

so are you really the voice actor for the penguin or are you just randomly talented at imitating cartoons?

Word Count: 1536
Rating: PG
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Genre: fluff

It’s been like 12 years?  but I wrote a thing?
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