cut fabric

thank you both for such nice messages, I’m so glad you like my art…!! hopefully I can help at least a little bit!

anon 2) my brush settings can be found here!
anon 1) wrinkles can get pretty complex! it depends on the type, weight, thickness, and cut of the fabric, whether the character is in motion, etc; I wish I could get into everything, but it’s a huge subject that I don’t think I could possibly cover…!! but I can at least give you some very very basic tips on building up a dress (and the lace underneath!)

here are some examples of dresses I’ve drawn recently. they might seem complex, but when broken down to their most basic form, they’re actually very simple shapes that follow very similar rules!

are you seeing any patterns between them? while they do differ a bit, they’re by and large made from the same long line that curves into itself and back out. learning where this line goes and how it changes under different circumstances is learned largely through practice and intuition, but there are some steps you can take to begin building a foundation to work from! (or at least to sort of break down the process!)

  1. determine the shape/angle of the dress itself. in this example, I’m using a big poofy dress shown from slightly below!
  2. use this as a guide when adding that curving line from before. think of how the fabric folds, and keep in mind that the direction of the curve (and how harsh it appears) depends on where it falls on the dress and the angle at which it’s being viewed from. in this example, it’s more pronounced on the edges, and is facing different directions on the left and the right sides.
  3. wherever cloth folds, wrinkles appear! wrinkles will be more abundant where the cloth is more compact; in this case, that’s toward the waistline. on a dress like this, a fold will originate at the waistline and radiate downward; this means that on an uninterrupted fold, the line that you draw should (if you were to continue it all the way, which is not always necessary) reach cleanly back to the waist. I added one translucent line to help illustrate this idea!
  4. want to add a lace layer? it’s the same concept!! add your basic curving line underneath, keeping in mind that the cloth above will likely mirror whatever it’s falling over. (not perfectly, but somewhat!) so try to keep it a little consistent!
  5. details are easy now!! you can add any sort of lace pattern you want by just tracing over that first line! I used a basic scallop shape here
  6. want even more lace? just repeat step four as many times as you want underneath your last layer of lace!

once you get the hang of this part, figuring out more complex stuff gets much easier! I’m not great at explaining things, but hopefully you were able to come away with some kind of new information, haha…!! I’m wishing you both the best with your art!!!

fabrickind’s cosplay help masterlist


Here is a masterlist of my cosplay help posts and tutorials, broken down by type of cosplay help. This will be updated as I do more cosplay help.

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Mend the Heart Spell

A spell to start healing emotionally after rejection.

Originally posted by princess-of-positivity

You Will Need:

💝 Rose Petals
💝 Warm Water
💝 A bowl
💝 2 White Candles
💝 Rose Quartz
💝 1 bag of Chamomile Tea
💝 Red Fabric
💝 Needle
💝 White Thread


From your fabric cut out a heart and cut it down the middle so you have two halves. Thread your needle before beginning spell (just makes it easier).


💝 Place your rose petals at the bottom of your bowl then add your rose quartz on top

💝 Carefully fill bowl with warm water then add your chamomile tea. Leave it near you to steep. 

💝 Light both candles one to your left and one to your right in front of you. Let them burn during the rest of the spell.

💝 “My heart was broken, but it will heal, it will mend, it will seal.” While saying this take your two pieces of heart in either hand and place them down in front of you pressed together

💝 Take needle and thread and begin sewing it up the middle, repairing it. “It will heal, I will heal” repeat this mentally or verbally as you sew up the heart. 

💝 Tie off the thread once done and cut it if needed so you have a mended heart. Move the bowl between the two candles before you. 

💝 “I will be okay” and place your mended heart into the water and let it soak there over night. Blow out your candles but still leave them to either side of bowl for the night.

💝 Come morning take out your heart and place it in a window to dry (you may place it on a plate or paper towel to prevent it from getting things wet). After removing your rose quartz from the bowl, pour it down the drain or toilet. Imagine this action is pouring out the pain you felt from the rejecting.

💝 Once your heart has dried place it beneath your pillow. Keep it there until you feel you have finally gotten over the rejection then burn it to release the last of your pain.

One reason all those plotlines dropped is because it highlights what Dale did. He cut apart the fabric of the story, and tried to rewrite it from the beginning. Like Charlie threatening to end Audrey’s story… Dale broke the narrative. Everything that was supposed to be just stopped.

The story was mutilated. A botched surgery. Dale ripped it apart from within, trying to heal its wounds. He killed his patient.

if you use the bible as an excuse towards being anti gay dont forget that:

  • shrimp
  • pork
  • obesity
  • torn clothes (like ripped jeans)
  • wearing clothing made from 2 different fabrics
  • cutting your hair
  • shaving
  • tattoos
  • and working on Sundays

are all listed as abominations in the bible as well

Petname Babygirl II pt. 5

Yoongi x reader, Jimin

genre: smut, aaangst

word count: too long, 15.3k

Returning home and having a week off was nice, but after coming back to work everything changed.

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leupagus  asked:

Luke takes Leia shopping once she becomes a bigshot senator in the New Republic because "your tendency to just steal Han's clothes when you run out of clean ones is adorable but not #fashion"

She’s never done this before. 

In her old life, she had a personal tailor–the decisions she made were along the lines of color and fabric, not cut and style, and even those were political decisions. White was the color of the royal family. Silver highlighted her planet’s wealth, to those who needed reminding. In her life after that one, she wore cast-offs, collected a wardrobe out of whatever the quartermaster handed out. 

Luke, who grew up in a glorified village on the Outer Rim, can’t believe she lived in Coruscant for actual years and never once went to the shops

“No way,” he says, pulling her away from a foamy white dress, his nose wrinkled. “Eighty credits for four feet of boilercloth? You could buy the factory for that much.” 

Leia reaches for a simple grey jacket, and draws her hand back when Luke winces. It’s endearing, the way he still doesn’t always know what his face is doing. “Fine,” she says, and gestures broadly at the shop. “What do you want me to wear, hotshot?” 

“It’s not about what I want,” Luke says immediately, and she rolls her eyes. 

“Luke,” she says, and picks up the jacket, holds it against herself. “Are you sure you don’t have an opinion?” 

“Not grey,” he says, and grins at her, suddenly looking absurdly young. She can just about picture him, sorting through the outdoor markets at Mos Eisley, saving up for the dusty boots he wore his first year in the Rebellion, until they fell apart. “Not white, either. You have a lot of white. How do you feel about color?” 

Yellow for Chandrila. Green for the ruling families of Hosnia. Purple for Iego. Red for the emperor. White for Alderaan. Black for the Empire. 

Leia blinks. “I like blue,” she says after a moment. 

Luke takes the jacket, puts it back in its place. “Blue, okay,” he says, and claps a hand on her shoulder. “We’ll start with blue.” 

ok please note i had no idea what i was doing for any of this and theres probably a much better way to construct a base BUT this is what…. ended up happening

the vague shape of it is getting there … . .

needs more bands


becoming a flat onion

the top is removed so i can get inside of it

 … and then a band of cardboard is placed on the inside to support it ( its standing !! )

the bands are cut on the places where they jut out and then overlapped and taped, so the shape is smoother but its STILL an onion

so i cut the whole damn thing in half and added a big band of cardboard in the middle to lengthen it out. the Orb is being born

its rounded out a little bit more on the sides and then the mouth is cut out 


F A B R I C  ( this is the point in the game where my gluegun stopped working, and so everything from this point on is glued by me heating the sticks over a candle flame. nice

the seams on the fabric are cut and glued into place ( and hand stitched in a lotta places and a lot of em look, Really bad in the back h hah  HA ) and the teeth ( fleece, cardboard to keep em flat, and a little bit of stuffing ) are thrown in the mouth

tongue cuttin

handstitched the seams on the tongue, got the base for it ready and the eyes cut out

the EYES ( cardboard with white on one side, black on the other, and a little thin strip of black going along the edge ) ( also the pupils arent glued down yet hey )




tulle time, so  much goddamn tulle

SO much of it just everywhere on the back its a mess, the back looks like an awful grape but it doesnt matter its the BACK

heres the Looking Hole ( theres black mesh netting over the top ) - the little pink eye details are also in

and then here it is, this Mess ( tights and boots both are probably gonna change but Oh Well ) i dont know what the tongue was doing so crooked in these shots but its TOO LATE

UPDATE: THERES actually a video of it in motion heyooo

Anything you can do, I can do better.

Originally posted by got7kings

[song inspiration: Flum ft. Tove Lo - Say it]

Info: im jaebum fuckboy!AU x oc fuckgirl!AU
genre: pure smut
word count: 4.3k
a/n: all your bias’ are gonna burn after this. ALL HAIL THE BIAS BURNER SIN JAEBUM! (possibility of a part two)

[New Message: Im Fuckboy]

What the fuck was he messaging me for? 

Im Jaebum, the biggest fuckboy around. He was just as big of a fuckboy as I was a fuckgirl, though. It’s not like we ever talked, unless we wanted to fuck one of the other’s friends. Other than that, we stayed out of each other’s way. There was no reason for us to associate. Period.

So, why is he texting me?

[11:14 pm] Im Fuckboy: What are you doin’?

[11:14 pm] Im Fuckboy: Hey!

[11:14 pm] Im Fuckboy: Lilith!

I rolled my eyes so damn hard it hurt my head.

[11:15 pm] Me: What do you want?

[11:15 pm] Im Fuckboy: You’re not at the party. Why?

[11:15 pm] Im Fuckboy: Fuck everybody here already?

[11:16 pm] Me: Ha! You’re one to talk

[11:16 pm] Me: You’ve fucked every single one of my friends

[11:17 pm] Me: Is that why you’re texting at a party? No one left to fuck either?

[11:17 pm] Im Fuckboy: You say it like you haven’t fucked all of mine too

[11:17 pm] Im Fuckboy: Which you have

[11:18 pm] Im Fuckboy: But, no that isn’t why. I just realized I’VE never fucked you

[11:18 pm] Im Fuckboy: And I want to

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SVTFOE x Sofia the First Crossover.

Inspired by @katzelicht’s art. It would make a great headcanon. Let’s say:

- Sofia’s amulet summoned her to another Princess in trouble during one of her magic lessons with Cedric who, the latter was also dragged in with her to who knows where.

- Star and Marco were at the Echo Creek park to take the laser puppies for a walk when they heard a portal ripping just above them and luckily evaded what went falling from it.

- The Enchancian best friends landed on the ground of an unknown place and got a good few minutes to adjust to their surroundings.

- As if on cue, the Starco friends jumps in front of them (Wand raised and karate stance) thinking they were some kind of enemies from another dimension.

- On instinct, Cedric raised his wand and draped a protective arm around Sofia.

- Sofia jumps up and went inbetween Starco and Cedric and told the former that they mean no harm.

- Relief washed over on both sides and gave each other proper introductions.

- Starco then asked why are they’re on their dimension. Since both looked like they can be trusted, Sofia then explained to them about her magical amulet and how she is always summoned to another princess in trouble.

- Star then explained to her that she (Since she is technically a Princess of Mewni) is nowhere in any trouble.

- Sofia then got confused since normally her amulet wouldn’t just dragged her to some other dimension without any good reason.

- Cedric intervine and asked Starco if they know any spells or portal to take them back to Enchancia.

- Marco then produces his own Dimensional Scissors. The Enchancian friends were confused since its just an ordinary scissor. They were cut off and in awe when Marco started cutting the very fabric of space and appeared in front of them is a portal to Enchancia.

- Sofia and Cedric said their goodbyes and tried to enter the portal when suddenly Sofia’s amulet glowed and blocked their entrance to Enchancia. Both got confused and tried to enter again but to no avail. The third time, the amulet closed the portal, leaving the people surrounding it confused.

- Sofia came to a conclusion that the only reason for it to be doing that is because there IS something going to happened involving the Mewnian Princess. And it spelled trouble.

- Since the Enchancian friends were stuck with Starco for a while, the latter insisted that they stay with them on their home till they figure out what trouble lies ahead for them.

- Star told them about the proper attire on their dimension and changed their clothes with her magic. Cedric insisted that he do it himself but the Mewnian Princess told him otherwise since they just got here and wouldn’t know what they normally wear.

- Sofia was in a white and purple dress, knee length black leggings and purple sandals. Her hair, which is crownless, in a ponytail.

- Not much changed in Cedric’s attire. Although his robe and bow tie are gone, he kept his green shirt (rolled up sleeves), his fingerless gloves and purple vest. He wore a black pants and black shoes.

okay its getting long but you know what i mean… XD oh oh oh a few more. It’s just a headcanon anyway:

- Star always give Sofia hugs ‘cause she’s the epitome of cuteness.

- Almost everyone in Echo Creek gushes over Sofia who is feeling a little uncomfortable with it and Cedric had to pry (or threaten) them away from his best friend.

- Marco introduces Cedric to his world of safety-ness which the latter was glad about.

- Women would sometimes stare at Cedric and he would feel uncomfortable, he would turn around, crouches down behind Sofia.

- Star, Cedric, and Sofia would have magic training.

- Marco teaches Cedric a few self defenses if ever he can’t use his wand.

okay, i think im done with this but, you know what i mean… XD


Torque’s Spoonie Comfort Rice Bag

You’ll Need

  • 1lb Uncooked Rice
  • Scissors, Fabric
  • Needles
  • Pins
  • Yarn

Step 1: Cut and pin down fabric square. Lay both pieces together on the reverse side.

Step 2: Sew fabric, leaving one corner open at least 2 inches

Step 3: Pull your needle through the inside, then turn the fabric inside out.

Step 4: Your needle should now be on the outside of the square.

Step 5: Fill with uncooked rice. A funnel would be great here! I used a measuring spoon. You may also wish to fill with Lavender buds, or other herbs that can be heated or cooled safely.

Step 6: Sew open corner shut. I left some yarn at the end to do some knot work to seal my intentions.


Step 7: Cut out a square patch of fabric and stitch on this sigil for “Relief”. I recommend actually sewing two pieces of fabric together first, like in Step 1, to avoid fraying.

Step 8: Sew on patch to make a crystal pocket!


  • Give yourself at least an hour for this project. It would be faster with a sewing machine, but not everyone has one.
  • This bag is meant to be a cold or hot compress. You can microwave or freeze the bag to your needs.
  • Do not get the bag wet or throw in washer. Hand wash stains.
  • Do not put crystals in the microwave or freezer. Put the crystal in the pocket after it has cooled a bit. Some crystals can break or change if exposed to extreme heat.
  • Consider chanting over the rice to fill it with your intentions.
  • The purpose of the sigil is so that it will be charged every time you heat or freeze the bag.

If you cannot do this project, but would like one for yourself - I will be offering pre-made ones if there is an interest!

Many Spoons to you all :)

anonymous asked:

I need a Otayuri fanfic that have a couture designer Otabek and a young model Yuri, is my dream

omg I like that idea so much. I am always on board for any kind of photographer/couture designer and model kind of AU. 

I can see Yuri contacting Otabek saying I wanna model for you and Otabek being like Um isn’t usually the other way around? me contacting for models? and Yuri being Yuri is like Do you know how many designer wants me to wear their things, Altin? and I chose you!

So Yuri sends him some pictures from his portfolio and Otabek might lost himself a few hours searching for the name Yuri Plisetsky on Google and okay wow, he wants that man to model his clothes so bad. 

So they set up an appointment and they finally meet and he is even more beautiful in real life. All long limbs and long golden hair and bright green eyes lined with perfect eyeliner. Otabek ends up staying up all night after Yuri left, sketching new pieces of clothing inspired by him, showing his lean figure, his long, long legs, the defined muscles of his back and arms. He picks some purple fabric because he knows it would do wonder to the color of Yuri’s eyes.

And Yuri keeps showing at his studio unannouced, giving his opinion on cuts and fabric and colors and Otabek really wants to be annoyed by how bossy he is, but he likes the way Yuri’s pale cheeks turns pink whenever Otabek says his ideas are good, or how amazing he looks in the stuff he designed for him. 

Or when he answers right back whenever Yuri tries to be sassy and bossy with him. Otabek likes how his eyes gets wide with surprise before his face goes adorably red.

And Yuri texts him. A lot. Most of the time, sending ideas his way, but sometimes cat videos as well, sometimes selfies too and really, Otabek isn’t strong enough for the sight of Yuri standing in front of his mirror in nothing but very tiny pyjama shorts and a dark purple crop top.

And then Yuri, one time, shows up late at night, after one horrible day, and one horrible photoshoot and Otabek is still there, working in the dark and drawing in his sketchbook. Yuri looks exhausted so they just sit there in complete silence until Otabek asks him what he is doing here so late, the studio is empty apart from them. And Yuri says he wanted to see him. And for once, he looks soft and he smiles and laughs a lot and he shines really, really bright even in the darkness of the room.

He keeps touching Otabek, some tiny casual touch apart from the fact Yuri’s fingers are shaking a little bit, and he keeps biting his lip and his eyes looks almost feverish, his cheeks pink with something Otabek is scared to name.

And that’s when they kiss for the first time right?

Embroidered Tweet, black silk on fabric cut from an antique nightgown, tweet by Shaadi Devereaux, embroidery by Cybele Knowles

“This piece is an embroidery of a tweet by Shaadi Devereaux, a Black and AfroIndigenous writer who uses media to build narratives for Trans Women of Color. Every once in a while, you come across a shard of truth that pierces your thick skull and shifts your perspective. For me, Shaadi’s tweet was one of those shards. When it popped up in my timeline, it immediately spoke to my growing recognition that I’d wasted a lot of time – years of my life – trying to make a heterosexual relationship with a man work.

And it made me laugh. Misandrist humor has a curative function. Many women are socialized to value men more than themselves. Misandrist humor, which rhetorically devalues men, can help women correct the dangerous imbalance of overvaluing men’s comfort and feelings at the expense of our own well-being and safety.

This embroidery is also a tribute to the blazingly smart women on Twitter and other social media platforms from whom I’ve learned so much.”


No Solas, look to your fucking sweater. 

Okay, you guys are going to think I’m the most anal DA fan in existance but this sweater bugs me. First off, it’s not knit, it’s a woven fabric trying to look like a knit. It should be an honest knit and not a deceitful weave pretending it’s something that it’s not. Why is it a woven fabric? Look at the crosshatching in red. Those are vertical and horizontal threads going over and under each other. I know very little about weaving but I think weavers call those thread the weft and woof. If it were a knit the details would look like little V’s. 

Second, whoever cut that fabric should stab themselves in the eye with their shears. Again, I haven’t cut fabric in years but I’m pretty sure that if you were cutting out sleeves you’d make the top line up with the grain (or whatever), the directions of those threads. If it had been done properly the lines would have lined up with the “should be” instead of the “WTF”,

And can we talk about that shoulder seam? Who the fuck seams like that? The stitches should be invisible. Solas, stick to magic because your sewing skills suck. 

Now, if anyone wanted to knit that sweater it would be a really easy knit. To get that look you’d have to knit the front, back and sleeves separately and then seam it together and knit on the collar. Your basic pattern would be, I think *knit 6, pearl 1, knit 1 pearl 1, knit 6*. Use a DK weight wool (Merino if you have the money). Knit a test swatch, measure that, measure yourself, do a shitload of math and, voila! Solas’ sweater!

Meanwhile, I am so disgusted with Bioware’s lack of attention to fabric that I am never going to play another game of theirs again. EVER. 

Or at least for the next ten minutes. 

Simple Truth Spell

Just as the title suggests, this is a very simple spell to garner truth from the one who conceals it. This is very straightforward and requires few ingredients, though if you wish to delve deeper and put forth a bit more work, I recommend appealing to Rahab, who can find truth in any matter or a Pomba Gira Cigana.


  • Salt
  • White Fabric
  • An envelope (or bottle)
  • Solomon Seal Root
  • Violet Stems


Take your white fabric and cut it into a shape vaguely resembling a tongue and mark thereon the above symbol. While performing the following, proceed chanting the following incantation:

Through the mirror I see –
Through the cloud I see –
Through the mask I see –
Speak it.

Place half of the violet stems horizontally upon the symbol side of the tongue and the root atop the stems, then roll the tongue into a “scroll.” Tie it up and place it into a small envelope that has been primed with powdered Solomon Seal and violet stems as well as enough salt to cover the scroll once within. Allow this to “marinate” for 3 days, as which time retrieve the “scroll” and wear it about the neck as a visible charm. Use the remaining powder to dust the tracks of he/she you wish to be honest with you. 

Eruri Headcannons

- Erwin taking Levi to the massive high-street in Wall Sina for the first time and losing him and panicking like a father losing his child.

- After Erwin’s death, Levi continued visiting Erwin’s father’s grave and changing the flowers because Erwin could no longer do it.

- Erwin and Mike decide to take Levi drinking after their third or fourth expedition, and find out through a healthy competition of drinking that Levi can’t just drink one pint, but the whole tavern, and still not falter a step even with the burden of two disastrously drunken blondes.

- Erwin finds out that Levi’s cravat is actually precise cuttings of his mother’s shirt.

- Erwin, notices Levi becoming more morose as the anniversary of Isabel and Farlan’s deaths was approaching. Feigning going to an ‘important meeting’, Erwin goes instead , into the underground and finds Levi’s old house- which unsurprisingly has been raided and ripped to ruins, covered in dust too. He sweeps the shabby-house several times, happening upon nothing but a couple of creaky floorboards. Curious, he sets to prising them up and he finds a dusty little box, opening the delicate thing he’s surprised to find a soothing melody playing starting to play, inside the box lie a couple of scrawls of paper, some sweets, some fabric cuttings, a white feather, a small knife, couple of tea-bags and some battered coins. He takes the box back to the surface, and gifts it to Levi.

- Erwin about to playfully chide Levi for paying more attention to the window than his reports, and notices the falling snow. He realises that Levi has never seen the seasons change, or experienced the different weathers, particularly the now falling snow. Abandoning the papers for the first time EVER, he decides that Levi should experience the snow, and takes him out.

- Some ass-punk is shaming commander Erwin in the street and Levi absolutely trashes them.

- Erwin sweating his bollocks off meeting Levi’s stern uncle Kenny at a sit-down-dinner for the first time.

- Levi shaving Erwin’s face when he loses his right arm, and cutting his hair.

- Erwin teaching Levi about the act of giving which comes along with Christmas and kinda-criminally misunderstanding it, resulting in him stealing a lot of ungrateful rich people’s stuff and giving it to appreciative poor people. Erwin having to explain to Nile where all these extravagant red curtains covering the barracks- which definitely don’t look like the king’s, have come from.

- Post expedition, where Levi is chilling in his bath, and Erwin just comes sliding in and making the water overflow the tub.

- Erwin and Levi slow dancing around the bedroom at new years to absolutely no music at all.

- Levi and one-armed-Erwin on a fishing trip, Erwin falling in the river and accidentally knocking the only paddle in with him and losing it. Trying to climb on the boat is almost impossible with one arm, clinging to the boat tips it, and with his legs getting tired from treading water he has no choice but to swim to shore, leaving Levi stranded in this little row-boat in the middle of this giant river without a paddle, cussing up a storm.

- Levi making Erwin a different tea every morning in an attempt to figure out which is his favourite.

- Erwin patiently teaching Levi how to read and write.

- Levi painstakingly waiting for Erwin to finish his reports, and falling asleep in his arm chair. Erwin’s internal monologue going over what he loves most about his sleeping lover.

- Erwin and Levi camping and having a run-in with a bear, some bees and ending up sleeping in a tree (which has nothing to do with the pissed-off bear at the base). 

- Levi finding Erwin’s diary and reading about the day they met.

- Erwin spotting Levi on the roof, looking at the stars, its cold out. With determination, he roots through the closet taking out one of his coats and makes his way up to his newest soldier, he gifts Levi the boyfriend coat.

- Levi showing Erwin this underground library with a stash of books about the outside world.

- Erwin slowly recognising that the number of knives Levi carries on his person is slowly decreasing as he becomes more comfortable around him.

- Levi teaching Erwin how to pick locks.


I crocheted the mask with a size 11 hook and two strands of dmc floss, the cuff is felt, cut to size and quilted over with a Zelda fabric. I cut out just the link panels and lined them up side by side. I tacked it down throughout all of the black lines. The clasp was also crocheted and I used beads I was lucky enough to have in the perfect color combo to keep it closed.

Spandex Applique Process

This is my personal technique for appliqueing on stretch fabrics. It’s a little different than what I might recommend for everyone–I have to work ‘upside down’ or from the back of my pattern because my machine just loves to drag the spandex around if I stitch on the right side of the work. But, I find this way does give nice clean results, so try it out, maybe! The biggest con would be that it does waste a little fabric when your cutting things away, but spandex patterns generally use pretty small yardages anyway.

So first thing is to transfer your design to the interfacing. I’m using Pellon Stick-and-Washaway 542 interfacing and it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve discovered recently. It’s water soluble, so you’re not tearing away interfacing and causing ripples in your spandex. Don’t forget to mirror your design!

Roughly cut out the interfacing, then peel of the backing and attach to your base fabric. Now that it’s nice and firm with the interfacing, you can cut out the pattern piece more precisely, with none of the shifting that often happens with spandex. I’ve then gone ahead and used temporary spray adhesive to attach a layer of red to the right side of my work (you can see it sticking out in the armhole of the bottom piece. Because there is a lot of red, I just covered the whole piece. The excess will be cut away later.

This is on a different piece, but here me zig-zagging on the wrong side of the work, following the lines drawn on the interfacing. I got pretty good at circles and curves on this one, and the biggest advice I can give is ‘Pivot. A Lot.’ You’re going to have to put the needle down and pivot every couple of stitches on a circle or other tight curve. Don’t try and just swing the stiching around as you go, it doesn’t work well. 

Okay, so I forgot to take a picture of me cutting away the extra fabric on the red layer, but as you can see here, I’ve added and stitched a green layer and am starting to cut it away. Just use sharp little embroidery scissors and gently tug the fabric, getting as close to the zig-zagged edge as you can. It takes a little practice, but I’ve gotten pretty good at getting nice clean edges this way. As you can see with the green fabric, if that color’s design is not all over the piece, you can attach smaller pieces of fabric, just making sure it covers  the whole area where it is needed. 

Here’s the back after all the green and red stitching is done. Now time for pink! As you can see, I attached the red centers to the pink flowers already. It’s easier to put them on first with the rest of the red, then cut out the pink center of the flower (like reverse applique) then to go back and do another layer of red. Changing the bobbin and thread between each layer is a pain.

Here you can see the pink attached, it’s used in small areas so I can get away with using small pieces to reduce waste.

No pictures of this step, but once you’re all trimmed up, go ahead and rinse the work in cold water, and the interfacing will magically dissolve, leaving you with nice smooth applique.

This is all the pieces laid out after being washed out. Before I sewed them all together though, there was one more step.

To reduce bulk (especially where it will be serged together) I cut away the cream base fabric where there was large open areas of the red. In smaller areas I would say it’s not worth it. I did cut the center of the flower away too, just because I ended up with three layers of fabric there. 

Ta-Da! All sewn up (and lined and what not) More pictures HERE!