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Don’t send emails using layouts to the FCC

They’re ignoring those ones, calling them ‘scams’ and ‘fake’

Don’t send emails using bots to the FCC

They’re calling them ‘spam’ and ‘not made by real people’

Don’t customize the layouts. Write your own from scratch. It takes a long time, but don’t take someone else’s. The FCC will ignore it. Make yours with you own words. Use everyday speech. Don’t worry about formality, if you got your grammar right and your tone correct, you’re good. 

Send them emails:

The 2 no votes:

The 2 yes votes:


The Chairman:

You can use your main email, a side email you might have, your parent’s email (if they allow that).

Remember to address THEIR stance on it - whether or not they support or reject keeping NN. Make sure you address YOUR stance and why you need it. 

This isn’t a time to think about the fanfics and fanart. This isn’t a time to think about the fandoms, this is a time to think about the jobs. The schools. The hospitals. The ones in poverty, the ones hanging on the edge of the unemployment rate. The homeless, the jobless. The ones with needs, who can’t get out of the house and has to rely on the internet to order necessities like food, hygienics, clothing, and even medication. 

It’s tempting to think of our fandoms. Without nn this blog goes dark, no more PJO posts other than what I manage to put in the queue (and even that will run out). No more Ponaa, MCGA, etc. But I can live without that - I can’t live without my school. NN being destroyed will destroy my future in education. 

It’s time to take action if you haven’t. Send someone to them, if not for yourself than for the rest of the 320 million or so Americans. 

Many people have asked me about sheet music for “Love Like You”. Here’s the handwritten piano lead sheet that I use whenever I perform it. The time signature is ¾ and the key is Eb Major.

My notation is not standard! I customized this around my own understanding of musical patterns. For example, I am using bars to divide between chords/sections of the song instead of a fixed number of beats. Feel free to customize your own copy, too!


News: KOEI TECMO Shingeki no Kyojin 2 Video Game (2018) - Character Creation Studio

KOEI TECMO’s SnK 2 video game will implement a special feature for players: a Character Creation Studio, where you can customize your own protagonist avatar!

Within the editor, every feature from physique, style, uniform, and even tone of voice can be modified. You can then interact freely with the other in-game characters and raise friendship levels. Character skills/stats can be improved via completing training or scouting missions. You can even partake in Regiment Administration, and propose policies that will aid you in future battles!

The game’s release details and news can be found here.

Gameplay visuals and screenshots for the game can be found here.

Character visuals can be found here.

All previous posts on KOEI TECMO’s SnK video games can be found here.

Poem for Spells

Cleansing spells will erase energies you wish to negate

To make a tool sacred and guide what’s innate, you will have to Consecrate

A Summoning brings what’s needed in, or an effect soon to begin

A Banishing will send away what you do not wish to stay

Glamour spells fool more than one’s eyes, to hide a trick or don disguise 

A Jar spell affects where it’s set but a Spell Sachet is the traveller’s best bet

A Bath spell steeps magic into you and powers whatever you would do

A Kitchen spells mainly food, or dessert or drink if that’s the witches’ mood. 

Grounding is the witches’ tool to remain rooted and keep their cool

Warding is a barrier spell to deflect and protect what’s in its shell

Ceremony and Ritual are many-stepped spells for multiples, but if perhaps you are alone, you can keep custom on your own. 

To annoy or to vex, cast a jinx or hex, but for what you will not reverse you might cast a curse

Spells are work, and spells are fun, but pick what you need for the work to be done.

Hello everyone! Here's a BIG update!

Firstly: The post box!

This post box gives you the full editor control you’ve been waiting for! Additionally, you can apply filters to your posts and, of course, add tags! You can also embed images off-site by using the link icon in this post box!

Secondly: The search!

You have two ways of doing a search on-site! In the menu on the left, you can open up that search window that I posted first. Any text that you enter into the text box will be searched for in posts, members, and groups! You can also do a tag search, and filter your searches…but what’s that icon next to the tags?

It lets you match any of the tags or ALL of the tags, allowing you to further filter your tag searches OR create your own custom feed of all of your favorite tags!

Why would you want to use the search bar up top? Well, that one has a special use as well! When you type in something in THAT search bar, it will prompt you to start a tag search, it will search for users and groups with that in their name, OR (the real fun one), it’ll let you search directly into those filtered categories (I’m not saying that this would be an easy way to search for Adult Content shipping stuff, but…)

You can also go into your profile and filter out the three categories on your feed as well!

You might have also noticed a few of the custom themes are in your settings as well! All light themes have now been implemented!

If ANY of these things aren’t working, CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE! And as always, be diligent in reporting bugs so that we can work on stamping them out That is all. Thank you!

(And yes, this means that the temporary ban on NSFW/Adult Content content is lifted! Enjoy :D)

Easy Ways To Create Your Own Spells...

After receiving some messages about spells, how spells work, and the different schools of magic…

I got to work…

And now I have here for you simple lists and tables to create your own custom spells for your own games…

Spells come from 1 of 8 Schools of Magic. 

Spells also have a Range, which is how far you can cast it.

Many Spells (But not ALL of them…) effect not just one person, but an entire area.

Spells also deal a specific damage type.

Some spells (But not ALL of them…) inflict a condition on the target or targets.

And finally, certain spells require those effected to make a Saving Throw to avoid Damage and to avoid being inflicted with a Condition.

So simply pick and mix the Spell School, Range, Area of Effect, Damage, Conditions and Saving Throws…

Keep reading

Allowance use

Alright my dolls, you locked that SD and started getting that money, what y'all gonna do with it?

-don’t even think about spending the whole amount. I mean NO. No matter if you are sure that’s a steel deal you got yourself, remember your daddy can leave you any time. So -

-always take some of your allowance and stack it like it doesn’t exist, literally, DEAD, burnt. Have your own little rainy day trust fund, it can be your childhood piggy bank, I don’t care as long as those paper bills aren’t spent.
You are in a great position now yet how you gonna know what tomorrow can bring you? Maybe you will be in drought for weeks sometimes a month or more. Always be prepared.

-don’t get into that terminator spending mode as soon as those hands feel the paper. Do you really need them Chanel bags and Loubies? If you are really craving for it make your SD get em for you. But honestly, shoe/bag/clothes shopping will make you happy for a while, a car or a house/apartment shopping would make you a bit more permanently happy ? These are big goals I know however aren’t unreasonable and aren’t something so not possible to reach.

-first take care of your bills/rent/tuition/food supply, COVER your basic needs for the month, SAVE the rest. You would be amazed by the sum if you counted all of them bills spent on cute little things you bought yourself from sugaring.

-Keep the receipts and sum it up in the end of a month, if you aren’t going to keep track of your money who will? God? No.

-set up some bigger goals that you plan on reaching from sugaring. It’s maybe paying off that student loan, signing up for masters degree, saving up for your own place, investing in stocks or a small start up of your own. You name it. But I’m sure there must be something more valuable to you than the shopping sprees. Tend to be more friendly to your future.

-I saw a movie few months back, and there was this scene where a bodyguard of a rich guy asks these SBs hanging in the mansion how are they investing their money? What they all said-shoes and bags. And then he spilled the basic truth, What y'all gonna do with them shoes and bags in few years? Mr X will replace you all with them younger bitches and then what? You gonna live in ya shoes? Damn. Opened my eyes. You ain’t gonna be sugaring forever.

-if you HAVE a vanilla job, don’t even dream about leaving/quitting! NO. No matter what or how good your SD is. No matter what he promises to you no matter how much money he gives you. THAT is NOT your PERMANENT INCOME. Allowance is your little/big lottery ticket you are getting every month/week. Treat it like one. It CAN be a losing one just from next time.

-be a HOE but a smart HOE. Always mention to these SDs your actual goals for your future, he is more likely to spend and help ya out with that education/business venture for example than he’ll be interested in spending on some flashy superficial stuff. I’ve learned that hard way.

-think about the way you get your allowance (wire transfer, pay pal, cheque etc) this does vary on a country you live in but CASH will always be the good old almighty cash.

-if he gives you a card, don’t buy everything you see! Take cash from ATMs and stack it. If that card is really at your disposal use it SMART. Pay your groceries with it, bills if possible, replace a thing in your home, help out your family if you are able. But don’t go on a crazy mall tour. Your SD won’t really give a damn how you used it, moreover you can earn bonus points if he notices you are spending it smart.

-I’m not saying that you should not go shopping eventually but be smart about it. Keep inventory of your wardrobe, do supply/demand chart. Do your supply renewal every 3 or 6 months. PLANNING is the mother of SPENDING. If you take care of your wardrobe it will always look fresh and new. Respect it. Remember- your bomb pussy earned that!

-you have stuff in your closet you haven’t worn a year? Great. Sell it online. It will clear up your space and get you some extra $$$.

-another tip on saving- don’t necessarily go all the time to beauty salons (if it’s not something mandatory you can’t do yourself), take some time and do your own mani/pedi, if you can style your hair (there’s some new brushes that literally do the straightening for you while using it, if I find a link I’ll post it) learn to do your own makeup. Don’t buy all the most expensive beauty products all the time, there are cheaper ones which are also good. Take note: BRAND sells the product. So don’t be a victim of someone’s successful advertising. Just because it’s a Dior cream it’s why you need to own it?

-stack as many SDs as possible, short time ones, regular ones, it means MORE money for your wallet.

-don’t show off, don’t bring that negativity out from people. It’s still bad energy and why would you possibly want to make yourself a problem or an unpleasant situation? E.g. Outing you to your friends family coworkers etc, list has no end. You DO NOT have to impress anyone! You live in your OWN skin NOT in other peoples EYES!

-if you can’t keep track of your finances/spendings hire an accountant, it will help you big time!

-take advantage of the sales when you are getting your food/wardrobe or whatever

-don’t be lazy and go to the restaurants all the time! LEARN how to cook if you don’t already know. I’m aware how delicious that home delivery is but the price of a single order could maybe cover more meals if you went to the supermarket. It’s ok occasionally ordering food/going out to eat but think how much you can save up just by cooking yourself.

-be bills and environmental friendly, which means that you don’t need to have all of your lights in the home ON all the time, take your charger out when finished charging your phone/computer, don’t leave your desktop running all day/night or on sleep mode. Same applies to your tv. Take showers instead of filling up the tub. You will be amazed how much all of that can reduce your monthly expenses! Now sum that up for a year! Oh, yes.

-instead of paying for a crazy expensive gym, go out for a run, work out at home/in nature, don’t be lazy and look up YouTube tutorials for different workouts that don’t include gym.

-use public transport whenever you can instead of taxis/uber/your own car (if you own one), take a bicycle if you can, it will do magic to your body and your bank account.

-learn the difference between your NEEDS and DESIRES. Your desire can be your worst enemy if you can’t control it.

-don’t hoard food! Do your supply AD HOC (when necessary).

-make list of all monthly expenses you have, write PROs and CONs for each. Ask yourself do you really need it every month? Cut all unnecessary things off that list.

-get a vanilla job if you already don’t have one!

Combine some of these tips and do good for yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow up to the point rather customize it to your own convenience!

Be a smart Hoe with your money.

Hi friends! Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of apps that I’ve found useful in my life as a student. I’m currently in my second week at community college and adjusting to that #collegelife. A lot of these apps are helpful for both high school and college students while some pertain to living on campus/ meeting new people. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but I hope you find some new apps that may have some purpose for you!



an app a lot of you probably already know about, forest allows you to set a timer for long you want to be productive and stay off your phone. In that time, a tree grows and is placed in your digital forest. If you go into another app during the time, however, the tree will die :(


- a well-known language learning app, duolingo is simple to use and focuses on words and sentence structure in your target language.


similar to duolingo, but has a larger database of words and generally more to it. try both out to see which you like more!


a classic/ essential! create notecards and use a variety of methods to study them. my favorite part is that you can input your next test date and it will create a study plan for you and remind you to keep revising until you’ve mastered all the concepts.

I would also recommend downloading the app for whatever your school’s online learning platform is (if you use one). It’s so helpful to be able to quickly check what assignments you have due, check grades, and message your instructors right from your phone.


Cronometer- a simple and very comprehensive food tracker that has every food you can think of and shows you every macro and micronutrient you’ve consumed. it is important to make sure you’re consuming the proper amount of nutrients and this is the only app i’ve found that is free and shows you everything. there is also a place to log your weight and other biometrics and see trends over time.

Lifesum- another food tracker that gives tips on how to be healthier. beautiful interface and easy to use, although more in depth features require a membership.

MC- my cycles is a period tracker that allows you to input your flow, symptoms, mood, and any medications to effectively track your period with a simple and beautiful interface.

Foodstand- a great app for tracking nutrition, fitness, and water intake goals. all you have to do is draw a checkmark on the screen every time you’ve taken a step towards your selected goal!

Stop, breathe, and think- a fantastic meditation app! Input how you are feeling mentally and physically and the app will generate a list of guided meditations for you to choose from.

Sworkit- strength, cardio, flexibility, and yoga workouts, many of which don’t require equipment and are dorm friendly. you can even customize your own workout with your favorite moves!

Waterminder- water and liquid tracker, there’s all there is to it!

LaLa Lunchbox- this app is geared towards little kids but it allows you to create a meal plan and put foods from each category into your “lunchbox” to create an easy and healthy meal. depending on what foods you select for the week, the app generates a shopping list as well! this is so important to me since i commute and there is nowhere on campus to buy food.


Sleeptown- from the same developers as forest, you input your bedtime and wake up time and leave the app open while you sleep (your phone can be turned off). while you sleep, a building is constructed and added to your town. if you go to bed too late or go on your phone, the building is destroyed. it has an alarm in app and helps to develop a consistent sleep schedule.

Carrot Alarm- this app was KEY for me back when i had trouble waking up in the mornings. basically, the AI robot screams at you and forces you to perform certain tasks in order to turn the alarm off. I wouldn’t recommend if you live in a dorm unless your roommate is on board.

Sleep Time- a sleep tracker that monitors your breathing and movement to determine the best time to wake you up so you don’t feel groggy in the morning.


Heyy- this is such a fun app for when you’re making connections with a ton of new people. Input any contact information and social medias into the app and when you meet someone, you select which information to share with them via airdrop. makes meeting new people so much easier!

Spaceteam- a fun game that requires multiple people to safely guide a spaceship through the galaxy. great for in the dorms when you and your friends want something silly to do, also great for making new friends!

1 Second Everyday- simply film one second of video everyday and the app compiles them into a single video so you can look back on all you did in the year.


Productive- to do list and habit tracker with a simple and modern interface.

Thinglist- one list for all your tv shows, books, places, and other bucket list items.

Pinterest- find links and photos for studyspo, study tips, life hacks, style ideas, recipes, and sooo much more! you can organize them into “boards” so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Daily Budget- input your weekly income (or how much money you’ll allow yourself to spend in a week) and the app divides it among the days in the week. whenever you spend money the app deducts from that day (and the next if you spend too much) and any money you have left carries over to the next day.

Starbucks- the Starbucks app is great because it allows you to digitalize your gold card (spend $75 and get a free drink or food item) and gift cards, place mobile orders, and partake in challenges to earn more rewards.


Youtube- pretty self-explanatory, but you can find so many tips for school, life, health, etc. on youtube!

Google Photos- free up phone space by automatically backing up all of your photos online.

Spotify- find and create playlists for any mood, including sleeping or studying. the free version works great but premium membership is only $5/month for students!

Netflix- obviously.

There you have it, the apps I can’t live without! I hope you find them helpful! Study hard!

April 27 isn’t just Kirby’s birthday, but also Stanley day. Cause Stanley is number 427, and today is the day 427. Gosh this spring sure does have many important days.

lesbianlitzibitztrost  asked:

hey rob please share your american wisdom with me: what is a coke freestyle machine

oh karin, oh darling karin, you poor swedish soul, to have not heard of the single triumph of american capitalism that is

the coke freestyle machine.

you see on the touch screen many orbs that bear the brand of different beverages owned by the coca cola company. ah, you think, so it dispenses all those beverages? like a regular soda dispenser with a touchscreen.

but it is more than that: for when one activates one of the coke orbs, an array of previously arcane beverage choices spreads before your eyes. say i want to partake in a crisp sprite: i select the sprite orb, and what do i get but many different esoteric flavors of sprite to select from! i’ve only ever seen raspberry sprite at these machines.

here are all the orbs one can choose from:

it’s fucking incredible. it’s magic. every time i get to access a coke freestyle machine i gain access to mystic knowledge.

also you can scan in qr codes and get your own custom drink mixed from the offerings of several orbs. new strides in orb studies.

it’s mostly offered at movie theatres but i’ve been to several fast food places (mostly in southern california) that have them. every time i’ve been to one it nearly overwhelms me.