I want to preface this by saying that I’m a plus size woman, I’m not upset with the customers I’m talking about for being plus size, I’m upset with them for being customery customers.

My store doesn’t carry plus sizes, and every single time someone asks, I have to say no, and every single time I say no, the customer either makes some joke about being fat but not being able to buy work out clothes or asks if I know where they can go. I don’t give a fuck about what I look like when I work out, so I buy men’s if I like the color or material, but no one ever wants to wear men’s. So then I list stores I know carry plus size workout clothes, and this is where the fuck customers comes in.

Every single time, they tell me x store is too expensive, x store is only online, x store is whatever reason they don’t want to shop there. Again, I’m fat. I know, it sucks. I wish that there were as many cheap, in store, readily available, stylish options for plus sizes as there are for straight sizes, but right now there aren’t. Things are slowly changing, but right now in this moment if you want my help, you’re gonna have to go online or wear men’s shirts or something or just not buy workout clothes because there is literally nothing else I can do about it.


so yeah I work part-time job at my dad’s shop

I can only make some tea(but many kind:D) , Coffee ,Cappuccino or Latte now 

but there are still a lot to learn

my dad always tell me “ don’t call me dad during the work”

but there was one time that I haven’t learn how to use the cashier , and there was a pal wanna to order drinks ,only me at the counter and I  just “DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAA—–omg” 

but it’s actually ok bc he usually talk with me like “ you know you mom….” “ tonight’s dinner…”

and other people work there told me it’s sooooo obvious that we’re father and daughter …OTZ 

but I love work there <3 !! I can meet so many people !

it’s hard and need to remember a lot of stuff but I still gonna do it 


is it ok for you that I sometime put my daily here ;w;???

I know I often do that but there actually a fontcest blog…_(:3/<)_   

and yes I draw Finn as a customer

I was going to draw karamatsu XDDDDD

[TWITTER] 151129 Jongup - #youngwildNfree Mention Party

Mention Party start! #youngwildNfree

“@dreamerbarkness: @BAP_Jongup How do you feel about releasing a new album?” I am really really really excited, nervous and like that.

“@kimdohees: @BAPJongup Oppa, is it true that the galaxy is expanding? #BAP #MATRIX”  I learned that it is but is it really true..?

“@yume_yhdyjz: @BAP_Jongup I am an examinee!!!!!!!!!!! So please support me!!!!!!!!!!”  Do the best you can fighting!

“@upin5959: Why aren’t you sending me a mention? Jongup-ah give me an exclamation point #youngwildNfree @BAP_Jongup” I won’t fall for something like this.                                 !

“@wonzelo: @BAP_Jongup How is my profile picture? #BAP #MATRIX #youngwildNfree” It is provoking.

“@888_Sarang: @BAP_Jongup Sawadicap (hello) I am a Thai fan I miss you so much.” Sawadicap!

”@dhjung_1004: @BAP_Jongup The person who gets to talk to oppa is using up all of their luck in life. Lucky girl I am jealous.” It is actually you ba-dum-ba do-bi-do-ba

“@baby_Remember_: @BAP_Jongup Oppa, in galaxy there are a lot of planets right? I am the satellite that circles around the most pretty planet which is you then what would you call me?” A satellite

”@tbals95: @BAP_Jongup Did you miss me?” Of course I did. But who are you?

“@Hyun_011: @BAP_Jongup Please shoot me hearts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I will really fly/jump because I am so happy #youngwildNfree #BAP” pew pew

“@kimhara20: @BAP_Jongup Did you your dinner end? Eat well!” [t/n: the fan typed in broken korean]  My dinner is end.

“@wldms13200043: @BAP_Jongup Oppa if you send me a mention once I will have today as my birthday.” Happy birthday Jieun-ssi.

”@byzelea: @BAP_Jongup Oppa looks like GENOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #BAP #MATRIX #youngwildNfree” I like onepunchmen 

“@cutekittenisdae: @BAP_Jongup Speak English… simply…. hi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” hello it’s me

”@leeeeyy2: @BAP_Jongup My hand is shaking while mentioning outside ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ noo there is only 30 minute left #youngwildNfree" It’s cold outside please go in soon.

“@strong_takechan: @BAP_Jongup Hello !! How are you??“ i’m fine thank you and you?

”@MATOKlS: @bap_jongup i love you reply to me please i love you” me too

”@95N0206: Fineㅠ I will just sleep. @BAP_Jongup #youngwildNfree #BAP” Okay, goodnight.

“@Bongsu_ni: @BAP_Jongup Please say “I love Sookyung” once…ㅠㅠ Why won’t you do it to me” Sookyung-ssi, I love you

”@forever_bap0126: @BAP_Jongup Oppa, I want to sleep happily by receiving your mention ㅠㅠㅠㅠ please say something like goodnight ㅜㅜㅜㅜ" Goodnight.

“@cooingbap: @BAP_Jongup Oppa… my twitter is broken right…” Delete it and re download it 

“@jongmeup: @BAP_Jongup Knee is cold is expose a lot often? hehe #youngwildNfree” [t/n: The fan typed in broken korean.] So.. uh… knee…

”@2012731_: @BAP_Himchan A little 6th grader who likes oppa is now becoming a high schooler. Please give me a sharp advice. @BAP_Jongup" Time really flies by. Studying is studying but most importantly, memories! Challenges yourself to many things.

“@___UP26: @BAP_Jongup Oppa~ Do you give mentions to Japanese fans too?” It’s been awhile~

“@dawl_98: @BAP_Jongup I will write a poem for oppa
A deer-like eyes cherry-like lips
That bright smile is like a moon
The way you dance looks like a tiger that is dancing at night
Where are you going?” Thanks

“@92_yuux: @BAP_Jongup I want to cry really…#youngwildNfree” don’t cry

“@jongupS2: @BAP_Jongup I became a senior in high school now. I already want to give up #youngwildNfree" never giveup

“@NeukE_: @BAP_Jongup Oppa I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ can you hear me???!!??!?!?!” I see it but I can’t hear it

“@Alice_boo_: Jongup-ah. We are the same age let’s be friends.“ Your genealogy will get twisted if you are friends with someone of 94th liner when you are a fast 95 liner. Be careful.

”@_ching0214: @BAP_Jongup I am a Hong Kong fan. I miss oppas ㅠㅠ” We will come see you guys.

“@rinokorea: @BAP_Jongup What is your favorite Japanese word?” Sakura

”@daehyun0628_: @BAP_Jongup Please say Yein-ah let’s stay together… I want to hear a reply from Up oppa before I die please" Yein-ah, is your last name Yun?

“@NitaNovia7: @BAP_Jongup Hello. This is Sandara Park ~.~ *go crazy* #youngwildNfree” Hello Sunbaenim


“@jonqupmoon: @BAP_Jongup You won’t reply me…” reply!!

“@B_b120127: @BAP_Jongup Is this the place where they grant wishes?? How about saying goodnight?” Goodnight!

“@ShuHui1016: @BAP_Jongup Jongup-ah I am a Thai fan~~ Please reply to me~~ Please ㅠㅠㅠ” Hello Thai fan! Have a good day!

”@jiyuuu419: @BAP_Jongup There is only 5 minutes left ㅠㅠ please wish me happy birthday ㅜㅜㅜ" Happy birthday!

“@tokiyajpg: @BAP_Jongup what did you last eat? #youngwildNfree”tangsooyuk

“@0116_0307: @BAP_Jongup I can’t sleep because of B.A.P..I didn’t even get a reply.. Wow.. I really feel suffocatedㅠㅠ #youngwildNfree” It’s time to sleep!

”@Arabyu020695: @BAP_Jongup UPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oppa, as days pass on by, I miss you more. What should I do? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ” We will meet one day.

“@mintletter_: @BAP_Jongup Jongup oppa recommend me a midnight snack #youngwildNfree” Everything is delicious during the night 

“@baphdn0127: @BAP_Jongup Reply back to me once before you go to sleep ㅜㅜ I will get your reply and be the number 1 ranking in my school :)” I will check your report card

External image

“@u_gennie: @BAP_Jongup Ah… 1 minute….. I really can’t do it can I…” There is no such thing

“@B_A_P2744: @BAP_Jongup *crying noises* It ended ㅠㅠㅠ It ended without me getting anything?? Ahhh ㅠㅠ #yougnwildNfree” No

“@jeonwonooo: @BAP_Jongup This is the last chance. Jongup…ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ look over here” I saw it!

“@clocchan: @BAP_Jongup hello from Italy! Ciao! #youngwildNfree”  oh! bye~

“@bhdyjh: @BAP_Jongup At 1004…. and Young, Wild & Free… Yes then there is no more other chances right..? Today is late? Love you.. ♡ #youngwildNfree” You are the last customer

I wanted to reply to everyone but.. Anyways BABYs really really thank you I am really happy I will go to sleep now, goodnight Watch this and sleep

(trans cr. @_StrongBAP. take out with full credit)