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Kinda obsessed with this jacket right now!!! 😆😆😆 I love the fit, the cut, the fabric, and the look!!! 😍😍😍 The Black Quilted Peplum Jacket is only $50 Canadian (about $38 American) and is available RIGHT NOW, in my store *AND* on my website!!! 💸💸💸 3126 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada The link to my website is in my profile! 😉 You can also see what this jacket looks like from all angles in all the sizes on different size models on my website!!! 😘😘😘 Kaity (on the left and is about 5"3) is wearing the 1X, Tess (in the middle, and is about 5"8) is wearing the 2X, and Jewelz (on the right, and is about 5"6) is wearing the 3X! 👑👑👑 This jacket JUST came in, along with a BUNCH of NEW arrivals!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Happy shopping ladies!!! 🛍🛍🛍 (1X=3 left, 2X=1 left, 3X=0 left) (at Your Big Sister’s Closet)

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Ever wonder how I put patterns onto fabric? Here’s how! I use two different methods: tracing paper and iron on. This is what the tracing paper way looks like! 

First I pick my fabric and cut it out, making sure the hoop will fit first of course. For light coloured fabric I use graphite paper (I use white carbon paper for dark fabrics), which goes face down. Next, the pattern goes on top. I tape things down so they don’t move around while I’m tracing. I use a pen to trace, but some people use a stylus. I like seeing where I’ve already traced. When I’m done, everything gets peeled off and boom, pattern on fabric!

All my pieces are backed with felt, so that needs to get traced out. I use another piece of fabric as extra stabilizer and to hide the “guts” from appearing through the top fabric. Put it all together and I’m ready to stitch! The fabric ends get hot glued to the inner hoop when finished, then the felt back gets glued, and it’s ready!

Careful part 2

Part two as requested dedicated to my friend @sxcker-for-pain

A special thanks to @random-gallifreyan for yet another great prompt.


After Vanessa’s sneak attack to J’s face he kicked into over drive using his knife to cut away what little fabric made up one of her favorite gold dressed. Though she should have expected as much, none of her clothes lasted long around J. He must have bought and destroyed three closets full of clothes by now. And Vanessa had one impressive closet.

“You’ve been a very, very, very naughty girl now haven’t you Vanessa?”

He growled. Drawing out the V sound into the purr he knows drives her so crazy. J moved his lips dangerously close to her delicate bare skin, his breath caressing the nape of her neck sending shivers down her spine. Her need growing for him as he had her pinned to the floor like she had done just moments before. It was torture, she lay there bare, exposed, in need as he taunted her with his breath. Never making contact with those hungry crimson stained lips, it was all to much. His lips curl into a nearly sadistic smile as he saw her writhing, wanting, lusting for his touch.

“Now, now, Baby Doll I wouldn’t move if I were you, you’ve already gotten yourself in a heap of trouble.”

He leans in lips nearly on hers but not not quite. He wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of his touch, not yet anyway, he was enjoying this, she deserved this.

“That was some stunt you pulled Doll. If I didn’t know any better I would think you had planned it, that you seriously believed you could take control of your current, precarious, situation. But you know better than that, don’t you my sweet toy?”

His breath taunted her, enticed her, called to her. Empowered by her last stunt she decides to make another. His lips were still dangerously close to hers the sweet smell of his breath must have pushed her over the edge because again, without him expecting it she used all her strength to jerk her head up to meet his lips. Taken off guard he briefly surrenders to her kiss. He would never admit it, even if held at gun point, but he was addicted to her touch just as much as she was to his. Then the shock wore off and he jerks away fire in his eyes, and a bit curious about her sudden display of dominance.

“tsk, tsk, tsk my sweet, you know the rules, No Touching unless Daddy says so. It seems as if you need to be reminded of your place in all this, now doesn’t it? Now stay here while Daddy goes and gets some of his favorite toys. I’m gonna have fun tonight.”

With a light kiss on her nose he lets her go and leaves the room. Vanessa just sits there thinking of all the times she has submitted to him, all of the times he denied her his touch and something inside her broke.

“Not this time Daddy.”

She spoke to herself as a fire sparked in her eyes. She rises quickly and quietly sneaking around the house grabbing a few tools for her new plan, a plan that would probably end horribly but at least she would have her fun before he had a chance to punish her. As she approached she could here him mumbling to himself.

“ That little minx is really pushing her luck tonight. Hmmm…. Which of these should I play with? It’s time for a refresher course on who’s the boss around here.”

He didn’t here her approaching, he didn’t expect to be shoved face first over the cabinet he was standing in front of, and he sure as hell didn’t expect Vanessa to quickly tie his hands behind his back and push him into a nearby chair. His eyes widen at her as he struggled against the ruff ropes that now bond his hands.

“And what Exactly do you think your doing Doll?”

“It’s your turn my dear. Tonight is MY night and you will do as I say.”

She leans into him, lips at his ear but not touching, never touching as she whispers.

“Let’s play a game.”

His eyes narrow and he stifled the moan in his throat. He wouldn’t dare tell her he was extremely aroused by the new power that emanated from her. He was still King after all.

“You know… I may have to kill you for this my pet.”

And with that a gag went into his mouth.

“Ah, ah, ah” she waggled her finger at him. “I don’t want to hear another word from you for the rest of the night unless I tell you to speak. Do you understand?”

He watched her, her eyes almost seemed deadly her posture straight and regal. She was the Queen and tonight she was determined to claim what was hers.

Transcript of my visit to JoAnn Fabrics today, feat. @dontyouauntkathyme as Cool JoAnn Employee:

Me, getting fabric cut: [blah blah project blah blah blah Dragon Con blah blah Dragon Age]
Cool JoAnn Employee: I love Dragon Age! One of my favorite actresses voices Flemeth.
Me: Kate Mulgrew?
CJE: Yeah! Star Trek?? *shows rainbow Starfleet insignia tattoo*
Me: Yeah!! I make Starfleet uniforms!
CJE: Do you have a tumblr?
Me: Yes, here, I’ll write it down for you. 
CJE: *looks at url, laughs* Oh my god, I see you all over my dash. I think I might be following you already.
Me, internally screaming: Oh? [??¿¿¿????¿¿???] 

I went to joanns the other day to get some fabric and when i asked for only a quarter yard the lady cutting the fabric for me asked what I was making. I told her doll clothing and she then told me she was going to start making american girl doll clothing for her grandkids and that she was getting them knock off ones because she couldnt see spending that much on a doll… I didn’t tell her that the one I’m sewing for cost $600 :x 


Making Process: Large Sleeved Knit

I made this shirt a few weeks ago.

I couldn’t help myself but buy the woven knitted fabric when I saw it; these fabrics produce such interesting shapes and volume.

This was quite a simple pattern to create; it consisted of a front piece, back piece, and one sleeve, doubled up. In total, it took about 3 hours to create the pattern and sew the shirt together.

After cutting the fabric out, I sewed together the shoulders together, then I sewed on the sleeves and lastly the side seams. I was hoping to make a matching skirt however, I ran out of fabric.

I’m hoping to do some more tutorial posts soon!

Feel free to say hello or send any questions through to;

Sam xx

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Now that he had a place to stay, Lucas couldn’t help feeling a bit concerned about anyone else who the dolls might have ‘visited’. Obviously they were going to search their rooms, but how well would that work if one of them had their door locked? He just wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case.

So, he looked through the hotel for any other dolls. He found only two, which he guessed was a good thing; not many people this was happening to. 

He knocked on each door before slipping a note underneath. It may not be much (and for all he knew, the room could be empty), but it was better to at least try to help, right? Even if the notes didn’t work, at least he could say he tried to help.

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This would normally go on my personal but just for the record, I had a dream last night about @diveremblem‘s Kama, but I think his lore got crossed with Triton’s because Kama died, and was reincarnated, but the reincarnation was COMPLETELY FUCKING BOTCHED so he came back as ‘Gil’, this ridgeback who was just A COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLE and might have been ruthlessly cutting holes in the fabric between life and death, it was bad man.

There was a lot of other stuff going on in that dream that was completely not FR related but this was like, the catalyst of it all.

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Sooooooo…. this is an absolutely terrible picture of me because I’m tired and in a lot of pain but I’m so damn proud of this dress that I have to share it. This is going to be the Margot Kidder/Lois Lane dress from the first Superman movie and I sewed it by hand, without a pattern, over the course of two days. I still need to cut the sheer blue fabric so it’s the right length and hem up the edges of that, iron the under dress and then it’s done. The fabric is so pretty and I’ve wanted to do this dress forever so I’m very happy now!

En route to K.
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Medieval AU (Riarkle, Lucaya hints)
  • Riley; {A tailor with a dream}:
  • The feel of freshly cut fabric sliding through the tips of fingers. An endless sound of snipping, as listening ears are gently tickled by sang verses of a bards Lullaby. Widening of sunny eyes, a bright sparkle they shine by the reading of legends once true. The sound of orphan’s sorrow, clothes “accidentally” sewn wrong on their bodies. The game of always waiting for a knight to return unharmed. An unspoken deal with the healing mage behind the waterfall.
  • Farkle; {A knight with a brain}:
  • A smell of old books. The sound of flicking pages swiftly, the race to find the page before battling the unknown. A feeling of freshly lit fire, The telling of folklores, taste of ash. Never ending pounding of a heart as it smashes against rib cages. The glimpse of dragons from hidden spots. The finding of treasure once lost. The want of living to see tomorrow, to return to the tailor and she her eyes flood with happiness once more upon his return.
  • Maya; {A barmaid with a denial}:
  • The sound of hushed whispers while passing forbidden packages. The sight of rowdy men on ale. A constant fragrance, a mixture of sweat and perfume combined. flirty remarks while serving knights. The regret of knowing the game she’s playing with a good stable boy. The wave of happiness when he plays back. The silent falling of tears at closing time. The secret fear of him eventually being in danger.
  • Lucas; {A Stable Boy with a passion} :
  • The sound of clicking hooves on cobbled pavements. A scent of freshly laid hay and horse hair. The telling of knight dreams and the future. The passionate way eyes can flood with light. A want for adventure, a longing for the blonde behind the Fox & Hen to notice him. The happiness of their game, excitement as she begins.
  • Zay; {A Jester with a heart}:
  • The taste of freshly baked bread. A sight of dances so swift and effortless. Sounds of slight jingles from a hat, the way people laugh so hard their chest hurts. Flirty remarks at the market square.
  • Smackle; {A Healing mage with a secret}:
  • The aroma of freshly cut ingredients. The sound of bubbles and crackling. The sight of warm blue light, hasty movements of spells. Levitating books, walking potion pots. The endless healing of innocent children brought to her side by the tailor of market square. Sewn clothing in return. An unbreakable promise.

DIY: Reusable Food Wax Cloths

For today’s sustainable craft project, we’ve created a bundle of reusable food wax cloths. From beautiful food storage vessels, to repurposed leftover recipes and macramé hanging herb gardens, we are always striving to find and create useful ways to reduce our own waste.

In an effort to eliminate plastic shrink-wrap from our kitchens, we’ve coated these playful reusable cloths in beeswax. Once your crafting is complete, simply place wax cloths on the mouths and openings of jars, bowls, and other food containers and press down—the beeswax will help clothes to hug jars with a firm cling.  

Beeswax (grated or pellets)
Cotton Fabric
Stamps (Optional)
Baking Sheet, lined with tinfoil
Old paint brush
Clothes Pins


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 F. 
  2. Cut fabric into squares of your desired size. This will vary depending on the size of the jars, bowls, and other vessels you will use wax cloths to seal. 
  3. If you are feeling especially crafty, decorate your fabric cloths. We’ve used water-based, non-toxic stamps to adorn our plain cloths, but you may skip this step entirely if your fabric is already patterned.
  4. Lay your cotton fabric squares on a foil-covered baking sheet. Sprinkle evenly with grated shavings or pellets of beeswax.
  5. Place in the oven for four to five minutes, or until wax is fully melted.
  6. Remove from oven and spread wax evenly across the surface of your cloths using an old paintbrush.
  7. Hang cloths to dry. We suggest using a string line, securing your cloths with clothespins. Be sure to keep a layer of newspaper under your hanging cloths to catch any excess wax that drips.
  8. Once your cloths are fully dry, they are ready to use. 

Pro Tip:

You can hand wash beeswax cloths using cold water and a mild soap between each use. Because cloths will be damaged by hot water, we do not suggest using them to store meat or poultry.

-Elena Mari and Nathan Legiehn for GHJC

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you always have such great cosplays, have you ever considered being a tailor?

earlier today i was cutting the fabric for my avan cosplay and cut too far up the leg and cried 

Stella’s bronze Cruel Summer Giuseppe heels clicked along the pavement as she quickly made her way from the busy Toronto city streets to inside the familiar studio space. From waking up at 5 am to head on set to meetings all day between OVO headquarters and Dalai Mama Studios, Stella was worn out but business is business and work needed to be done. Removing her gold Dior So Real sunglasses as she entered the work space, Stella’s smile widened the moment she saw her business partner @trustzo beginning work on one of their many collaborations in store. “Hey Lo, sorry I’m late. What’s up? How’s everything?” She questioned genuinely while standing across from him at the fabric cutting table.  

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Do you know where you could find Sonia's emblem on her dress? I've tried to look, but I have no idea where to find one.

ok so if you’re asking for a reference, definitely somewhere towards the beginning of the sonia nevermind tag on this blog there’s a picture of it! wait. i may have one saved on my comp. lets see…

bingo! that’s it. i haven’t seen anywhere selling a pin or a patch you could use, but it’s pretty (at this point, my computer froze. i’m very happy to say it survived) easy to just paint on the design on the dress OR if youre feeling fancy and like to suffer (like me) you can cut out some white fabric, draw on the design, and then satin stitch it on! (bluuhguhgbhgbh id pull up a tutorial but like i said, this computer wants me to die every time i open a tab or switch tabs, try this link) (but also consider checking our sewing tutorial tag which has a lot of tutorials on making patches) whichever tickles your fancy. ive also seen people MAKE patches with printers, fusible interfacing and crappy fabric, and that’s kind of impressive, but whatever you want to do!

hope it helped.

-mod n