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i say tend to say “take as long as you need” to customer service employees when theyre like apologizing and saying they have to help someone else, and i really hope that it doesnt come across as passive aggressive and that its clear i genuinely mean “take as long as you need im cool with waiting and i appreciate your service and if the manager comes over and asks if ive been helped i will vouch for you”

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You know how fantasy races/aliens are built around a common idea (dwarves have wealth, vulcans don't show emotion, klingons are violent, etc)... Finland sounds like that, but the thing you center your entire society around is going to the sauna...

I was gonna say they’re not as big of a deal as some other things, but then I started thinking about it and yeah, you’re right…..

Here’s a map of every public sauna in Finland:

Then there are all of the private saunas which are literally everywhere - most houses have their own and even some apartments like mine have a small one. If you don’t have a personal sauna there’s usually at least a shared one with others in the same building complex. And of course summer cottages, which there are also a dickload of in finland, have saunas.

The sauna/person ratio is about 1:2

you could be in the middle of fucking woods and still run into scouts with a portable tent sauna. they’re just fucking everywhere

dude wtf…. at target today these parents came in with a little boy and they bought him a bunch of captain underpants books. the boy was so excited that he started reading them as soon as i rung them up. the dad was trying to find his debit card and he was like “hey bud, are george and harold up to something cool?” and the kid nodded while he kept reading