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Hello! Yesterday i make this collection of pillows, rugs and bed covers!!! I gonna be making more CC for house and some clothes recolors so prepare your mods folder!!!

I love making this is so fun and helps me not to stress to much 
\(^▽^)/ So i hope everyone like it! 
Thanks for all the downloads in my last things! Thanks everyone! 

If the link don’t work click Open link in new Tab! If you want me to recolor somethings send me a message!


  • Pillows mesh (Orange Coussin) by @msteaqueen (52 colors) I love the pugs one is so adorable!
  • Bed covers mesh by Pilar (51 colors)
  • Rugs base game (54 colors)
  • Pictures by society6 (the best site ever)
  • Custom thumbnails (every recolor have it)
  • If you don’t find the recolors try type [PR_SS] Circa in buy mode
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CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

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“The doors of Durin, Lord of Moria, speak friend and enter"

By now you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big Tolkien fan. So when this set of The Lord of the Rings, featuring custom “Doors of Durin” dust jackets arrived on Saturday from @juniperbooks, there was definitely a pig squeal involved.

The books themselves are made by Houghton Mifflin with gorgeous Tengwar embossing on the front and spines BUT THERE ARE FOLD-OUT MAPS OF MIDDLE-EARTH IN THE BACK OF EACH BOOK. (I actually made my husband stop what he was doing and come unfold the maps with me when I discovered their existence, because it was one of those things you need to do with someone.)

They are pretty big maps, and they are gorgeous. (by now you’ve probably also gathered how I feel about maps) I will definitely show the maps in another post soon.

There is something really amazing about owning a beautiful set of books that really mean something to you. (just as much as the old set that you’ve read one million times and is falling apart.) It’s like having a beautiful gown hanging in the closet next to your favorite, worn pair of jeans.

Honestly an all around special set of books and custom covers by @juniperbooks.

The Doors of Durin, also known as the West-gate, the West-door of Moria, or Elven Door, were built into the Walls of Moria in the dark cliffs of the Silvertine, and formed the western entrance to the great Dwarven city of Khazad-dum.

The Elven Door was constructed in cooperation between Dwarves and Elves, sometime between S.A. 750 and 1500.It was the two greatest craftsmen of the Second Age, the Elf and Lord of Eregion, Celebrimbor, and the dwarf Narvi who built the Doors.These were the days before the Dark Years of Sauron’s dominion in Middle-earth, and the friendship between Elven and Dwarven kingdoms was a rare and special event. During this peaceful time the Doors stood open, allowing unfettered trade. But during the War of the Elves and Sauron (in S.A. 1697) the Doors were sealed shut after Hollin fell to Sauron’s forces.


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I someone is wondering about the name is from this song from Declan McKenna - Isombard i love this song a lot (♡°▽°♡) He is one of my favorite singers ♡ ~('▽^人) 

Hello everyone today i gonna give you some gifts!! Wow thank you all for following me and liking my stuff all of you makes me happy! I thought I would never get to 500 followers but i did it  ☆ ~('▽^人) Yeaaaaaaaah i love you all thanks for everything!! And thanks for downloading my Bands tees for guys and girls!!! Happy happy happy! 

When i see i have 510 followers i cry of joy 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

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CC i used from:

@leo-sims @mio-sims@mxims and paintings by me! Thanks you all for the lovely CC!

I think is everything

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!! WCIF friendly so ask me anything!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims, mysims4screenshots or @ me and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!!


What’s up everybody? I decided to give y'all a some more Weeknd/Polaroid-style album covers. These have been very successful for my blog and I gotta thank everyone who has been liking, reblogging, commenting, everything. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Harry performing on XFactor UK | November 11, 2017

Bespoke Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Jumpsuit

For his first televised performance of Kiwi as a single, Harry debuted a new custom purple jumpsuit from London-based designer Charles Jeffrey. Previously, Harry has worn a pinstripe jumpsuit from the AW17 collection on the Late Late Show and a custom red jumpsuit on the cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine. All of them have a bespoke lining featuring Harry’s initials. Harry paired the jumpsuit with his Gucci horsebit boots.


Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court

Finally finished my custom Feyre pop! Inspired by the acowar cover and this. Pretty happy with how it turned out even if the photos don’t show just how sparkly her dress is


You can now customize cover photos and descriptions on Spotify and I thought I’d share some of mine!

Sad Indie - A playlist for those lonely hearts that long for some rest and comfort.

The Heartbroken  - A playlist for those days where you just feel alone and want nothing but to lay in bed and cry. 

Cozy Indie - A playlist to match the feeling of big sweaters and fallen leaves.

Ghost Town - A playlist for those days when you feel nonexistent and just want to lay on the floor.

Seclusion - A playlist specifically made to calm anxiety and clear the minds that need a break from the rush of the world. All synthetic indie tracks with a vibe to match the calm of being underwater. 

Melancholy (NEW) - A playlist reminiscent of when you finally crawl into bed on a Saturday night after soaking your emotions in alcohol.

TOP TEN IOS APPS by bree celestudials 

like many other students, i use my iphone for many purposes, including studying! a few of the apps i’m going to recommend here are classics, but most are more obscure to avoid giving repetitive information. all of them help me cope better with daily life, academic or otherwise. listed with their names and a description of their function. every app is free!

google calendar, google docs, & google drive

condensed to one point because they really go hand in hand, google’s organizational apps are a must-have for any student. syncing across multiple devices, with convenient organizational categories, they are most effective when used together.


my favorite method of communication, discord is a chat app that far outstrips skype. it has text chat, voice call, and a video calling function is in beta right now. it has custom roles and emojis, and server management and nicknaming is much easier than ever before. despite being advertised as “chat for gamers,” it’s really for everyone!


this studyblr staple is a great tool for on-the-go language learning. it partners with the duolingo website, and offers a vast variety of languages with customized learning paths. quiz yourself on the bus, or study during lunch: duolingo is here!

paper by 53

paper is a note-taking alternative for the creative mind; it has a word processing function, and it also offers a digital sketchpad. if you want to switch fast between doodling and writing, i recommend paper.


a classic calming app, viridi is a game where the player cultivates a bowl full of succulents in more or less real time. it’s always calming for me to check in on my plants and water them, but be warned that just like real succulents, they can die! nevertheless, i recommend viridi to anyone with anxiety or a busy schedule; it’s a quiet, meditative space that gives you room to breathe.


a great music app for making playlists. it doesn’t host all youtube videos, but it allows you to do custom playlist cover art and titles, and it has free unlimited listening (unlike 8tracks). i’m celestudial on there; come say hi!


this app works in conjunction with onenote on windows, and is a great word processor and place to take notes. it does autocapitalize, which i’ve found to be somewhat annoying, but other than that its function is pretty much flawless!


VSCO is a popular studyblr app; it’s a photo editor that produces crisp, professional images. use it to adjust your studyspo pictures to your liking, or to filter a selfie! it has many potential uses, especially for the artistically inclined.

i love fur

this one’s a little different: it’s a game app where you have to play with different textures of touch-sensitive fur. i find it very engaging and soothing, and it’s very helpful for my sensory issues.

clue (period tracker)

clue is a period tracking app, one of the more discreet that i’ve seen around. it allows you to keep track of your cycle, warns you when your next period should be coming, and it isn’t covered in pink and gendered symbolism for those of you (like me!) who have periods but aren’t female.

that’s all! if there are issues with any of these, my inbox is open. if this helped you, please let me know/tag me in a post. here are my other masterposts; go forth and achieve!

theeclecticpolymath  asked:

Here's an idea: alien species (that possibly has some kind of hive-mind) is baffled by humanities sheer individuality and the importance we place on it - and by extension, the huge number of differing cultures we have.

“Your lower appendage coverings remain on.”

“…Yes, I’m wearing shoes. Have been all day, dude.”

“Is it not a common sign of rudeness to do so?”

“…I mean they’re shoes? And they’re clean so–oh, wait, your partner is over in Japan, right? Yeah I think I read that you take off your shoes inside over there.”

“There are differing customs of appendage-covering dependent upon geography?”

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i loved their comeback ok,,,,,,,,

JinJin: seems like he’d be the most serious, since his resting expression looks so focused and mature but if you catch him at the right times - he’s being a total dork. Is the slowest with the register and Sanha always has to help him if things get jammed up. His favorite drinks are cold brew coffees. You end up having an order mixed up, which you’re not mad about but that makes JinJin a little embarrassed. For the first time, you see pink dust his cheeks and you think he’s never looked more adorable - all the while JinJin fusses to make you the right drink - and maybe write something on the side of the cup about a free coffee if you come in tomorrow? 

Rocky: will crack jokes and make puns with customers names, covers his apron in cute stickers and patches. Can get a little too loud with his laughter, but it’s fine because it brightens up the cafe. His favorite drinks to recommend are espresso’s - for high energy boosts! He notices you almost falling asleep at you table so he brings over a shot, says that you need to find the energy to stay up and study - but more than the espresso, it’s his cute face that wakes you right up.  

Moonbin: soft spoken and always smiling, he’s got a slightly oblivious charm that makes people feel like they should take care of him - even though they’re the customers and he’s the barista. His favorite drinks to recommend are fruit smoothies and natural tasting teas. He once sees you struggling to get the door of the cafe open, so he asks JinJin to take over the register while he goes over to help. You thank him, shyly and in a hurry - but the moment he smiles you feel like the world stops and for a second it’s just you and him. 

Sanha: sticks out due to his tall height and baby like face, but is really friendly and happy to help. Knows the menu like the back of his hand, and also convinces the others to let him pick out playlists for the day. His favorite drinks to recommend are freshly squeezed juices since he doesn’t like coffee all that much. He also likes the shaved ice a lot. You really like one of the songs playing in the cafe, so you as Rocky about it who directs you to Sanha. Sanha is literally over the moon when you say you like this singer because he does to - he takes his break just to talk music with you ~

MJ: his jokes are subtle, unlike Rocky’s, but they’re still there. His personality is a flux between energetic or calm, and both sides are equally as nice to be around. He has the all around feeling of a good natured person, with you know super good looks. His favorite drinks to recommend are lattes, because there are so many different flavors to pick from. He especially likes the ones that are made for specific holidays. You accidentally spill some of your drink while going to your table and MJ is the first to come and help. You apologize profusely, until he waves it off and goes “People always trip around here, Eunwoo thinks it’s because his good looks fluster them.” he laughs - but you kind of want to admit that to you, it’s his looks that fluster you the most.

Eunwoo: most customers freeze up when ordering from him and Eunwoo is so used to it, he just smile and calmly walks them through it. JinJin calls him the “money face”, meaning the cafe gets more money because of his face. But he’s more than that, he’s actually easily impressed and surprised by new and interesting things. His favorite drinks to recommend are cappuccinos because of the pretty foam designs. You’re watching a movie for class with headphones, but Eunwoo keeps strolling by to peek at your screen. At some point you turn, and ask if he’s seen it before and his handsome face gets ll red. He admits that he doens’t, but he’d like to and you scribble down the title for him on a napkin. He also, quietly murmurs if you’d like to write down your name an number as well (and like,,,how could anyone say no??). 

The upperclassmen give Neil a gift he will always cherish

  • The Upperclassmen graduation is coming up in a few days and with them all going home for the summer they want to get Neil something to remember them all with 
  • However they couldn’t agree on what to get him
  • Dan thought new exy equipment, Matt wanted to take them to a court game, Allison was determined to get Neil more clothes, and Renee wanted to ask Andrew but knew he would just blow her off
  • So they decided that they would all pay close attention to Neil the last two weeks of class to try to get clues and pick a gift they all agree on
  • Throughout the days they notice how Neil draws on literally everything but never keeps the doodles when he is done
  • They’re best thing that the upperclassmen have seen
  • Most of the drawings they manage to catch glimpses of are beautiful dead eyes, smirking lips, bruised/bleeding knuckles and outlines of a defined muscled back
  • Lets be real these upperclassmen can be just as oblivious at times too (except Renee)
  • All of them don’t understand why Neil is an languages major instead of an arts major 
  • And from how they saw Neil use the journal Bee gave him constantly and never leave anywhere without it
  • They decided that they would all pitch in and get him a sketch book
  • However it’s not just any sketchbook, it’s a customized orange leather cover with an imprinted fox paw on the front
  • Around the top of the paw is written “Neil Josten” and the bottom has “Honorary Fox”
  • They think it will be perfect and Allison knows just the guy that is good enough to rush their order in time before they all leave
  • The Upperclassmen are ecstatic when it comes in the day before graduation
  • Mainly because they will be able to give it to Neil in time before he leaves with his mini vacation with Andrew
  • Finding out that Andrew is willingly letting the other monsters out of his sight is surprising
  • The ceremony is long but amazing with a bunch of overwhelming mixed emotions
  • When they finally get to meet up with Neil afterwards they immediately go to hand him the gift
  • “But I don’t understand, shouldn’t I be the one giving you gifts”
  • Matt basically squeezes Neil to death while Dan attempts to rip him off of the poor boy who looks like he can’t breathe
  • Renee just gives him a small smile and Allison is bragging in the background about how she did most of the work to get the gift
  • When Dan finally gets the giant teddy bear to back off, she urges Neil to open the gift
  • Slowly Neil starts to unwrap the gift and freezes when he sees the cover of the book
  • With slightly shaking hands Neil touches the cover gently and opens it to examine the new gift
  • The Upperclassmen are afraid that might have misread the little things that they’ve picked up on because of Neil’s reaction
  • Neil feels like he has a lump stuck in his throat
  • He wants to say thank you but he can’t
  • His thank you’s are reserved for a certain blond hair man
  • But he wants to show Dan, Matt, Allison, and Renee how much he appreciates what they’ve done for him
  • So he does the only thing he knows how the upperclassmen show their appreciation by
  • He tries to gather all of them up in his arm for a group hug
  • The group hug last for what seems like forever
  • When they finally pull back Neil looks them in the eyes one by one and says
  • “I’m glad you accepted me into the fox family”
  • Allison answers for them all when she says
  • “You were always meant to be a fox”