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Our Life in Headlines//H.S

Hello Loves!!! OMG it’s been too long! Is everyone still breathing? You okay? I know I was completely shook after all the videos from last night. But here we are. And with a request fulfilled! Sorry for my super long absence! Midterms have been kicking my butt. This little story kind of got away from me but I hope you like it. As always, my masterlist is linked in my bio and requests are still open. (even thought they may take me a bit to fulfill!) I love you all!! XR

“Harry Styles and Y/N getting cozy at The Grammy’s After Party? Is love in the air?”

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BTS//Marking Kink

Request: BTS to having a hickey/marking kink?


Doesn’t want to hurt you but seeing how disappointed you looked after his rejection, he told you he would give it a try. As he bit down on your shoulder you would gasp then that was followed with moans, your moans made him want to do it more often.

“Princess loves when I mark her”


As you ask him to leave hickeys on you he wouldn’t question it and lowers his mouth to your neck, a red mark visible when he moves his head back, looks at you asking if you are pleased with it, once you answer he goes back to kissing you

“Is that good?”


“Are you sure baby?”

hesitated at first because even though he loved marking you he wanted to make sure you also enjoyed this, when you assure him that you like getting marks, he would gently start marking you body, anything you wanted him to do hickeys, scratches, bites, anything.

“Just tell me what you want me to do”


“Daddy knows what will show everybody you are taken”

Starts to suck harshly on your neck, you gasp and clutch onto his shoulders moaning as the sensation gets harder. Knew from your reaction that you had a thing for getting marked and made sure he would leave marks more often. 

Seeing the blemishes the next day would turn him on, reminding him of the night you two shared, praises your bruised appearance staring at you with lustful eyes.

”You look so sexy covered in daddy’s marks


The idea of you covered in hickeys turned him on and he couldn’t help but bite his lip, hinting to what he was thinking. His voice raspy, whispering seductively to you, letting you know that he wants to do it.

“Anything for my princess”


His eyes light up when you tell him, will start sucking on your skin in visible places not caring if others see, wants others to know you are getting taken care of. Moves his head away, looking down at his work, satisfied with the outcome, praises how well they look on you.


Taehyung takes note of how you aren’t afraid of showing the hickeys and put on a low cut shirt and how when people stare you just flaunt them even more, smirking at the on lookers. Teases you on how you like to showcase your marks and enjoy the shocked expression on strangers faces.

“You love the stares, don’t you?”

“Ahh, you’re so naughty”


The morning after Jungkook watched as you got out of bed, stretching your limbs, your shirt rising from the movement, the marks he left on your thighs and lower stomach being shown. Jungkook draws closer to your, examining the marks he left on your neck, chuckles from how many there were, apologizing for not being able to resist.

“Sorry, I lost control”