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anyway heres some allurance headcanons no one asked for bc i cant stop thinking abt these two

  • allura kissed lance first and he almost passed out
  • they wear matching/complementary outfits all the time bc theyre That couple. they also wear each others colours a lot (lance in pink and allura in blue) and lance somehow makes them custom tshirts?? they have cheesy shirts that embrace the whole ‘mr and mrs blue lion’ thing and …”are u guys wearing tshirts with each others faces on them?” “yes”
  • no offense but theyre lowkey obsessed w each other n love all the little things abt each other. like allura thinks lance makes the cutest/dopiest expression when hes surprised so sometimes she’ll randomly grab his cheeks, pull her face close to his with an urgent “lance” just to startle him and then laugh and kiss him all over his cute surprised face 
  • lance traces her altean markings when theyre soft n sleepy
  • they fall asleep on each other in a heap after long missions
  • also lance falls asleep in random places in the castle and sometimes allura will find him and carry him to his bed (and sometimes she’ll climb in w him)
  • they have a bunch of inside jokes n sometimes all they’ll have to do is look at each other to burst out laughing and the others will be like ?? whats the joke ?? n lance crosses his arms still holding back laughter n is like “sorry. blue paladins only”
  • lance teaches allura how to play video games n she loves them !! it takes her a lil while to get the hang of them at first but then she gets rlly good and one time she beats this boss that lance has been trying to beat for ages and for a moment its just…lance.exe has stopped working but then he launches himself at her and covers her w kisses before bolting out of the room n shouting “guys allura beat that fuckin boss!! in like three tries!! guys!!! allura ur amazing!! guys shes amaziNG!!!!”
  • (there’s a chorus of ‘we know’. allura is smiling so hard it hurts)

Taylor Swift NOW on the lawn last now showing Taylor’s performance at Super Saturday Night at the Mississippi Grammy Museum! Got to tour the Taylor Swift Experience after hours. There was a wall of Taylor’s initials covered in donuts. Got to customize my own Taylor tshirt. Free food, drinks, and beer. A live band and a school band. A Ferris wheel. LOTS of free Taylor merch including a blanket, socks, pins, guitar picks, color changing cup, and a 1989 world tour backpack. It was like the Taylor Swift version of the fair. It was AMAZING.


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