cute :33

Episode 32:

Me: *gasp* Lysander! Ohmygod, you’re here!

Me: *laughs* Although if I could I would….

Me: Me too.

Me: *same as candy*

Me: Is he blushing? Ohmygod he’s blushing! Thats so cute!

Episode 33:

Me: 1. Oh he’s got a new outfit and 2. What the fuck? Really? I never in a million years thought he’d do something like this.

Me: I probably would have said this in real life too, lol

Me: What? WHAT?? Did Debra come back? What the hell is going on here?!

Some Tiny Rick with Morty WITH SWEATERS.

I saw a photo of them in sweaters and I was like, sign me tf up-
LOOK AT THE SHY LITTLE BAB <3 All flustered from holding Morty’s hand ;v;

I honestly want more of Tiny Rick and Morty together, and Tiny Rick actually wanting to stay in the body becauses it’s the only way he can be with him without getting shit for it


Eunji talking about the group conversation (and friendship group) Bada introduced her to. The group is called “Fairy Princess Group” and consists of other idols like Sandara Park, Secret’s Jeon Hyoseong, Rainbow’s Ji Sook, Sol Bi, Cha Ye Byun, Eugene etc. Bada said the purpose of the group was for girls to have fun and have others to rely on. #girlssupportingothergirls

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If you're still doing the fic au thing, then 24 (literally bumping into each other), and Andreil please

(isn’t that basically canon anyway)

from this list

When the light bulb in his bathroom went out minutes after he moved into his new apartment, it was just another inconvenience in the long list of problems that had been accumulating since Andrew was born. He had never been given a break before and he didn’t expect to be given one now. If it were anything other than the bathroom, he wouldn’t bother with it, but there was no window or other light source and he’d had enough experience using bathrooms in the dark as a teenager to ever want to do it again.

So he left the boxes, which had been rooted through for essentials like cigarettes and the coffee machine and then left haphazardly across the floor, and stuffed his keys and wallet into his pocket for a trip to the dollar store down the street.

He forwent taking the stairs in favour of the elevator. His apartment was on the fifth floor of a seven-storey complex, chosen for a small balcony with a thick cement railing overlooking a dog park. It was by design, although perhaps not one Bee would approve of; she had expressed concern over the amount of time he had spent on the roof during his last years at Palmetto and suggested that he might be fixating. It didn’t matter that that was his intention, she said, that he was waiting for the harrowing drop to the ground to hold the same trickle of fear it once did; he should be working on healthy behaviours now so that when he did start feeling things again, he would have a routine set up. Bee had always been more optimistic than Andrew.

When the elevator doors slid open into the light of the atrium, he barely had time for his eyes to adjust before a flash of red and the smell of sweat assaulted him. He reacted with the instincts he’d picked up from seven years of Exy and shoved his shoulder into whoever it was, pushing back hard enough to send them crashing to the floor below.

“Fuck you,” a voice spat.

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