Happy Valentines Day! 3/6

(I swear to god, some of you who follows me /I follow expected this in some sort of way!)
If it’s not clear yet, YES, I like robots to an extent that I love them way too much! But even robots can be cute~
And for Valentines Day, well I made an exception. From which I usually don’t actually do, but hey, can’t help it with a messed up brain like this! Hehe!

(Do not judge me! Even TF’s can be cute… And HOT!)

  • The Minis, Nii and Nana, like styling their Mommy's hair once and a while.
  • Inspired by @washuuchan
  • -Returns from his missions.-
  • Saitama:I'm home.
  • -Peeks from the kitchen-
  • Genos:Welcome home, Sensei.
  • Saitama:Eh? What's with your hair?
  • -points to the bobby pins that were crisscrossing and keeping his hair styled.-
  • Genos:Ah, Nii and Nana wanted to exercise their creative practices after reading Puri Puri Prisoner's magazine that he left.
  • Saitama:I see...(He actually looks prettty cute...////....)
  • -Nii and Nana appear.-
  • Nii:Can we do one, for you, Sensei?
  • Saitama:...Uhm...I think that'd be a problem...;;;
  • Nana:Do not worry, Sensei. There is something we can do despite what you lack....
  • -A few minutes later.-
  • Nii:Like it?
  • -They'd put a pink bow headband on him-
  • Saitama:...Th...Thanks...;;; (Genos! Quit laughing! //////)
  • -Genos is snickering in the back.-

Finally, a Faceclaim! I chose Frisk/Chara because sometimes I can be sweet and understanding and, sometimes I can be…well, kind of a bitch. Anyway, from now on, you are free to ask the muse and the mun questions and I will respond with a picture of Frisk and/or Chara, depending on the question, the asker or my mood. Plus you may see some conversations between mun and muse. Ask box is open! Have a nice day! (or not.)

Like Mommy Like Mini Toaster
  • It seems Roku's inherited another trait from Genos. XD
  • -Everyone's playing a free-for-all battle game when Saitama and Genos return.-
  • Saitama:We're back with dinner, guys.
  • King:Okay. We'll be done in a few seconds.
  • -They're really into it....Most of them. Genos notices someone sulking in the corner.-
  • Genos:Is something wrong with Roku?
  • -Mumen Rider and King sweat at this remark.-
  • Mumen Rider:Er, he didn't do so well at the beginning and uhm...lost.
  • -King holds up the controller that Roku had used earlier and the sad state it was in as a result of his impatience. Saitama couldn't help but smirk.-
  • Saitama:Sounds like he might have inherited your skill levels, Genos~
  • Genos:...S-Sensei, please...[-He muttered in an embarrassing tone, recollecting his many failures to comprehend video games.-]

lycanthiia asked:

Fennecmon's ears twitched and his tiny canine nose sensed the familiar scent of Erin . "Huh?? Erin! What happened to ya?" He went tover and gave her a poke. "It's.... a small world after all..:" He mumbled the last part.

Erin stumbled back at being prodded, but managed to keep her balance and not fall over. “Heck if I know!” she looked around, noting how impossibly huge everything looked from this point of view. At this point, her main focus was not panicking. “If I had to hazzard a guess, probably some lingering affect of a digimon’s attack? Honestly, I’m not sure. Have you ever heard of anything like this?”  

Auntie's Favor
  • -A Few Years Back, at a host club bar owned by Puri Puri Prisoner-
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:Hmm? Well I certainly never expected to find you coming here, Saitama-chan.
  • Saitama:Er yeah, well, I figured you might be able to help me out with something...[-scratches the back of his head, looking nervous.-]
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:Oh? And what might that be, pray tell? [-rests his cleft chin on his hands with his elbows on the table, looking like he somehow already knew what the answer to this was.-]
  • Saitama:Man, you giving that look already makes me feel like it's pointless beating around the bush here...[-He sighed with exasperation, looking a bit annoyed.-]
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:Well, Oneechan does have an intuition for these sorts of things. Especially for people as transparent as you two~[-waves her hand for one of her precious waiters to bring a couple of drinks.-]
  • Saitama:Ugh! ///// [-Was it really that obvious during meetings? Him turning a light pink only made Puri giggle mirthfully after hitting the bullseye-]
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:But, for you to come to me like this means you've hit some sort of road block in your rosy life.
  • -He was seriously good. I was kind of scary. When the waiter brought them their drinks, he took a few gulps before continuing.-
  • Saitama:Well it's not like our life together has been bad or anything, it's been pretty much the same as when we started living together...[-mutters-] aside from a few obvious changes...////...
  • -While was feeling rather embarrassed to talk about his personal life like this to a colleague he barely knew, Puri Puri was practically enjoying herself; it felt like he was watching some sort of adorably domestic shounen-ai story-
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:[-sips at his fruit cocktail-] I see...but then what should be the problem that makes you unsatisfied, Saitama-chan?
  • -He gave a look like he didn't feel comfortable expressing this outloud and simply wanted Puri to already know without him having to spell it out. But seeing as he wouldn't give him that pleasure, he decided to cater to his desire for him to speak up.-
  • Saitama:I've never been in a relationship on an intimate least...not with a guy. So when Genos and I started to go steady in our relationship it dawned on me that I have absolutely 'no' clue on how to, uh, 'physically' connect with him. And it's already hard enough with him thinking I'm all great and experienced, so I just....
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:Want to meet with his expectations? [-he implied, smiling at this.-]
  • Saitama:...Y...Yeah...////[-He scratched the corner of his mouth, eyes averted to avoid showing how obviously anxious he's been about this problem.-]
  • -Puri had to admit that he was rather enjoying his time with him. He never really thought much of Saitama, other than the fact that he was a strange B Class Hero who wanted tea and didn't know much about the Association. But having watched him with Genos and easily seeing the growth and progress of their love life, he couldn't help but think how cute he was to be so concerned about this; not to mention the very rare ocassion he would look particularly dashing when his precious cyborg partner was in danger.-
  • Puri Puri Prisoner:Well, if it is a problem for you, than I'm more than happy to give you my assistance. After all, it would be most unfortunate to see such an adorable couple as you two experience your young buds of love wither away prematurely.
  • Saitama:Somehow that analysis creeps me out. (Did I maybe make some sort of mistake coming to this guy for advice...?)
New Pet
  • Looks like Yon managed to find another family pet. ;D
  • Idea contribution from @sweetghost93
  • -Yon waiting outside the store as Genos buys groceries inside with his siblings. He's eating some senbei crackers while sporting his new dinosaur kigurumi from Auntie Puri.-
  • Yon:...Mmn..?
  • -Notices something pinkish white flash by into the alley from the corner of his eye. Though he knows better than to leave, he decides to check it out to be on the safe side.-
  • Yon:...[-looks around and then notices the white furball hiding behind some boxes. It's licking it's foreleg tentatively.-]...Kitty~...
  • -He cheerfully approached it, but then stopped as it made a hiss-like noise. It turns out this wasn't quite your average cat...or even a cat for that matter with that single eye.-
  • Boros:Hsssssch!!!(Away with you! Begone before I scratch your eyes out!!)
  • -Poor thing must have been injured by bigger animals or monsters. It was dirty, bloody, and bruised. And considering it's gaunt-like figure beneath the fur, it hadn't been eating for some time.-
  • Yon:...Here.[-grabs a few senbeis and breaks them into small pieces for it to eat-]
  • -The cat-like monster looked at the food suspiciously, not sure if the creature before him was to be trusted. But with the amount unfathomable hunger he was experiencing since his rebirth into this form, the smell of those bits of cracker were too difficult to resist.-
  • Boros:[-sniffs the crackers for a while, patting it with his paw to ensure there wasn't anything funny about it. And after giving the crumbs a lick, he felt that these would suffice as nourishment and began to eat them.-]...(...Very well. I shall accept your peace offering.)
  • -Yon smiles happily as he comes up to pet it as it eats. Boros is too busy eating to care what Yon does.-

You can also imagine those F’s as 9s ewe

Original idea came from @reapertale! They reblogged the last AfterDeath comic I did and put this really cute idea in the tags (yes, I read tags ouo). It was too cute to pass up X3

Geno!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies

Reaper!Sans belongs to @renrink