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askdjfisloafyss ally do you have any life advice in avoiding procrastination or being organized? bc school is kicking my butt right now... *tears*

agdjks i pulled out my planner yesterday to fill it up with submission and exam dates with highlighters of all colours and when i saw how CROWDED and COLOURFUL the pages became to be…..reality slaps the hell outta your procrastinating ass to get to work LOL

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Do you have time management tips for a Senior student who has to balance finishing two portfolios till 26th of Feb for uni application , staying on top of school work, learning to use Photoshop programs, writing a pre-scientific work till December whilest not neglecting fitness? I only have 5 hours a day available during the week on the weekend almost the whole day. Btw I love your blog! 💖

Thank you 💖  💖  Tbh this sounds like just like the situations I help my clients with as a productivity coach. I suggest signing up for the limited time offer of free sessions while you still can. For now, all I can do is give general advice. 

General time management tips for busy people:

  1. First of all, see how many hours you have in a week. E.g., (5 hours x 5) + (12 hours x 2) = 25 + 24 = 49 hours available in the week.
  2. Identify your tasks according to priority. Considering your short-term and long-term priorities. E.g., Portfolios, studying, homework, writing pre-sci, studying photoshop, fitness.
  3. Figure out how you can minimise the tasks. E.g., most efficient fitness is spending 10ish mins in the morning and 10 in the afternoon; only spend 3 hours a week on learning to use photoshop.
  4. Focus most of your time on your high-value tasks. E.g., since you have 47 hours left in your week to spend on the other things: 1)school, 2) portfolios, 3) pre-sci
  5. Batch similar tasks together. E.g., spend 4 days a week on only school work, spend 3 hours on day 5 on school and 1 hour on prepping your portfolio and 1 hour on pre-sci. Then on day 6 and 7 spend a few more hours prepping the latter two. (Since I don’t know how much work/time each thing actual requires I’m just making this up. Adjust according to essential workload).
  6. Make sure you have set hours of undistracted focus sessions every day. It doesn’t have to be the entire 5 hrs, The human brain can at most do four, consistently. But what starting out try around 1 hr, then 2 in the following week. During this time, put away ALL distractions, like putting your phone on ‘do not disturb’ and ‘airplane’ mode, etc. 
  7. Incorporate dedicated breaks every 30-60 minutes for 5-10 minutes and do something totally different, get up and get a snack, stretch and don’t think about your work, that way you can keep working for longer without burning out.
  8. Every day make a top 3 task list for things you NEED to accomplish that day. Tasks that you CANNOT migrate to another day. Do those first.
  9. You can read the advice I gave to someone in a similar busy situation, here.

You already have what it takes, these are simply suggestions. I hope you take it easy and stay on track. Keep me posted ;)  

Also, if you (or others) need more support you can book a customised productivity strategy session with me. Cause I want you to succeed and achieve your goals 💖  💖  

Steve (and the kids) headcanons bc I mcfreaking love it💕

- after the break up, Steve falls into a kind of depression. He really loves Nancy, and while he’s happy she’s happy (and with someone as great at Jonathan!), his heart is broken and he can’t seem to move on

-Dustin immediately clings to Steve. After the events of s2, seeing him battle demodogs with just a baseball bat and risking his life for 3 kids he barely knew turned Steve to a real life superhero and a great one at that! Everything he does is impressive. His jokes? Hilarious! His made up stories? Entertaining as hell! His driving? The best!

- Dustin notices that Steve’s been feeling a bit down- he sees Nancy and Jonathan hang around the town, holding hands and exchanging sweet kisses and well, 2+2=4. He mentions this to the party and they decide to do something about it. Mike suggests organising a D&D campaign and making sure Steve’s character wins to lift his spirits (like the community with Neal). When Steve walks to the basement on the day of the campaign, he IMMEDIATELY understands what’s going on and his heart grows five times bigger for these little shits bc 💕 they 💕 care 💕💖😭

- now listen here Steve hates (loves) all the kids equally but he’s observant okay. He sees that Will and Jonathan get along like a house on fire, El has Hopper, and Lucas gets along with his dad but Mike, Dustin and Max? A neglecting dad, a dad that passed away years ago, and an abusive stepfather and he takes these kids under his wings. Whenever they need help, he’s there. Homework problems? He’s there. Advise on girls/ boys? He tries his best. He loves these kids and he doesn’t want them to grow up without a good male figure in their lives and he tries his best to do right by them whenever he can.

-When Mike is allowed to plan the first day with El that won’t be supervised, he goes to Steve. He talks Mike through his panic attack and helps organise a nice picnic date in the park for them (of course he drives them to and from the location) (Mike stays on the phone to him for two hours that night- thanking him and explaining the date in every. minor. detail) (Steve might find it cute but he’ll take that with him to the grave)

- the first time he’s asked to look after Will on his own as both Joyce and Jonathan have to work, it’s awkward as hell. They’ve hung out together with the party, but never just the two of them. Will feels guilty, knowing his brother is currently dating Steve’s exgirlfriend. They spend the first half an hour in complete silence. It’s only when Steve gets up to get a drink from the fridge do they start talking (“woah kid are these drawings yours?” *queue will blushing* “y-yeah?” “Kid, these are amazing! Have you got more you can show me?”) (Will takes out a drawers worth of drawings and Steve loves each of them, complimenting every single one of them and just like that, the ice is broken)

- when lucas& dustin find out about Steve’s home life, with a neglectful dad and a mum that’s always passed out drunk, they decide to tell to their parents, hoping they can do something to help. Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Henderson, not knowing what else to do, begin to invite Steve over for dinner at least once a week each, knowing how loved he is by their sons. (When word gets word to Karen, Joyce and even Hopper, they proceed to do the same. Instead of an empty house, Steve spends five days a week in warm houses with people that love him

- before he goes to university, he manages (somehow) to convince all the parents into letting him take the kids on a mini car journey for the weekend. When the kids find out, they go crazy with excitement with and tackle him to the ground with hugs

- before he goes away to university, the kids all get him something different. Mike and El get a joint present of a walkie talkie, officially welcoming him to the party. Lucas gets him books that relate to his degree, Dustin gets him a framed picture of all the party to remember them by, Max gets him a customised skateboard with his name name spray painted across it, and Will makes him a customised comic book staring him as a superhero and the party as his sidekicks/ gang

- Steve stays in university for four months and he tries. He really does. He goes to his lectures, he does the readings, he never missed a deadline but he just doesn’t enjoy it. He loses passion for his course, he doesn’t really bond with the people he meets, and the big city scares him in a way he didn’t think possible. He misses home. Without telling anyone, he drops out and goes back home. While the kids are excited to see him again, Steve starts to wonder what to do with his life

- he takes the rest of the year off but he honestly doesn’t know he even wants to go back. He applies for part time jobs while he’s in Hawkins and he gets a job at radio shack. He spends 3 months working there and decides he wants to stay in Hawkins. He doesn’t want to leave the kids behind.

- for the following year he enrols in community college and he loves ever second of it. He gets to still see the kids, he gets to still be a part of their lives

- Hopper wasn’t really sure what to think of this Steve character at first but that changed with time. El’s opinion means everything to Hopper and before El was allowed back outside she needed tutoring as Hopper was constantly away working. Jonathan and Nancy couldn’t do it as they were both still in high school and as at last resort, Hopper turned to Steve Harrington. He didn’t have much hope, but he saw how comfortable El was with Steve and how much she learnt from him. Maybe this Steve Harrington wasn’t as much trouble as Hopper originally thought.

-Steve grew up in a house with parents that were never really there but at 18 years old he found a family of little brothers and sisters that loved him unconditionally💖

(I might add to this later)