I find it so cute that when Keith and Lance didn’t know what Hunk and Pidge were talking about

Keith literally turned to Lance first so that he could explain to him like he usually does but Lance looked so stumped

And even when he said he didn’t know what the heck they were saying

Keith is still just looking at him silently like he’s deadass waiting for a proper response IM DEAD


Dragon Bagons Kickstarter 

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Unlocked goals

Manufacture a run of Dragon Bagons in one colour combo - Black and red

Manufacture a run of custom D6s with a dragon logo on the 6 side

Add a second colour option to the manufactured run of Dragon Bagons - Purple and teal

Make a very limited run of first generation handmade Dragon Bagons available as rewards.

We’re pushing for two more stretch goals in the last hours of the campaign 

Manufacturing a run of custom D20s to match the D6s

Adding a rainbow colour combo to the manufactured run of Dragon Bagons

Pledges have picked up speed in the last two days, so we have a fighting chance.

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