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forstiron replied to your photoset “Frostiron shoes are done!  Ignore the tiny cucumber sandhwiches in…”

I dont do these but i wanna now that i saw this! What marker/paint did u use? Can u make a post abt how u did this? :D

There’s a few different steps, so I suppose i’ll start with the basics:

1: Choose your canvas: 

I used white for my designs, because of the markers I was going to be using. Do NOT use dark colored canvas if you plan on vivid, colorful designs and are not using something like paints. 

The difference is like this:


» using these: 

2: Tools: 

For light colored canvases, I use:

[ I would personally suggest you buy the double pack option. Colors will run out quickly if you’re using them over wide areas.]

I also used :

Tee Juice fabric markers. [ They come in three different sizes, including a fine liner. They also tend to be much darker/stronger than the Crayola]

3: Doing the thing: 

Always start with a sketch [ no matter how simple]. Because you will need to think about the area you are working in, how much space you will need to maneuver the markers, what parts are actually visible, and how to make things symmetrical for both sides. [ or shoes ] Of course, you’re likely to deviate from the original, but that’s art for you. 

When I started, I started with the light colors first

Yellows, light greens, reds. 

This way, when you blot outside of an area that will be outlined with a darker color, you can cover up any mistakes. 

After that, go through with your darks, take it slow as you go along the edges of colors, and keep your strokes even. 

Note: Go over your colors a few times, especially the darks. Dark colors do not fill in the white canvas as well. 

As you can see here: 

»» For covering up the All Star logo [ if you wish to ] Use paint/ ZIG markers and spray with a fixative to keep it from cracking and flaking off.

4: Finishing up and care:

Your shoes will need to be put in the dryer for the time listed on the marker box. [ I put mine in for 40 minutes] Some color may still come off afterwards. For example, my laces are slightly colored by the designs on the tongues. 

Even though they say you can wash them, I would suggest you keep the washing to a minimum. If you do need to wash, I would suggest you go over them again afterwards, because the colors will fade. 

Special notes on using the ZIG markers for fabric: 

These will bleed, will run, and will not stay waterproof if you do not spray them with fixative after. The markers I used are not fabric markers, but more like paint markers. This means the canvas soaks up the color more, and you have to go over a few times to get a vivid look. They’re great for black or dark colored canvas, but again, they are not waterproof, and are a little trickier to manage.

Any questions, send me an ask.