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Hi simmers! You’ve been a lot -at least a hundred- to ask me for the old Bazlou’s cc I worked on. Fact is I no longer have any old files. And as you’ve all claimed asked for the famous High waisted short, I decided to remake it. So, here it is! The texture have been remade and is now way better quality. I don’t made a lot of colours. Your job to recolor it.

However, this is an exceptional creation. As I said, Bazlou does no longer exist, and I’m not interested in making old non-scifi stuff. If you’re looking after old cc, I recently made a new version of the zip shoes.

Recolorable. You can use my texture, but please don’t include the mesh and give credits back. Read my TOU for more information.

  • BG compatible
  • 9 colours
  • Maxis Match
  • Custom thumbnail

Disclaimer: I worked on Bazlou and create the original, which was all mine so I’m not stealling anyone or anything.



OKAY so I love this CC, so imma link it for you guys:)

Flower crown (toksik)

Hair (LeahLillith, I use SO MUCH of their stuff)

Highlight (This is a glitter set by Pralinesims)

Bralet (again, toksik)

Gold tattoos (also by toksik)

Choker (toksik does so much amazing cc, I use it all so much)

Eyebrows (Check out all of Pralinesims’ stuff, it’s gorg)

Eyelashes (Kijiko 3D lashes, GET THEM)


Mariana Helbert

h e l l o ! I’m back with one more simmie ^_^ ♥ her name is Mariana Helbert I really like how she turned out ♥  ♥  ♥ if you are intrested in downlouding her , you can downloud her at TS4 gallery! under: “_GallexySimmer_”  ✿ make sure you have “incude Custom Content” on. ♥

cc i used:

hair:(X) skin detail:(X) eyebrows:(X) eyelashes:(X) lipstick:(X) freckles:(X) eyeshadow:(X) crop top:(X) shorts:(X) shoes:(X) nails:(X) eyeliner:(X)

poses by: Flower Chamber


~please don’t reuploud my creations as your own. if you want to use my creations please tag me! ^_^ ♥♥♥ thanks for understanding~

Work in progress: Captain Hollow Silver x White coord

I want to make some custom shorts and a fancy silver x white buttcape to go with this at some point. The Jacket was originally missing the arm band and half the side chains, so I made those too!

Alice and the Pirates: Jacket, boots, armor ring
Angelic Pretty: Melty moon bag
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Scepter
Handmade by Me: Hat, (part of) melty moon necklace, jacket side chains and arm band
Kawaiicore: Moon necklace pendant
Mossmarchen: Cross necklace
R-Series: Blouse

will I ever stop drawing Jay and Anders cuddling on various couches? NOPE: It’s the second-best thing after snowy handers. Word of me says it keeps happening because Jay naps recklessly and Anders can’t resist flopping on him or squeezing himself between Jay and the back rest.

(the pose looks weird because Anders is actually flopping between Jay’s legs but I couldn’t get that part of the picture working so I just CROPPED IT xD)

anonymous asked:

Why do we even have name tags? At my old job EVERYONE kept dropping the "A" off the end of my name and yes, my name minus the A is still a name but it's not my name. If I called people on it I got "oh it's just a nickname" well you don't know me well enough to nickname me because if you did you would know I HATE that name with a burning passion. I can't even begin to imagine what a nightmare it is for trans people with their preferred name on their tag. People suck and you all deserve better.

I tend to ignore people until they say my name correctly. I hate people shortening my name because they are too lazy to say the whole name. I had one that did t get the hint and complained to the manager that I was rude by not answering. He called my name (correctly) I looked at him and he said “are you ignoring this customer?”
Me “I’m not ignoring anyone”
Customer: “I’ve been calling you”
Me: “you were calling someone else. You weren’t saying my name”
Customer: I was calling (short version of my name) and you ignored me"
Me: “that’s not my name so I thought you wanted someone else. How can I help you”

He complained that he was calling my name so I called him “BOB” the rest of the time. He said “my names Robert not bob!” And I told him “my name is Rodney not Rod” and he huffed and left.

Don’t shorten people’s names without their permission. It pisses me off and it really pisses my wife off. It’s not her fault her mom gave her an unpronounceable name and you don’t get to shorten it without permission.