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if you don’t like captions and remove them because they “ruin your theme aesthetic”, then change your theme code, not the post. the captions are part of the post, they weren’t written just so you could go and delete them for no reason.

just go to customize, into your theme html, ctrl+f (find/search), type “ifcaption” and delete everything that’s highlighted. simple, easy, everyone’s happy. thank you & have a nice day.

depressusapostata-deactivated20  asked:

how did you do the head thing where you clikc on the link and it does the thing i wanna do that

I made it as simple as possible so anyone can have their own Happy Marco lol.

1.Go to your theme customization page

2.Click “edit HTML”

I know it’s in Chinese but you get the idea, I guess.

You’ll see a lot of codes,yay.

3.Click on those code and hit ctrl+F and search for the </body> tag

4.paste these codes before the </body> tag

<img src=“” onclick=“document.body.addEventListener(‘mousemove’,function(event){marco_coord(event)});” height=“64px” width=“64px” style=“z-index:9998;position:absolute;top:50px;left:5%”>
var marco_pic = “”;
var marco_x,marco_y,marco_lx,marco_ly;
function marco_coord(event){

marco_x = event.clientX;
marco_y = event.clientY;
var marco_random_size = 256 + Math.floor((Math.random() * 30) + 1)-15;
var marco_random_x = Math.floor((Math.random() * 5) + 1)-2;
var marco_random_y = Math.floor((Math.random() * 5) + 1)-2;
var marco_stuff= document.createElement(“img”);
marco_stuff.src=marco_pic;“position:fixed;display:block;top:”+(marco_y+marco_random_y)+“px;left:”+(marco_x+marco_random_x)+“px;z-index:9999;width:”+marco_random_size+“px;height:”+marco_random_size+“px;transform: translate(-50%, -50%);”;
</script> it, and enjoy your Happy Marco!*

*might not work on some custom themes, if so, that’s because Happy Marco doesn’t like you, not that my code sucks.

Access The Yahoo Mail App Now with Any Email Address

By Josh Jacobson, Senior Director of Product Management

Staying on top of things on a daily basis isn’t easy. The Yahoo Mail app team is always looking to create new features that help people stay organized – from customizable swipes and people-only notifications, to our recently announced top search results. These features have helped make reading, organizing and sending emails easier than ever, and our users have thanked us by making Yahoo Mail one of the top-rated email apps for iOS and Android. Today, we’re giving more people the opportunity to experience the Yahoo Mail app, without having to switch to a brand new email address. Now, you can use the app with your Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address.

Read on to learn more about this update and some of the Yahoo Mail features you can start enjoying today. You’re on your way to a more organized life!

So, how does it work? From the welcome screen, tap your email provider, use your Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address to create a Yahoo account, and give Yahoo permission to sync your email messages in the Mail app. Immediately start enjoying an organized inbox experience.

The Yahoo Mail app has a number of unique features, and below are just a few that you can start taking advantage of today:

  • Relevant search results: Spend less time searching for the emails you need. Now, when you search your email using a keyword, we’ll highlight the most relevant messages.
  • People-only notifications: Get notified only when you receive a new email from a person, not companies or newsletters.
  • Customizable swipes: Choose which action appears when you swipe left or right on a message, including delete, archive, move and more.
  • Contacts: Yahoo Mail displays comprehensive, editable contact cards, powered by Xobni, that detect all the email addresses and phone numbers associated with that person. We also pull photos from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, so you’ll see great images from senders more often.
  • Personalized themes and stationery: Make your inbox more personalized with custom themes and your notes more modern with stationery from Paperless Post.
  • Ditch your password:  Never stress about remembering your password again. Enable Account Key for secure, password-free sign in.
  • Multiple mailbox management: If you already have a Yahoo email account, you can easily connect and manage email accounts from Gmail,, Hotmail and AOL.

The new Yahoo Mail app is available in the App Store (iOS 4.15) and Google Play (Android 5.15). Check it out and let us know what you think — just go to Settings and tap “Send Feedback.”

solutions to missing tumblr control buttons

aka if you’re missing these like/follow/edit theme/customise etc buttons that usually chill at the top right of your browser page on your tumblr blog

  • [most likely solution!!] check if your theme contains any z-index properties (just ctrl+f z-index in your theme code) which i’ve found out fucks up with the updated tumblr controls
    - to fix that remove any unnecessary z-index properties or lower the values to something more plausible like from 1 to 10 instead of 999 to 99999999999999999999
    - (if you don’t know what they are: z-index basically specifies which property stacks on top of which, like if you’re going to have cookie crumbs on the bottom at layer 1 or will it be on the top at layer 10)
    - this is also a possible fix if parts of your theme is fucking up in the light box too lmao
    - (personally i’ve found that the z-index is the most common issue rather than the iframe id)
  • also check your internet connection & clear cache as they do sometimes take a while to load or you might have an older cache floating about 
  • if you use ghostery then edit your settings there as it may be the issue
  • if your theme code already contains an iframe id tag for the tumblr_controls property then update your tumblr_controls url in the body part of your theme
    - control+f for iframe id= “tumblr_controls” and if it exists then update the url (see here though that may be out of date so keep searching)
    - if you don’t already have the iframe id tag for tumblr_controls then don’t try adding it in until you’ve checked and updated for z-index properties (see next bullet point)
    This fix is Out Of Date
  • if the above didn’t help at all i am very sorry
  • consider adding like/reblog buttons to your index entries for individual posts instead
    - (find the creator of your custom theme - do remember to check their FAQ as they may have provided solutions/edits already etc)
  • and if all else fails:
    - cry a lot

Nice new thing for the web: You can have your post pages show related posts from the rest of your Tumblr. Yes, give passers-by a sense of your whole oeuvre from a single post.

Need an example? Okay, okay. Assuming you’re on the web right now, check out this old staff post. See?

If you’re using the default theme (Optica), it’ll be on by default. If it bugs you, you can turn off it in your theme customization panel.

And if you enjoy digging around in code and want to add this function to whatever theme you’re currently using, check out the theme docs.


can you all please reblog this so everyone sees even if youre not in the fandom? 

tumblr has started to delete blogs that post billdip content (a ship from gravity falls) and if you post billdip related stuff, or more importantly DRAW billdip hurry and save everything youve made!! i dont know if they give a warning first or not but try to save as much as possible and if you have a custom hmtl for your theme save that too and just save everything you can.

and good luck i hope they stop deleting billdip blogs asap and start deleting blogs that actually needs to be deleted like those racist ones who sends gore to people or blogs that send death threats and such that actually hurt people for real

its a goddamn ship tumblr grow tf up

if you hate billdip just blacklist it, its just a ship. are people reporting it because artists draw bill looking much older than dipper? bill is a demon he doesnt even have a canon age.

does this mean theyre also gonna take down all blogs that ship any ship w age gaps? like the doctor and rose (doctor who)???? are you gonna take down all those blogs too huh tumblr? this is rediculous.


Timeframes on Tumblr


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.19.16

theme: KP’s top wedding picks for 2016
cookie wedding favors: georgia-themed by guiltyconfections

etsy is THE best place to find hella ideas for your perfect wedding details … for example, if you know you want a cookie favor, but you’re not sure what theme, you can peruse the shops and listings to spark your imagination. guiltyconfections sells tasty frosted cookies that can be customized to your theme — like these georgia state silhouettes with hearts, and coordinating georgia peaches.

In Case of Tumblr Blog Emergency:

Anon hate is a very cruel and problematic issue that we’ve seen in the community- especially the past few days. So, after running a poll and getting second opinions, Kara and I decided to post this guide. Under the cut you will learn how to track IP addresses that come onto your page, and shows you approximately who sent you the hate message. With that information, we will also teach you how to block that IP. All it requires is two different sites, and a little bit of your time. If you are an rph or just someone who found this useful, please like or reblog!

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Hello RP tags, I have a coding tutorial for you all regarding aligning text. I’ve noticed that to get around centering text, graphics will be made or posts will have a lot of spacing to try and center the text (though this is inefficient and doesn’t work from blog to blog like how it might on the dash).

In light of revamping my navigation page, I figured out an easy fix to achieve a centered text look on the blog ( not the dashboard itself ). To do that, open up ‘edit HTML’ on the customization page of your main theme. And below:

<style type="text/css">

Enter the following:

.clear {
    clear: both;

This works on both pages and posts that you make on your dash — you won’t notice a difference, really, in dashboard format but the change will be apparent on your blog.

Next, input this code:

h6 {
    font-family: "bodoni”, palatino, serif;
    font-size: 30px;
    font-weight: 700;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    letter-spacing: 5px;
    color: #c9bdbd;
    padding: 5px;
    margin: 10px;
    text-align: center;
    border-top: 0px solid #462522;

‘h6′ can be any number just as long as it doesn’t conflict with any other header styles in the theme already ( for instance, h1, h2, h3, etc…. ). Customize the above however you want.

Now, in the HTML portions of a standard layout on a page and the HTML section on a dash post, input this code:

<div class="clear"></div><h6>TEXT HERE</h6>

You’ll notice that when you switch back to rich text, it will be bold ( and depending on font size, smaller ). ( disclaimer: the format of the above code will be lost when switching back to rich text on dashboard posts, so all other information before / after have to be added in the html section. however you can go back and forth on the HTML when in your customization settings editing a page ).

Here is what it looks like on my blog:

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to send them my way!

Tumblr Theme Reset Glitch

Keep an eye on your blog theme. Tumblr has a recent glitch where some blog themes and theme settings are resetting to their defaults. If this bug strikes your blog, try recovering your custom theme to its latest backup.

From the “Recover Custom Theme” page, choose your blog from the drop-down menu (if needed). Click the “View backups” button. Revert to the latest theme backup then check your blog theme.

If the reversion doesn’t work, seek a cached copy of your blog and check the HTML source to manually restore your theme.