customised toys


The latest order from my etsy store: Big version of the mini puppet duck!

Had a lot of fun painting this and very happy with how (creepy) it turned out!

Having finished Silver Eyes the week it came out, I’m now eagerly awaiting the adorable strangeness that will be Fnafworld! :)


Five Shades Of Gray collection, Shark OOAK outfit by dollsalive
Via Flickr:…

[Fashion Royalty ‘Adele’ by Integrity Toys, wearing OOAK outfits. –MOD]

nabokovsshadows  asked:

Clown baby headcanons Circus themed nursery Hyenas sleep by the cot Customised stroller and toys Ear protectors to protect from the sound of gunfire while out and about Lots of security Not many people allowed to hold the baby Some matching outfits with the joker Animal onesies


I thought I was the only one who always imagined the baby with these cute little earmuffs to block out the constant sound of machine guns lol

Absolutely any fancy event the baby has a custom made outfit that matches his father’s 💕


Warrick by Peewee Parker

[customised doll by Peewee Parker. From what I can tell, I believe he’s Tobias Alsford by Integrity Toys, and he has a fully custom faceup, and a re-root?  –MOD]

So this is my kids’ toy idea. Ready? And you’re not allowed to steal it, I’m totally gonna make it one day. Ready? This is my idea. Sparkledog fashion toys.

Kids love customisable toys. Everyone loves customising. Customising is great. And we’re still stuck in the archaic shit of “you can only market fashion or animals to little girls”. This ticks all the boxes. Look at deviantart. Young girls hella love wolves. My Little Pony makes money, why isn’t anyone selling customisable wolves?? AnsWER BECAUSE IM NOT A CORPORATE CEO YET

sell different coloured wolf bodies. The same mould but different colours, and different faces. Sell them with accessories. A goth wolf, a scene wolf, a glam wolf. Legwarmers. Necklaces. Paint your wolf. Style your wolf. Like to go big? Buy some devil or angel wings for your wolf. Horns. Glow in the dark claws. Transfers. Now you have a real toy of your wolf fursona that you can take on adventures. I’m trademarking this shit

EDIT: not even joking me and pyro are now excitedly discussing how we would make this happen and stuff (possible 3d printing, maybe make an app store tie-in game where you look after a customisable wolf…)

So I have a good friend who loves ducks and Portal, so for his birthday last year I customised a duck toy for him.

Presenting Duck Rattmann!

This year we decided he needed some company, so I created Chell [Reduckted], Cave Duckson and Duckoline.

And now I’m sure you’re all wondering the exact same thing I am - how the blazes am I going to create duck GLaDOS and Wheatley??