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Paisley Park History

When Paisley Park opened in 1987, it was Prince’s hope that the facilities would be used for more than just his projects. The 12,500 square foot soundstage was built as an adaptable space that could accommodate full-scale tour pre-production and rehearsals, custom stage build outs, photo shoots, concerts, and the production of commercials, music videos, and films.
In 1993, the soundstage was used to film interior shots for a feature film, Grumpy Old Men. Although you’d never know it while watching the movie, the inside of the homes for the characters played by Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon were actually movie sets constructed at Paisley Park.


Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol.1

Hi!!! So I made some more paintings of some beautiful black women, I mean idk, I liked them so I put them in my game and decided to share them with my lovelies. Credits to the creator of the blank canvas, as well as to badassgenius (IG) for these great pieces. Download is under the cut! Tag me if you use em blah blah…whatever. Here ya go.

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