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Considering the semi-disaster that was the masking fluid pen here (WHYYYY!) this one finished alright. I might go ahead and say this Aequis custom might be up there in the top 3 for design challenges I’ve done so far.

I mean, at least they look striking, right? Based on a rufous legged owl, but with a touch of my own flair. Watercolors, Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencils, and touches of gouache and gel pen on 140 lb hot press Arches. (With a smidge of suffering in the form of masking fluid failure!)


Custom Ducati 💖💛💖
📷 via @sanita_belim
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Do people realize that when they stay late after a store closes that they are basically telling the employees “fuck you you’re working overtime today with no notice in order to accommodate me. My time is more valuable than yours.”

If that coupon lady comes back again today imma lose my shit.


Captain Georg Von Trapp & Fräulein Maria, The Sound of Music

I forgot to post up these on Tumblr, and now they’ve sold. But one of my favorite couples in all of movie history! And, yes. The Captain is holding an edelweiss blossom. ;) 🏔🎶⛪️🌸🇦🇹

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imagine a mermaid au where shiro tries to court keith by giving him pretty necklaces or bracelets made of pearls and stuff but in the end, what wins keith over is a really pretty looking dagger. sure its only really meant for decoration but heck if it doesn't make keith's heart race

honestly going by Keith’s mom giving the bom blade to his dad, nothing says “I love you” like a magical, ornate ceremonial knife. It’s hereditary lmao 

That’s so neat though!! I wonder if Shiro found it in a sunken pirate ship or something, or if it was somehow forged by other mer in the ocean? I’m sure Keith would treasure it though, unsheathing it in shallow waters under patches of warm sunlight, watching the way light filters in and refracts off the blade amidst the shimmering tide 

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Sometimes when my mom picks me up from work, she'll arrive a little early and come inside to get a smoothie (I work at a Utah-based smoothie shop and love it). Then she sits at the bar to wait and tries to keep her laughter to herself because, as she told me once, my customer service voice sounds like I'm constantly dealing with small children. I told her that's because I am.


GIF Credit to: @ygo-gx

Pairing: Yeo Wool (Jo Yoon Woo) X Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2,615

Request: Hey! About the hwarang requests, could you write about yeo wool? So the plot could be about him, and (y/n) worrying about him being killed while sparring with the other hwarangs(anyone really). He’s trying to reassure y/n everything is going to be ok. It could either be fluffy or smuty - angst really whatever is easier and more enjoyable for you to write ✌ thank u again!!  - @allaboutthespn

Sutabaksu was usually loud and full of people, but today, the popular teahouse erupted with immense chatters. Because it was also a day that the Hwarangs were able to leave the Hwarang House and return home, most of the beautiful knights decided to stop by for some tea, doubling the number of customers. Unsurprisingly, women flocked and surrounded the elite males to question the gossip that spread like wildfire in the capital city of Silla. “I heard that Princess Sook Myung ordered a fight in a few days,” one gisaeng cried, distressed. “Is it true that you all will be sparring against each other?”

The Hwarang who sat across from the equally beautiful gisaeng let out a scoff as if he also could not believe it himself. He looked over next to him where sat his other elite friend who released a long sigh. “It’s true. This isn’t like any other training we’ve done so far. We could definitely lose our lives this time.”

“Oh no!” the gisaeng said, anguish in her voice. Tears began to well up in her eyes, and she let out such loud sobs that everyone else in the teahouse could hear. Though she was the one showing her sorrow in the open, for sure, everyone else was feeling the same way.

At another table, across the room, you could hear the conversations going on around, but that couldn’t stop the unpleasant thoughts in your mind that blocked out everything but one Hwarang that you were particularly worried about. You needed to see him. Anxiousness filled you. You couldn’t help but lick your slightly chapped lips as your eyes darted at the entrance door every few minutes, impatiently waiting. Why isn’t he here yet? Did something happen to him? He said we would meet at this time… Your heart felt like it would burst soon. It was not until you noticed a cup placed in front of you that you snapped out of your thoughts. Steam rose, and the scent of ginger filled your nose. You looked up to find your two closest friends looking at you with empathy. “Thank you,” you said, picking up the warm cup to take a sip.

“Ginger tea helps with nausea,” Ah Ro explained as she and Soo Yeon took a seat across from you. “I know how worried you are, (Y/N). I’m also worried about them, especially my older brother, but you should take care of yourself so that you don’t fall ill.”

Soo Yeon nodded her head in agreement. “I’m also worried about my older brother, but he’s a great fighter. I can’t help but be more worried about Ban Ryu.”

“What was the princess thinking?” you muttered. “Ah Ro, since you also stay in the Hwarang House, you must know. What’s been happening?”

“I’m not really sure. I just usually take care of the sick and injured knights. Some of them just mentioned about how their training was going to change. It became more intense recently. They even brought another group of males who are really great at martial arts to act as the Hwarangs’ servants and helpers. It’s as if they really are preparing to go to war.”

“No one’s allowed to watch the sparring, are they?” you asked your friend, quietly. Fear slowly found its way back to you.

Ah Ro shook her head. “I’ll be there as a physician in case something does go wrong. Other than Her Majesty, no one can enter.”

The three of you grew silent. Soon, you were aware of the shift of topic from the talks around you. “Yeo Wool’s here!”

Even with the uneasiness of the upcoming fight, with one glance at the stunning man who walked through the door, all of the women in the room dropped their conversation and had their attention stolen by the elegant Hwarang. No matter how many times you’ve seen Yeo Wool, you also couldn’t help but become quite speechless by his aura. Ah Ro looked at you and smiled. “I’ll take my leave now. I should probably return home and check on my older brother.”

“Me too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run into Ban Ryu as well,” Soo Yeon said.

Both of your best friends stood up and said goodbye to you before exiting Sutabaksu together to find their own loved ones. Not sure what to do you next, you just picked up your cup of ginger tea, taking another sip of the spicy yet slightly sweet drink as you waited. Once Yeo Wool spotted you, a smile instantly appeared on his face. He read your expression and was able to see your nervousness right away. Returning after staying in the Hwarang House for a while, he realized how much he missed you. How was it that you looked prettier each time he came to see you? Yeo Wool approached your table. “I apologize for my lateness. I do hope you didn’t wait long, (Y/N).”

You watched Yeo Wool as he took a seat. A server came by to take his order, but once the server left, your Hwarang turned his attention fully to you. “You’ve been well?” he asked you with a playful smile.

“Please don’t act like nothing’s wrong right now…” you said.

Yeo Wool chuckled. “How can anything be wrong when I get to spend time with the most amazing person in Seorabol right now?”

“Yeo Wool…”

“How about it, (Y/N)? What do you say about going to Okta tonight?”

His eyes twinkled in anticipation as he took his fan and waved it up and down, cooling his face. Few strands of his long hair that even women envied flew back. You did not respond and continue to stare at him. You knew he wanted to break the tension, but you did not want the serious situation to be avoided.

“Alright then…” he replied, his eyes flickering elsewhere for a second when he found your stare and silence overwhelming. “It’s okay. Ban Ryu and Soo Ho also rejected my offer to go. Pity, but I guess we can just stay here.”

You slammed one of your palms down on the wooden table, the loud sound echoing. Customers around you whipped their head over to you to witness the action. Yeo Wool continued to sit with a calm posture, but he didn’t dare to move an inch as he sensed your seriousness. “You could lose your life…” you whispered to him. Your voice was soft, yet stern.

Yeo Wool softened. Before he met you, he had always acted nonchalant towards other people and their businesses. Though quite nosy about what was going on around him, he never genuinely cared about another’s problem. He usually just stood on the sidelines and quietly watched. As soon as you came into his life, with your vibrancy and little side of sarcasm, going up against his sharp personality but at the same time matching well with it, he found someone he could really be sincere with. You were the last person he wanted to upset.

Yeo Wool’s soft hand reached for yours, the one that you used to slam down at the table. He lifted your hand up and rubbed it smoothly, relieving the pain that you felt on your palm. “I know,” he replied, knowing that there’s nothing else he could say to really put your heart at ease.

“Isn’t there a way to prevent this from happening?” you asked.

“I’m sure if there was, it would’ve been done,” Yeo Wool admitted. “I don’t think the chief instructor wants us to spar either. The princess probably thinks that we’re not strong enough to protect the king. In a way, she’s not wrong. When it comes to protecting the Royal Family, we’ll have to put our lives on the line for them. I guess… if we can’t handle taking a life, ours will be taken.”

“It’s still not right. You all can still train hard without putting each other at risk. If the princess all of sudden have the Hwarangs kill each other, there will barely be enough to fight and defend the Royal Family later.”

You shook your head, unable to comprehend the princess’ decision. Tears began to blur your vision, but you tried your best to hold them back by blinking them away. “I’m not judging your sword skills at all, Yeo Wool, but I’ve never seen you in a fight. How can I be so sure that you’ll be fine? What if you have to go up against someone like Soo Yeon’s older brother?”

“Do not worry about me, (Y/N). I’ll be fine,” Yeo Wool promised. He squeezed your hand gently in assurance.

At the same time, the server returned with Yeo Wool’s tea, setting it in front of the flawless male. Yeo Wool softly blew the steam away and took a sip of his own ginger tea. You looked down at your own cup of tea to see your own reflection. There was no steam left as your once warm drink had cooled. You appreciated Yeo Wool’s effort to console you, but it was not enough to help your appetite. “Do you know who you’ll be going up against?” you asked, looking at him again.

Yeo Wool placed his tea back down. “Though the selection of opponents could change at any time, as of now, it’s Han Sung.”

“Han Sung…” you repeated. “Is he the grandson of Suk Hyuk Jae? The one with the half-breed brother?”

Yeo Wool nodded his head.

“Ah Ro told me about him,” you continued, “and that he has such a cute personality. Interesting how he chose to be a part of Hwarang when his grandfather is against the Silla Imperial family. I heard that he doesn’t really like to fight.”

“Han Sung used to be in another group, but for some reason, he was kicked out. He’s been staying in our room instead. I agree with Ah Ro that he is cute.”

You watched Yeo Wool’s face. He sported a dry smile, and you slowly caught onto his thoughts. “You don’t want him to get hurt, right?” you asked, heart aching. You have never met Han Sung, but maybe you were glad not to. If you had gotten used to his supposedly innocent face and personality, you too would have gotten your feelings in a tangle and sympathized for him like you did for Yeo Wool. As much you favored an occasion where no had to die, the princess already mentioned that it was a possible some could, and you desperately did not want Yeo Wool to be among that possibility.

Silence hung over the both of you. You wondered if things could have turned out differently if the king showed his face. Maybe, if he was as trustworthy and kind as you wanted to assume, he would not have left his warriors to be left in the hands of his sister. The sparring was inevitable at this point.

Once Yeo Wool regained composure, he looked at you, studying your tight brows and frown. He squeezed your hand, causing you to leave your train of thoughts and look up at him. A real smile appeared. “Let’s take a walk.”

You were not the type to display your affection in public. Your Hwarang was the opposite; Yeo Wool did not mind one bit if anyone watched or not, but since today was different, you also decided to make it an exception. Your hand intertwined with his, and he held onto it tightly as the two of you walked through the crowds in the capital. “I know you’re very worried about me, (Y/N)…” Yeo Wool said, continuing to look straight ahead. “I promise you that you don’t have to be at all.”

“I should trust you,” you replied, shaking your head to yourself. “I should trust that you’ll be able to make it through this unnecessary fight, that you can win it… but I also can’t help feeling the way I do. You’re really important to me, Yeo Wool. I hate thinking about how I can lose you because of this. What am I supposed to do?”

“Hm. For right now, it would just be great strength to me if you could stay by my side before I have to return to the Hwarang House. Can you do that?”

You simply nodded your head. “Yes, I won’t ever leave your side.”

Yeo Wool lifted his other hand to pet your hair as he chuckled. “Good.” You felt your cheeks start to heat from his touch but laughed in return. Soon enough, you reached your own house. You walked to the huge low table in front and sat down. Yeo Wool took a seat next to you. He placed an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into him, and you leaned into his arms. His body was so warm, and it felt so safe. “So… why did Soo Ho and Ban Ryu reject your offer to go to Okta?” you asked.

Flustered by your sudden question, Yeo Wool’s eyes widened. Then he smiled at how you tried to change the subject. He didn’t want to talk anymore about the sparring either. He would deal it with it when the time came. Until then, he only wants to leave with good memories of you. “Just between you and me,” Yeo Wool said in a low voice, “I think more than not wanting to go with me, they didn’t want to be there with each other. Last time all of us went out to go drink with each other, Soo Ho and Ban Ryu found themselves in each other’s embrace the next morning. What a sight.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “They don’t look like weak drinkers.”

“I think among us, Ji Dwi is the best at taking alcohol. I’d say I’m next. And then probably Soo Ho, but he really did drink a lot that time. He could barely remember what had happened the next morning.”

“Why didn’t you ask Han Sung to go to with you? He seems like the person you’re closest to.”

Yeo Wool shrugged. “Han Sung had to go with his brother to their grandfather’s place right away. Maybe we’ll see him before I have to go back, and I can introduce the both of you. He’s so innocent that you can’t help but like him.”

“Is there a possibility that I’ll like him more than you?” you said, teasingly.

“Nevermind. You don’t need to meet Han Sung.”

“Why not?!?!” you exclaimed. “Now I really want to meet him.”

Yeo Wool pouted, feigning hurt. To comfort him, you wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed yourself against him in a hug. Feeling as if he was going to melt in your arms, Yeo Wool couldn’t control his face and grinned at your touch. When you looked up to gaze at him with eyes like cute doe, he took the chance to lean down quickly press his lips against yours. You smiled into the sweet kiss, accepting the small peck.

One wasn’t enough for Yeo Wool, so as soon as he pulled away, he leaned back down to give you a second kiss. Many people who didn’t know Yeo Wool always saw him as someone with a more mysterious, sensual aura. He actually had pleasant side to him. “How about this,” Yeo Wool suggested, “after my sparring assignment, when I come back successful and healthy, we can go to Okta together. I will let you see exactly how these other boys act when they have their guards down.”

“Only if you swear to return safely.”

“I can assure you that I will, (Y/N). I will protect myself. Once I do that, I can show them that I can protect our king. And that I can protect you.”

Plots based off of Views.

Views has given me inspiration and I’ve decided to turn that inspiration into words. So, here are some plots based off a few songs of the album. Feel free to use them! And if anyone wants to play out a plot with me, just hit me up!

U With Me?: “ You could never say I came up and forgot about your ass, And that’s some real shit ”

Muse A and Muse B were longtime lovers. Personality wise, they were polar opposites. One thing they had in common was their drive; They both came from humble beginnings and rising to the top was a dream they both shared. While they were supposed to reach it together, life had a funny way of changing those plans. Muse A had always been a perfectionist and in the quest to perfect their craft, Muse B was often left on their own for days at a time. Everyone has a breaking point and Muse B found theirs after about a year. It was Muse B who made the decision to end the relationship, an action that neither truly agreed with. Fast forward five years later and both of them are rising stars. Recently, Muse A has been making it known that they want to reunite with Muse B, name dropping them in interviews and posting about wanting that old thing back on social media. Muse B is completely against the idea, voicing their disdain in the same indirect way Muse A has been calling for their attention. However, Muse A isn’t deterred. In their eyes, Muse B is the only person fit to stand at their side and they plan to show them just how true that is.

Redemption: “I’m searchin’ for these words to say to you

Muse A and Muse B were once in a volatile relationship. Everything bad a couple can go through, they went through. Infidelity, verbal/physical abuse, constant fights, breakups and even a miscarriage. At the urging of concerned family and friends, the two decided to put the nightmare to rest. They went to hell and back, with both of them bearing the scars to prove it. That was then and this is now. Muse A is currently in a loving relationship and Muse B is enjoying the single life with no commitments. Muse A thought they would never think about Muse B again until their significant other proposed to them. And as much as Muse A wanted to say yes, the nightmare they went through with Muse B flashed through their mind and it was in that moment that Muse A realized they never got closure. When Muse A shows up at Muse B’s home in the middle of the night demanding closure, the nightmare begins all over again.

With You: “It’s about us right now, girl, where you going?”

Muse A and Muse B have amazing chemistry. When they’re around each other, sparks fly and they might as well be the only two in the room. The only problem? Muse B has always been indecisive and that indecisiveness has spilled over into their personal life. While Muse B is in love with Muse A, the intensity of their relationship sometimes becomes too much for them. Add in the fact their friends aren’t the biggest fans of their union and you have a problem. When Muse B feels things are becoming too intense, they disappear for a period of time only to reappear when the heat dies down. Muse A has been understanding so far, but is quickly getting tired of the games Muse B is playing. With this most recent disappearing act being the longest yet, Muse A has lost all patience and is presenting Muse B with an ultimatum. “Either stay with me or stay gone for good.”

Faithful: “You hit me like “I know you’re there with someone else”

When it comes to time, Muse A has never had a lot of it. Growing up, she always had to sacrifice her time for other people. Now that she’s older, she finally has the time to make her dreams come true. School, work, and internship obligations leave little time for anything else, including her relationship with Muse B. Well, what little of a relationship they have. Muse B is a bit older than Muse A and has an established career, leaving them all the time in the world for a real relationship. Muse B claims he has no problems with waiting on Muse A to get her life on track, but Muse A isn’t so sure. Lately, things have been weird between them. When she calls, he doesn’t pick up right away. When she texts him, he replies late or not at all. And when she does have time to spend time with him, he either declines or their “date” is nothing more than a hello and a goodbye. All the signs are pointing to the obvious, Muse B has found another. And Muse A isn’t sure if she should choose him or her career.

Fire & Desire: “ But you a real ass woman and I like it, I don’t wanna fight it”

Muse A has returned to his hometown after years of being gone. The first thing he does is go to his favorite bar. That’s where he meets Muse B. Her beauty was the first thing that caught his attention and as he spends the night getting to know her, he slowly starts to believe in love at first sight. One thing leads to another and they end up spending the night together. The next morning, Muse A wakes up to an empty bed, a bruised ego, and a note with a simple apology. Shaking her off his mind, Muse A meets up with his childhood friend and is surprised to hear he’s engaged. Just as his friend is describing his fiancée, Muse B walks in and introduces herself as the fiancée, surprising Muse A. Wanting answers from her, Muse A makes a bold move and hires Muse B to decorate his new home on the spot, giving her no other choice but to accept. Using the opportunity to get closer to her, Muse A and Muse B begin what could be a potentially deadly love affair.

Hotline Bling: “Doing things I taught you, gettin’ nasty for someone else”

Muse A is what you would call sexually awkward. She has no problems talking to the opposite sex, but when it comes to the act of sex itself, she has performance anxiety. To help herself get over it, she decides the best course of action is to call a phone sex hotline, effectively taking away all the nerves that comes with face to face action. Muse B is one of the top earners at his job, a favorite for his smooth voice and raunchy dialogue. At first, Muse A is intimidated and slow to open up, but with Muse B’s coaching, she slowly starts to come out her shell. After a few months of instruction, Muse A feels she is ready to put her skills to the test. Having grown attached and attracted to her voice, Muse B offers himself as the first test subject. While he makes the offer under the guise of wanting her to be as comfortable as possible, the truth is he doesn’t want any other man having a taste of what he considers his.

Feel No Ways: “I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do” 

Muse A has always had the the drive to take himself far. On the other hand, Muse B is content with doing the bare minimum to get what she wants out of life. Although Muse B is one of the few people that brings the best out of him, she also brings out his more negative traits. When the two of them are together, not much good comes out of it. They party all night, sleep in until the afternoon, and Muse A loses all sense of responsibility when he’s with her. After missing out on an employment opportunity because of being hungover with Muse B, Muse A decides it’s time to put their relationship on hold. Muse B is pissed and decides to make her anger known. From posting cryptic messages on his social media accounts, to going on rants on her own accounts to telling all their mutual friends about how dirty he did her, Muse B is on a crusade to make his life a living hell. Despite her actions, Muse A still cares for and wants to be with her. While Muse B’s plan is to hurt him like he hurt her, Muse A’s plan is to help her become the person he knows she can be.

Found a whole goddamn notebook in the dumpster this time

no idea whose handwriting this is or why they’d write it or who it’s supposed to be about but it’s fun isn’t it? happy ficlet fantasy friday!

Drifting up from a warm, dozy sleep, she feels the bed shifting under her, and the weight of an arm draped across her. She smiles, keeping her eyes closed, snuggling against him. He keeps moving, though, instead of settling in, and she mumbles, “What’re you doin?”

He’s propped himself up on one elbow behind her, the arm over her doing something complicated.

“Taking a bed selfie.”

“Huh?” She still hasn’t opened her eyes. What the fuck time is it, anyway?

“A bed selfie.” 

Like that explains it.

One eye, then the other, slides reluctantly open, and she can make out his iPhone a few inches away in the dimness. They’re both in the frame, grainy and low-res; her hair is spilled out over the pillow, her bare shoulder exposed, his muscled arm disappearing into the corner where his hand is holding the phone. His thumb touches the button.

“It’s gonna be a week till we see each other again — I need a souvenir for when I get lonely,” he says.

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I'm having a down night after feeling okay for almost a full week, do you have any routines you do or things you watch/listen to when you feel yourself starting to spiral?

yeah I have a list of self care/calming stuff:

-turn off all lights in my room and listen to a podcast

-free write for 10 minutes about my thoughts/feelings

-write down all the things i’m grateful for

-listen to some asmr videos- I like paper folding a lot is a pretty cool website (it’s also an app!) where you can choose a bunch of soothing nature sounds + breathing exercises is great one for creating your own custom calming background sounds- you can choose the type of nature/calming noises you want and it mixes it for you

-chill anime beats playlist on soundcloud is so good

-if you use spotify at all, the playlists ‘4am comedown’, ‘brain food’, and ‘musical therapy’ are nice

-slime, calligraphy, pottery, kinetic sand, paint mixing videos on instagram (search the tags) and theres a bunch of blogs on here that post them too if you look around (i have a sideblog where i just reblog them if you want to look on that/who i reblog from)

-i personally haven’t done anything with this yet but i found out that pixar has a free online class on khan academy? so if you want to just learn some cool tips that could be fun. also just looking around on khan academy for something you’re interested in could be a good distraction

-the peaceful cuisine channel is fantastic!! they make food that’s filmed beautifully with just the cooking sounds and no talking/music

hope that helps!