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That one rude ass person we all know

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Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 


Shawn Mendes Imagine

Word Count: 1,920

Summary: You work at a concession stand in the arena that Shawn Mendes happens to be performing at. 

A/N: This isn’t my first imagine, but it is my first Shawn Mendes imagine. I hope you enjoy it! It might not be my best work. I still have to get used to the feel of writing Shawn Mendes imagines and fanfiction. If you want to make a request, just send me an ask. <3 

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Hopping mad

When I was working the drive thru window at a certain hamburger place associated with a red haired girl with pigtails, there was this annoying customer with this hopping hydraulic modified lowrider type car.

He pulls into the drive thru, places his order, pulls forward to wait…then he starts blasting his music, and making his car hop up and down. He annoyed the hell out of everyone to the point where the manager had to ask him to please turn down his music.

He turned down the music, but then he pulls up to the drive thru, and his car is still bouncing up and down. I politely asked him to please turn off the hydraulic shocks so that I could collect the money and hand him the food, but he refused.

He almost made me drop the money, and then when I tried to hand him his food, he was still letting the car hop up and down. So of course, his drinks spilled all over his lap, and he gets angry at ME. Um, excuse me shithead, I asked you to turn off the hydraulic shocks, I saw you pull into the parking lot last week and the car can function without hopping, so don’t act like you can’t turn them off while the car is going. And don’t blame me when you spilled your drinks just because you wouldn’t turn off the hydraulics.

Custom Made (Give It to You)
Lil' Kim
Custom Made (Give It to You)

Lil’ Kim - Custom Made (Give It To You) [x]

I fuck with dudes, with “Members Only” jackets
That sleep on brass beds, with money for a mattress
“Gettin’ Money” bitch, and I roll with dimes
Take pictures with our nines on the cover of New York Times
Tattoos down our spine with the the picture of a dime
Cuttin niggas short like inmates for phone time
Everything I get is – custom made
Niggas, wanna get laid; I, gotta get paid


[yard hounds| character bios]

This is what happens when you mix a guilty pleasure love of visual novels/otomes and a love of your culture. I love VN’s and love-hate seeing archetypical “types” of the male romances, but sometimes I wish I there were more tropey ones I’d “get.” School settings and stories are a dime-a-dozen for otomes, even for Western VNs…so why noy have one set at HBCU (Historically Black University)?? Or, otomes with Black male romances in general.
“Yard Hounds” is a mini-writing project I’m doing that takes a humourous/insightful take on the types of dudes you’ll meet n’ greet with at an HBCU in the South+ the paperdoll types of guys you that are used in East Asian otomes. The MC starts as a Junior year transfer student for reasons unrevealed to the campus, hoping to finally get her degree and maybe a good strong man, too. If you’re familar with HBCU &/or (Southernish) Black culture, you’ll probably recognize a few of the themes, huhuhu. If get this thing written maybe I’ll make a real VN from it. Who knooows. anywho:

The Hounds:

·  Dezmond: The Campus King | What HBCU is complete without its Mr. & Mrs.?! Dezmond won the honoured title by a landslide and considering his jovial, yet business nature, no one’s surprised. He’s almost always seen in looking clean in a suit or his frat colours or both. Taking after his stepfather, he plans to enter into city council work after uni. Thus, on the yard he’s always chopping it up with random students or staff, and advocating for campus improvements. At night though, he’s the ringleader of his crew’s trio -with Montevious and Kjekke- stuntin’ and showing out at all the city’s club scenes.

·  Montevious: The Woke Artist | The younger half of the “twins,” Montevious was raised separately with his birth mother on the West Coast until randomly deciding to attend uni with his brother in the East. Mystery seems to surround him, not one for socializing even though his emotive, yet odd large canvas works are highly praised. In the performance scenes, he goes by “Opiate, “and has a reputation for his deapan-staccato poetry reciting over custom, chill-hop beats. Generally Montevious is liked, but, from a far. It’s kinda hard to get a good read on him and his brain waves. Maybe it’s them blue eye contacts.

·  Kjekke: The Athelete Star | This dude is a straight fool! And he knows it. And everyone loves it. How many people you know BS’d themselves an athletic scholarship by taking advantage of the stereotype “all Kenyans are superb distance runners.”? Now you know one, and funnily enough, he’s not that shabby. With his impressive appearance and accomplishments it’s not a surprise bruh always got dames on deck and homies to get hype with. But, between his silly attitude and close friends he somehow keeps a smal(ish) ego.

·  Daphene’: The Drum Major | Affectionally Called “Jean Claude Van Dee” for his on-field dead drops and back bends, Dee is a beast of a performer and saxophone musician. His reserved persona left many surprised when he auditioned, but his dads, his adoptive parents, knew it’s been a persistent dream of his. When not with the band, Dee shys away from large gatherings, feeling the pressure to make conversation and their gaze…even if someone’s just admiring the view.  

·  Percey: The Barber Bruh | If you don’t know him, then you must be new ‘cause Percey’s name spreads far. Part of a big family, Percey is the only grandson of 12 girls, and the unofficial “chill big cousin” to them all. He enjoys the role, and it extends into his totally-legal-in-dorm side hustle cutting hair for good rates and for the hook-up after folks refund checks are dry. He could’ve been busted ages ago, but no one wants to snitch on their brother with the best line-ups, shape-ups, and campus tea. Not he’s one to gossip, just allows it to take place at his shop.

·  Brannon: The Reformed Thug | If you’ve every been to an HBCU there’s always that one guy you see and think, “They go here? And why!?” That’s Brannon for ya. He can never win for losing, and is only attending now because of some benefits and reform program. One his proverbial, brother/best friend Percey found for him, and the only person gives his ear to. He’s not lazy, it’s just why get a degree when the real world and real coin can be made without it? He just has to figure out how. And yeah, yeah, he knows it’s harder when you have a record…. And that he’s” Dat One White Boy.”

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I finally got my lunch break with 2 hrs left on my shift because our restaurant had been slammed. The registers are double sided but the queues had formed on one side only. I got in line to buy my snack and was next up. A CUSTOMER HOPPED ON THE OTHER SIDE AND MY COWORKER SERVED HIM FIRST. I was so mad, if I had been a customer I totally would have said something to him about how rude his cutting was.

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what are your fav yoongi moments?? like when he's being cute or sassy or anything you know?? i love him <3 (also your blog is keeping my dash fresh and beautiful and i love it)

thank you so much!! omg i can’t possibly list all of my fav yoongi moments but here’s a few of them

1. when he had to wear maid’s dress as a punishment and actually interact with customers in it 

‘hip hop is dead’ he said but still took a selca 

2. dance battle in ahl 

and then he fucking.. did THAT

AND WON wow what a legend

3. “then why live if you’ll die anyway?” about namjoon’s habit

4. when he puts stuff on his head

5. when yoongi met kumamon

6. when he and hoseok make fun of other members

7. the way he fits on sofas

8. when bangtan were on running man and he ran SO FAST

9. also in the same episode he got caught and then jungkook got caught too and then also jimin and jin had to run to their rescue comedy gold

10. when they appeared on unnies slam dunk he was asked by ra miran if he wanted to act and he was like ‘me???? i don’t act. am i going to appear on the show?’

11. yoongi’s face when holly is mentioned

tbh the list could go on and on :’)

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"Why in the actual fuck am I dressed in a French maid outfit?"

Oh boy. Jeez. Uhm…. alright. Let’s do this.

“I know you’re mad.”


“You’re really mad.”

“I’m not.”

“And I know you probably have some questions.”

“Just one.”

Yui let out a sigh and said, “Go ahead.”

Daichi propped his hands up on his hips and glared at her, “Why in the actual fuck am I dressed in a French maid outfit?”

“I know you’re mad,” Yui said again, lifting her hands defensively.

“I’m not mad,” he argued, swatting at the fabric of his much too short skirt. “I just want answers.”

“Okay, so you know how that street fair is going on right now?”


“Well, Boss wants us to have someone walk around, offering samples to the people out there and draw in a crowd to the cafe,” she said. “And so we decided that the person that does it should be the most eye catching out of all of the staff-”

“How the fuck did you come to the conclusion that I should be the one-”

“Honestly it’s the thighs,” Yukie admitted as she walked up and joined the conversation.

Daichi looked down at his thighs with a frown. The thigh high, lace socks they had given him barely fit over his legs and they squeezed his muscles uncomfortably.

“It’s not just the thighs,” Yui gave Yukie a pointed stare. “It’s also because you’re the only man working today.”

“And so of course, the only man should be in the dress,” Daichi said dully.

“Don’t be so bitchy about it, Dai-chan,” Yukie patted him on the chest, paused, and then squeezed his left pectoral.

Daichi slapped her hand away.

“Last time one of us went out advertising, we got groped,” Yui said, crossing her arms over her chest. “Do you want to send us helpless, weak, fragile lambs out there to the wolves?” She batted her eyelashes.

“If you’re a fragile lamb, then I’m Stevie Wonder.”

“It’s fine,” Yukie climbed onto a chair and slipped a frilly headband onto his hair, completing the look. “Just go out there and get attention. Then point them in our direction and we’ll do the rest.”

Daichi sighed and kicked his heel against the floor of the cafe.

“I hate you guys.”

Yukie wiggled, rubbing her fists against her cheeks as she pouted out her lips and whined in a high pitched, mocking voice, “Oooohh boo hoo, I’m Sawamura Daichi and I don’t want to wear a dress in public!”

“You act like I’m being unreasonable,” he snapped. “I think it’s within my rights to be annoyed about having to dress up like a fucking maid in public. I am a man. Damn it. I have self respect. I like sports and hard liquor and… and… cars. I’m a man!”

“Then man the fuck up, get out there, and shake your ass for the customers!” Yukie hopped down from the chair and slapped him on the rear end, sending him stumbling forward slightly.

“Don’t worry about it, Sawamura,” Yui took his arm and led him towards the door, Yukie trailing behind. “It’ll be over before you know it.”

“Yeah,” Yukie grabbed a tray full of cake samples from a table along the way. “All you gotta worry about is bringing in more business than those bastards across the street.”

“Which shouldn’t be hard,” Yui said encouragingly. “There’s no way anyone will be able to resist the appeal of a sexy man in a maid uniform.”

Daichi scrunched his nose.

They dragged him to the front door and then opened it, ushering him out onto the street.

“Here,” Yukie offered the tray and he took it reluctantly. “When you need more, just come back and I’ll fill you up again-”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Yui exclaimed.

The others looked to her.

“What?” Daichi asked, balancing the tray on his hand.

“Look! They stole our idea!” Yui pointed across the street.

Daichi followed her point to the cafe that the girls had deemed their rivals the day it opened six months ago. Standing out front was a beautiful woman with black hair, a shorter woman with blonde hair, and a man.

A man dressed similarly to Daichi, in a mini skirt maid uniform, but with about double the frills of Daichi’s, and black lace thigh highs instead of white. In his pale grey hair was a large black bow, and he also held a tray, upon which were cake samples.

“Cheaters!” Yukie shouted across the street.

The women and man turned in their direction.

“Ugh, they got Sugawara-san to dress up?” Yui groaned. “Not fair!”

“Who?” Daichi stared at the man opposite him as a wide grin stretched across his face and he nudged the woman with the black hair.

“You don’t know Sugawara-san?” Yukie gaped at him. “Oh my god. He’s a total BABE. He’s super nice and cute and makes really good coffee.”

Daichi turned towards her, “You’ve had his coffee?”

Yukie pursed her lips and looked away, “What? I like to drink around…”


“Well we’re fucked,” Yui snapped. “Sugawara-san is WAY prettier than Sawamura.”

“But Sawamura has better thighs!” Yukie reached out and groped Daichi’s left thigh.

He swatted her hand away.

“It’s okay,” Yui inhaled deeply and let it out. “It’s fine. Girls will squeal over Sugawara-san’s cuteness, but women will fawn over Sawamura’s sex appeal.”

“And the men?” Daichi asked wearily, watching as the two other women across the street disappeared into their cafe, leaving Sugawara alone on the sidewalk.

“Sugawara-san will win the tachi and Sawamura will win the neko.” Yukie pinched his ass.

“What does that even mean?”

Yukie and Yui exchanged a look.

“Nothing,” they said simultaneously.

“Alright,” Yui patted him on the shoulder. “Go get ‘em, Tachi.”

Yukie giggled and they fled back into the cafe.

Daichi stared across the street at Sugawara, who continued to stare back. He searched for a hint in the man’s body language just what he thought about being forced to participate in such a circus act. He stood tall, one hip cocked to the side, hand propped up on it as he held the tray up on his other. He looked confident and comfortable, much more so than Daichi.

This is going to fuckin’ suck, he thought with a sigh. He lifted a hand in a respectful wave.

Sugawara’s mouth stretched wide in a grin and he shifted sideways, lifting one long, sleek leg up, bending at the knee delicately. He then grabbed the hem of his skirt and lifted it up, flashing a pair of black, lacy underwear and pale thighs.

Daichi’s eyes widened and his cheeks flamed. He steadied the tray with his empty hand when he almost dropped it to the sidewalk.

Sugawara lowered his skirt and dropped his leg once more. He turned and headed down the street, throwing his head back.

Light peals of laughter floated on the breeze and tickled Daichi’s ears.

Fuck, he cleared his throat and turned down the sidewalk in the direction of the street fair. 

It was going to be a long day.

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