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Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

i was tagged by The Meisiu (i know wow) to do this and it was actually really fun? i don’t usually build but this was small enough so it was manageable :^) 

it’s called The Burrow and it’s on my gallery along with another one i did because this was That Fun.
i tag @gohliath@mummasim@soft-almond@literallywhothe​ if you haven’t done it already/want to do it (:

origin id: fruitpink


With the Windenburg University Fan Pack, you can better prepare your Sims for their transition into adulthood. Immerse them in the college lifestyle and let the Campus become their classroom! Send those teens off to Get Educated!

EXPLORE THE VAST CAMPUS by @redhotchilisimblr

ID : DWould / CC Free / 64 x 64 / Library / 859K

  • Get set up in your new dorm room and meet your fellow students, maybe join a club or two! On the first floor of your dorm, you will find the common area where we keep recreational and gaming equipment that can be checked out from the hall desk, as well as a small kitchen for late night snacking.
  • Don’t forget to take note of the lecture halls inside the main building so you aren’t late on your first day. The Dean has a great view of the entire Campus from his office in the tower so make sure to be on your best behavior.
  • The library in the West wing of the main building boasts more than 3000 books to browse, 14 desktop computers, and a quiet space to spread out and do all that homework you’ve neglected!
  • The cafeteria in the East wing of the main building will keep you well fed. Keep an eye out for (hopefully) delicious experimental dishes from the Culinary Arts Kitchens upstairs.
  • Interested in the fine arts program? Take some time to explore your creativity in the Art District next door to the dorm. With it’s towering walls decorated with former student’s works of art, you’re sure to feel those creative juices flow and become inspired to create some of your own.
  • Across the Quad from your dorm is the Science District. Collect samples from the surrounding area to splice and grow in our gorgeous Greenhouse and terrace.
  • In your free time, ‘The White Lotus’ basement terrace is a gorgeous place to grab some caffiene and sweets. Later in the evening, The Green Leprechaun Bar will be your new stomping ground. Mingle with your fellow nightowls and blow off some steam! Shop at the official campus bookstore for all of your supply and swag needs.

Windenburg University Majors

  1. Science (Skills : Logic - Programming)
  2. Art (Skills : Painting - Handiness - Photography)
  3. Media / Communication (Skills : Charisma - Photography)
  4. Physical Education (Skills : Fitness - Wellness)
  5. Drama (Skills : Charisma - Comedy - Singing)
  6. Business (Skills : Logic - Charisma)
  7. Culinary (Skills : Gourmet - Baking)
  8. History (Skills : Writing - Logic)

SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT SWAG  by @vivificus-zombiae

And also new buy mode recolors (with various swatches each) :

Includes*… :

  • 4 base game top recolors (5 swatches each)
  • 5 new hairstyles
  • Puff chair (19 swatches)
  • “Hipster” style 3-piece living room seating set : couch, loveseat, armchair (5 swatches)
  • Matching area rug (10 swatches)

(*) Base Game Compatible.

TS2 > TS4 CONVERSIONS by @zx-ta

Includes 25 objects from The Sims 2 : FreeTime and Teen Style Stuff

Also includes a walls set !


Includes 16 new poses (more not in the preview)

Note :

Every items have been successfully playtested. For MAC users, you might encounters stuttering issues if your computer is running on an old version or with minimal requirements. For newest versions or PC users, no issues have been found.

Because the University is set as a lbrary, kids can possibly show up. It doesn’t happens a lot, but it could be annoying for some users. To prevent this, chose the lot trait “teens hangout”. Also, if you’ve Get Together, create a group of students and set up the campus as their favorite location. With both combine, you’ve a slim chance to have kids showing up, and if they do, they’ll leave pretty soon.


(Includes all the custom contents, the poses pack and the lot tray file)

We’re all so proud and happy to finally share our project. It was quite challenging but I think the wait finally worth it. Thanks for your support, your patience and ideas. Besides, I want to thanks all the person who’ve somehow participated on the project. No doubt I’ll do it again because it was such a great experience to share with amazing creators and you. Once again, happy simming and feel free to tag us or use the hashtag “windenburguniversity” if you’re using our creations !  -Red.


KSimbleton Kinder Slide in Action!!

Hello! I hope you all are enjoying the new Parenthood pack :) :) I’m on my way in to play now, but I thought I’d post this first since I’m really excited about it! I’ve always wished my kinder slide could be more than decoration, and now it IS!!! It comes in all the kinderset colors (see post here) and is now a functioning toy, thanks to @necrodogmtsands4s! He was kind enough to give me permission to use his Dino Slide mesh as a base for this new object. You can pick up his slide here and check out all his other cool custom animated objects.

I had to edit the original kinder slide a bit to work with the animation, but I think it turned out kinda cute! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! 

I should also mention that you may have the deco slide and the animated slide in your game at the same time.

Made, as usual, with Sims4Studio.

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!


My first Pose Pack!

Just some simple poses that I needed in my game to go with my legacy, and I decided to share them with you all! I hope you enjoy, thank you so much for looking and all your support!

Please let me know if something goes wrong! Also tag me if you use them, I’d love to see it! :3

- Download HERE

American Gods Crocodile Bar Shot Glass Set

On sale Aug 16 • 3-pack shot glass set • $14.99
When Shadow Moon enters the employ of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday in the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a new world unfolds. They seal the deal in the Crocodile Bar, drinking three shots: one is the charm, one is the compact, one is the seal. You can try this at home with our new three-pack of custom shot glasses. Packaged in a full-color box with a photo of the scene and explanation of the deal.

((SimmerKiki)) My Cuties PosePack <3

Here is my first toddler pose pack, I will for sure be working on more. So forgive me if this one is not the best. I will make it up to ya somehow lol

You will need:
Pose player 
teleport statue

How to use:
Just over lap two or three statues and pose

Do NOT re upload and claim as your own!

If use please use the Hashtag #simmerkiki because I will LOVE to see the pics<3

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anonymous asked:

I saw JessicaNJpa get asked this question and I'd like to hear your thoughts: do you think the cullens have any running jokes or little familial nuances they bring up that happened like fifty years ago?

If anyone didn’t see jessicanjpa and forksfiction​‘s answers, check them out. They are excellent. 

I think there are countless running jokes. Although, the joke headcanons I have are more from recent events than from what happened fifty years ago. 

Such as:

  • Emmett is going to tease Edward (with Bella within earshot) about “dating an older woman” for the rest of their existence. He will also give Bella a cake with “Happy 19th Birthday” each year because of how insistent she was about still being technically 18 in BD. 
  • If Edward ever encounters another blood-singer, there will be countless jokes about how he found another soulmate, and whether he plans on inviting them over for dinner too. Plus, someone may accidentally bring up that whole MS conversation where Rosalie and Jasper wanted to kill Bella. Awkward.
  • There has to be a running tally of whether Edward or Rosalie is more extraTM. Edward is now winning with his phone crushing and sparkling Italian adventures.
  • After Emmett and Jasper watched “Dexter,” they started calling Edward “Dex” because of his “rebellion.”
  • Anytime something goes moderately wrong, everyone (mostly Emmett and Jasper) blames Bella, claiming her danger magnetic quality was strengthened in immortality. 
  • With alternative medicine becoming more popular, Emmett tells Carlisle that he should start offering vampirism as a “natural” treatment option. Carlisle is not amused. 

Plus, Emmett probably designed a few a bunch of those custom Cards Against Humanity Cards, and gets really excited when the opportunity to use them presents itself.  

Examples Under the Cut (to avoid making this post too long):

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