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We had just a little bit of time, we saw the fun, we took some pics, had some hipster drinks, lol! 

And I’ll be sharing my look soon, just wanted to say it was 100% inspired by another simmer’s LookBook but I can’d find it again to tag ‘em to give credits, so I APOLOGISE! If you recognize your own Lookbook, please message me so I could tag you and give you credits! 

#GetTheLook Coachella COMING SOON

Work in progress: Captain Hollow Silver x White coord

I want to make some custom shorts and a fancy silver x white buttcape to go with this at some point. The Jacket was originally missing the arm band and half the side chains, so I made those too!

Alice and the Pirates: Jacket, boots, armor ring
Angelic Pretty: Melty moon bag
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Scepter
Handmade by Me: Hat, (part of) melty moon necklace, jacket side chains and arm band
Kawaiicore: Moon necklace pendant
Mossmarchen: Cross necklace
R-Series: Blouse

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I had a customer who was truly awful to me, and when I got home I called my dad to vent (and cry). My family is about a thousand miles away, and my mom was at a conference, so it was just my dad and brothers at home. he's diabetic and I could tell he had a low blood sugar, so I got my brother involved, who eventually had to call 911 because his blood sugar was so low and he couldn't eat or drink. Long story short - terrible customer may have saved my dads life????

Hi everyone! As you can see, I have made custom content for you all! All 400 of you! Thank you guys so much! After I post this from now on along with lookbook and sim requests, I will have recolor requests open too. I plan on releasing recolors regularly too. Hopefully you guys like these recolors of @pickypikachu‘s high waisted shorts and jeans. These show up under the original pants.



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Okay so a super short customers are awful post. I work in a coffee shop that exclusively sells takeaway coffees. Today in particular was a very bad customer day, I was asked multiple times for a coffee to have here, and then they get shitty when I say its only takeaway??? Like we literally only have takeaway cups, I cannot give you anything else. Also what fucking size do you want, people just say "latte" and stare at me?? We have different fucking sizes mate? I cant read your mind, tell me!!!