cute adipose

timelordcurse  asked:

I just saw one of your doodle prompts and omg it's amazing! For another doodle prompt what about ten with an adipose?

defenestratethepies  asked:

Hello! Are you cute little Adipose just as excited for the new series as I am?

We can’t answer that question properly until we know how excited you are. Are you ‘just pet a puppy for the first time!’ excited? Or are you ‘just watched your favorite season of Doctor Who!’ excited? Because we’re leaning more towards the second thing. We’re so excited

anonymous asked:

AZ please! "You can do whatever you want to do to your heart's content over there. But if you do that, we're over." Wherein Zades will go somewhere?? Up to youu.

“You can’t be serious!” Zade said, well, she almost whined. She was asking the obvious, though. Kitang-kita naman niyang malapit na siyang sigawan ni Andreau sa sobrang inis. “I know you’re an actor and all pero sobrang kaartehan naman, Andreau! I’m a grown woma–”

“Yeah, you’re a grown woman. But remember, you’re my wife and the mother of my unborn child so if you want a wonderful and peaceful evening, go to bed.” Aapela pa sana siya nang pandilatan siya ni Andreau. “I mean it, Zades. Go to the freaking bed right now.”

“So you really mean it, huh? Na hihiwalayan mo ako dahil gusto ko lang na pumunta sa Doctor Who fan meet!? I’m five months pregnant, not invalid! Magpapasama naman ako kay Mars ha! Ugh, Andreau! Dahil dito hihiwalayan mo ako? Unbelievable.” Sinadya pa niyang sabihin ‘yon sa paawa voice niya na never tinanggihan ni Andreau.

As expected, the anger in Andreau quickly disappeared. “Look, Zades. You know I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry,” he apologized, reaching out for her hand and gripped it lightly. “I’m just.. worried. Sasamahan ka nga ni Mars dun pero kilala kita pag Doctor Who ang usapan, nagiging ibang tao ka. You get too excit–”

“Of course I get too excited, it’s Doctor Who!”

“Meron pa naman no'n next year, right? Don’t worry, sasamahan kita don. I promise.”

She didn’t bother to hide her victory grin. “Promise?”

“Yeah, promise. We can ever cosplay next year. We’ll go as Ten and Rose, then our child can be a cute adipose. What do you say?”