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One request, one redraw, and a buncha doodles

Pc was sent for repairs for 2-3 weeks so goodbye WIPs, Custom brushes and animation programs… I will miss you… Good news is that I can still draw!

Please fire me. I work at a drugstore. I keep a coupon folder under my register and offer to use coupons whenever customers make purchases that I know I have coupons for. I live in a military town and figured this was a small way I could give back to service members who don’t make much. I’ve saved some customers as much as 50-75% on their purchases. Over the three years I’ve been doing this, I’ve received 26 calls to corporate by customers thanking me for doing this. I have not received any incentive or reward for doing this, but I do it because I want to.

Last week a regular customer, who I regularly apply coupons to her weekly purchases, came in and made a $12 purchase. I had no coupons for her items. She called corporate and complained because I did not offer her any coupons. I was counseled for an hour by my manager and also received a 20 minute lecture from my district manager, and am now under consideration for disciplinary review. I may lose my job for not having had any coupons to save this woman money on a $12 purchase. 

I was also told to stop offering coupons to other customers because of this. 


✨ A wise woman once said: “F*ck this shit.” And she lived happily ever after.
I feel like this was the attitude I had when starting my plant based journey. I was so FED UP… with feeling like shit, looking like shit, treating people like shit and most of all - treating myself like shit!
I found this lifestyle, it peaked my interest and I went for it.. and never turned back. Years later and I’m just as passionate as I was the first month.. this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. It set me free and it lit my soul on fire 🔥! plant based rocks! (And so does yoga 😝) .
Shorts by: @unalomedesigns ✨✨ a little warm up this morning - my body felt SO tight and sore! maybe the rain?

Wanna go plant based? 🦋 STELLATHELIGHT.COM ✨my full recovery story, custom plant based transition programs, health coaching, Ebooks, meal plans, recipes, my YouTube videos, client reviews and a lot more! (at Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle)

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Please fire me. I work as a cashier at a local supermarket where we have a campaign that we hand out a small sticker for every 5 dollars our customers shop for. The customers collect the stickers in a booklet which the customer then hands in, in order to get nice silverware and chef knives and such,

The first 10 customers rejected my offer to give them stickers by laughing at me. The eleventh customer had a big grin on her face and told me she would love to get some stickers for every 5 dollar she shopped for. Turns out she had bought an entire new kitchen set for over 5000 dollars… I seriously had to close my cash register and count stickers for the rest of the day while the customer was humming and playing with her phone. When I was done she told me maybe her son would like to play with these.


They go out drinking and Jack finds out Davey is a light weight. The hard way.

Sweets For The Sweet


*Steve Rogers-centric


Steve was immediately greeted with the smell of sugar when he opened the door, the bell tinkling above him. A few of the tables were filled with customers, all who looked happy.

Steve went up to the counter, examining all the cookies and candies in the display cases. They all looked delicious.

A young woman with a round face stepped from the back, wiping her hands on her apron. “I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, sir! How can I help you?”

“I, uh…” Steve shook his head. “This is going to sound a little strange, but did you cater a party at STARK Tower recently?”

“Yes, sir.” You pulled a book out from under the counter, flipping to a particular page. “Mr. Stark ordered approximately one hundred chocolate fudge cupcakes, one hundred vanilla bean cupcakes, and ten pounds of caramel fudge.”

“Right. That sounds like it.”

You smiled up at him but your smile faltered. “Was… was there something wrong with the order?”

“No, no,” Steve reassured. “It was wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that I’ve been dreaming about that fudge.”

You blushed slightly. “Thank you, sir.”

“And I was hoping that you still had some because I’m not sure I can go another day without another taste.”

“Well, you’re in luck.” You moved down the counter, pulling out a tray full of caramel fudge. “This has been freshly made. How much would you like?”


You nearly dropped the tray. “A-all?”

“If it’s not too much of a problem.”


Steve started stopping by weekly, then bi-weekly, then practically daily. He couldn’t get enough of the sweets—both the treats and you. You were round and soft and bubbly and it made Steve’s heart flutter, beat faster, every time he saw you.

One day, he decided to make his move.

“Hello, Mr. Rogers,” you said, giving him your warm, gooey smile.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“What can I get you today? I’ve just put out some fresh cupcakes—lemon.”

“Actually, I need your help.”


“I want to do something nice for someone… someone important.”


“What would you suggest?”

You thought for a moment. “Well, you could do a cookie platter. Everyone likes cookies.”

“You like cookies?”

You giggled. “Of course.”

“Well, a cookie platter it is, then.”

You grabbed a pretty heart-shaped plate, stepping over to the cookie display. “What kind of cookies are you thinking? We can do varieties, or just one kind, or whatever you’d like.”

“I’ll let you pick.”


“You know best.”

You smiled and began to pull cookies out, layering them beautifully on the plate. Then you took it over to the register, striking a few keys.

“That can’t be right,” Steve said, looking at the total readout. “Surely this costs more.”

You shook your head. “Customer loyalty program. You’re in here so much, you deserve a little break.”

Steve smiled and handed over the cash. You placed a cover over the tray and then placed a beautiful pink bow on top. “Good luck,” you said, passing the tray over.

“Thanks.” Steve took the plate, staring down at it.

“Is there something wrong?”

“I was just… wondering…”

You waited for him to explain.

“I was wondering if you would care to join me for a delicious cookie break.”


You carefully crept out of bed, leaving Steve softly snoring. You padded your way to your kitchen where you pulled out ingredients and pans and preheated the oven.

You and Steve had been dating for little over a year and this was the first time you two had been so intimate. You’d shared beds before, yes, but tonight… tonight had been different. Wonderful, but different.

You’d never thought you’d meet someone like Steve and you’d never thought someone like him could fall for you. All your life you’d been… pudgy. Your hips were round, your stomach wasn’t flat. You liked eating and you weren’t ashamed of that. But more than eating you loved creating. You always made treats for any family gathering your parents had when you were growing up; Christmas and birthday presents usually consisted of either a tried and true favorite or a mysterious new concoction.

You were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Steve come in. He wrapped his arms around your waist, laying his chin on your shoulder. “What are you doing?” he mumbled, voice still heavy with sleep.

“Sorry,” you said, your hands tossing the assorted berries into the pie crust. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“What are you doing?”


“At this time of night?”

“Technically, it’s morning.”

Steve chuckled, the sound reverberating through you. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” you promised. “I just… I make things when I’m emotional.”

That woke Steve up. He pulled away from you, turning you to face him. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” you said, giving him a smile. “I’m… so incredibly happy right now.”

“So… you’re a good emotional?”

“Of course.” You leaned into Steve, wrapping your arms around him. “Steve, you make me so happy. And tonight… well, I’m not sure I could handle much more happiness or I’ll burst.”

Steve smiled and leaned down, brushing his lips against yours. “What do you say we head back to bed, hm?”

“Let me get the pie in the oven,” you said.

“A woman after my own heart.”


The bell above the door jingled as Steve stepped in. You looked up at him from behind the counter, smiling broadly. As you stepped aside, he could see the apron straining across your growing bump.

“Hi, sweetheart,” Steve said, leaning over the counter and pressing a kiss to your sugary lips. “How’s work?”

“Great. Lots of cake pops sold today. And I got an order for another birthday party.”

“And how’s the little one?”

“Squirming to her heart’s content.”

Steve smiled. “What is she craving today?”

“Anything chocolate. She really likes the caramel fudge.” You rubbed a hand over your stomach. “She’s got a sweet tooth, just like her daddy.”

“That’s my girl.”

ur-gal  asked:

My store has a loyalty program that customers can 'check in' with to earn discounts by giving their phone number when they order. I sure do LOVE it when somebody walks up and I warmly greet them and ask them how they're doing, and they completely ignore me and just rattle off their phone number without even giving me time to pull up the number pad on my screen.

I calmly go to the correct screen and ask “please say that again” sometimes they will complain about me not being ready. I just look at them and say “your total is $75 how would you like to pay?” They will point out the fact I didn’t scan anything and I tell them that’s how I feel when they tell me their phone number before they even mention I need to be on that screen. I get an apology about half the time. I get snarky comment the other half.



So I’m playing this story, Cafe Paradox, and I realize. Wait. This description is of the player character. The one that I customized.

From a programming standpoint, this must meant that the author put in different descriptions based on the hairstyle and hair color I picked.

There was something like 30 hairstyles and 8 hair colors.

Holy shit, author. That is actually genuinely amazing.


The shopping trip counted! it was a date! a date!!

still don’t really know how zen managed to go shopping with a cast but


Programs for the weekend? Book binding.

So, what do we know about these books? They are hand made. I mean completely hand made - by my hands and I sign every one of them. I use organic and recycled materials only, because I really care. Title is “oneofakindbook”, because it’s not a basic coloring book, rather a geometric illustrations book; freedom and challenge is waiting for you. You can use pencils, pens, watercolors, powder pigments, anything. You can cut the finished work and frame it. You can go really wild with this one.

And the most important: each book was made with passion and pure love.

I will give the first ones to my lovely followers for free. One goes to a Tumblr follower and one goes to an Instagram follower. Get ready, instructions soon.

My Vintage Pin Up Girl and Florals Embroidery is one of my favorites in the shop!

Choose one of five classic poses for your girl and make it your own with your choice of florals!

Colors for florals are completely customizable and if you want you can change the fabric too!  Mustard linen and grey muslin are also available!

$28.20 + shipping OR

Use code “dcp2016” for an additional 25% off your entire purchase to help me save up for my upcoming participation in the Disney College Program this fall semester from August to January!

Holiday Special

Holiday Special #3 - Something New For Christmas

Rating: E for smut

Words: ~2250

Summary: Modern AU, coworkers fluff.  Clarke invites Bellamy to her holiday party with friends, and all he wants for Christmas is to show her how good they could be together. 

[oral sex, feelings, christmas tree indecency, friends to lovers]

Something New For Christmas

Christmas at Clarke’s apartment was a blend of extremes, consisting of an overly large tree decorated to the point of almost falling over, a string of custom-programmed christmas lights, and a preponderance of nutcrackers. All packed into her small living room–one wall of the living room, really. The rest of the her living space labored under a near atheistic sparsity, devoid of all reds, as if the spirit of Christmas lived, fought, and died right up to the edge of her carpet line. He recognized this pattern. Clarke Griffin was never content until she had sequestered parts of her life into controllable corners, where they could be properly saturated or ignored as necessary.

It made being in love with her pretty frustrating, but Bellamy had gotten used to it.

Lately, he felt like he’d slid into one of her corners. Sitting on her couch, holding a beer and staring at her Christmas decorations while her friends milled around and she fussed in the kitchen, it all felt too neat. Since being hired to the same nonprofit firm for medical-legal advocacy, their relationship had swung in a dozen different directions until it settled on aggressive teamwork with a side of political chitchat. At the start there’d been heckling, a couple screaming matches, and a few flirtatious looks in between meetings. Yet once they realized their goals were compatible and that they were scarier as a united front, the fighting and the flirting were sloughed off until there was nothing but the work. The work, the work, the work. The fact that they were great at it was half the problem, because it made it easier to live in that corner all the time.

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for the anon who was interested in my PC setup! sorry about the long post, lmao.

it’s nothing too wild or fancy, but i like it. i set up all the LEDs to match and i programmed a custom keyboard animation effect, so it’s constantly strobing different tones of pink and the keys light up white when you push them and i made sure my firefly matched!

i wish i could get better pics, the time of day right now is so crummy for lighting lmao. it looks cleaner in person i promise LMAO 

i hope that helps! ♥

Please fire me. A customer almost cried because after she paid she found out I never gave her rewards points card. This was after she gave me three phone numbers and two totally different names to search for the rewards number with. Plus, she distinctly said “oh, never mind then” when I couldn’t find anything. And then she made me return all of the items so she could sign up for a card so that she could buy them back and get the points.