Cashier pet peeves

I’ve wanted to make a list like this for a while now, so here it goes:

  • When customer #1 is unloading their shopping and customer #2 comes along, puts the divider down before customer #1 has finished unloading, and starts unloading their own, so that customer #1 no longer has any room to put their shopping up.
  • When customers in the queue constantly check their watches because they feel things are taking too long.
  • When a customer drums their fingers on the till whilst you are trying to open bags for them.
  • Customers that ask you to pack and then proceed to tell you, you are packing everything wrong.
  • Customers that use WAY more bags than is necessary.
  • Customers that complain about how flimsy and useless the bags are, then proceed to ask for more, instead of buying stronger ones or using the free boxes provided.
  • Customers that place their entire basket of shopping on the belt, instead of emptying the contents.
  • Customers that let their children play with the ‘no entry/checkout closed’ rope and allow them to pull it out, only to let it ‘ping’ back against the checkout. Not only is this inconsiderate, but is the reason they’re broken!
  • Customers that ask you for help, even though that can clearly see that you’re off the clock, since you have your bag over your shoulder and a basket full of shopping in your arms.
  • When customers make a complaint to you like you have the power to fix everything, instead of going to the Customer Service Desk and making a formal complaint, which in turn will get better results.
  • When children reach over and try to force their sweets through your till before you’ve finished serving the previous customer.
  • Kids that insist on handing you each item to scan and slowing down the transaction.
  • Kids that snatch the items out of your hand after you’ve scanned them.
  • ADULTS that snatch items out of your hand before you’ve scanned them.
  • Adults that snatch items out of your hand before you’ve scanned them, and scratch you with their nails.
  • When customer #1 puts their items on the belt in a single file, instead of filling the width of the belt, making customer #2 wait longer before they can unload their shopping.
  • When customer #2 puts their shopping at the very end of the belt instead of right behind customer #1’s, so that customer #3 has to wait to unload their shopping.
  • When customer #2 doesn’t put a divider down, so customer #1 gets annoyed when you start scanning stuff that isn’t theirs.
  • When customers pile their shopping ridiculously high on the belt and then wonder why their shopping keeps falling off and splitting open on the floor.
  • When customers refuse to lay their bottles flat and then wonder why they fall off and smash on the floor.
  • When customers put heavy items on top of their bread and then ask for a replacement because it’s been squashed.
  • When customers don’t read the ticket names and prices and then get moody with you for being 'wrong’.
  • When customers pick up items and then leave them elsewhere when they don’t want them.
  • When customers leave frozen items out of the freezer, chilled items of the chiller, and warm items in the chiller or freezer.
  • When customers leave unwanted items on the end of your till.
  • When you tell customers to press enter on the card reader to confirm their cashback amount and they still go straight to entering their PIN.
  • When customers try and give you their card before you’ve finished serving the previous customer.
  • When customers throw their card and money next to your outstretched, open hand.
  • When customers have coupons for items that are out of stock and want alternatives for the same amount. So you have to remind them it’s “While stocks last”.
  • When a customer lets their child eat the only banana they want to buy and you’re left with nothing to weigh but the peel. So you have to call a co-worker to bring you another banana, praying that they bring you one much bigger than the original.
  • Sexist jokes.
  • “That means it’s free!”
  • “I just made that this morning!”
  • “I want to speak to the manager!”
  • “This is ridiculous!”
  • When handing back change and the customer asks if they can have it in £5 notes. (They’re a rarity here, so when a customer asks to take them, it means following customers have to be given all their change in coins which is unfair.)
  • When customers ask for bags to put 1 or two small items in, or single items that can be carried.
  • When customers are angry about something, so you give them a reasonable explanation but it’s not good enough. Apparently you’re conspiring against them.
  • When customers let their children climb all over the tills, their shoes trampling all over surfaces where people pack their food.
  • When customers break or spill something and walk off without informing anyone.
  • When customers ask you to put their shopping through for them… on the SELF-SERVICE tills.
  • When you explain to customers how self-service tills work and they just nod and “mmm-hmm” whilst digging through their purse or wallet. Then they get annoyed when things go wrong and it’s because they’ve done something you just told them not to.

That’s all I can think of right now, I’m sure there will be a part 2 at some point.

This guy

So I happened to walk towards the back of the deli when this customer stops me and begins to go on about us not having any fresh French bread. Apparently our oven broke down over the weekend. I had no idea because I don’t work in the deli. He proceeds to state that he was going to buy all this lunch meat and make a sandwich but since we did not have any bread, we lost a sale. I apologized and just let him rant. A few minutes later I walk by the registers and he is telling the cashier the same thing. We were waiting on the repair company to come. I don’t understand. Why this guy was tripping so hard. Maybe he really wanted that sandwich.

Since it’s summer, bugs fly into our store and there’s not much we can do about them, except swat them when they land. Some lady decides to complain about them while I’m waiting to get rung up, incognito.

Customer: *to cashier* I can’t believe how many flies are in here! It’s ridiculous, I can’t believe you let so many flies in the store!

Me: Yeah, we keep telling them to buy something or get out, but they won’t listen.

Customer: *freezes and looks at me, then finishes transaction and leaves*

Cashier: THANK YOU.

Rise of the machines

Yesterday, an old man said to me (whilst using the self-service till, might I add) that he didn’t like the self-service tills because they put people out of work.

I can see where he thinks he’s coming from, but I don’t agree.

First of all, machines are a long way off from being able to work by themselves, currently they still need to be manned by staff. Everyone knows this, the machines aren’t perfect, they go wrong all the time and most of the time it’s a customer error. For him to assume that self-checkouts will put people out of work is ignorant.

Secondly, at the rate this world’s population is expanding, we’re going to eventually require more staff and tills to cope with the sheer amount of consumers. Think back 100 years, how small shops used to be, how few cars were on the road etc. Populations, shop sizes, traffic etc. Everything will increase in numbers, and the tills will still need to be manned by staff.

Thirdly, (and this is what I think he was concerned with the most) I don’t think he really gave a damn that they would put people out of work, he just didn’t like the idea of being served by a machine which has no concept of emotions.

As cashiers, we get treated like robots all the time. Some customers seem to think that we have no emotional capacity, they think they can say whatever they please and we won’t feel the sting of their insults or their harassment.

And then there’s the ones that are perfectly aware of our feelings, and revel in the sick joy that they can bully us, be as rude as they like and we can’t do much to defend ourselves, because we have rules to abide by - like a code we’re programmed to follow.

Now imagine those customers trying to use all those tactics on a non-sentient machine. Imagine how frustrating it’ll be for them to want to scream and shout, to stamp their feet and bark orders, only to hear one of few monotone responses from a machine that is completely unaware that it has just been the victim of verbal abuse!

So, I had this woman come into my store and she wanted to return a purse that she was currently using  without a receipt or any tags. I explained to her our policy (we do not accept returns without the receipt OR tickets) and she freaked out, so I bent the rules and told her that I would look for a similar purse and use that price. 

(We usually bend the rules if a customer starts causing a scene in order to prevent any kind of incident)

When I find a purse to use, I have her come to the register to do the return.

Me: “Do you have a bag or something to put your items in?”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “I can’t make a return without actually returning the item.  I’m going to need to take the purse if I’m going to accept it as a return.”

Customer: “Oh…….*long pause*..okay.” *walks away to find a different purse to purchase.

Really? It’s bad enough that I am going to let you return your month old, obviously used purse. Why would someone reimburse you for a returned item if there is no  return???

Attract and Retain Customers Including Earth-Friendly Openness Cards

Businesses are looking for new ways in order to attract and keep customers, especially in these opposed forehanded contemporaneity. One way that they are activity this is by using various types of cards. These types include the membership, gift, reward and loyalty card. The principal savvy companies are combining this wholesale trend in cooperation with the stream in regard to going green. Cards hoke up not have to live made in regard to materials that harm the environment. Ofttimes, they are made of recycled paper, cardboard, other recycled materials, or biodegradable compounds. These more earth-friendly products are compatible with digital and laser printers and are durable and high-quality. The environment is bettered and the goodwill in reference to businesses increases when companies choose to brew streamlined responsible ways.

Membership cards are used by many personal types of establishments. Insurance providers, supermarkets, merchandising clubs, gyms, pools, libraries, stores and offices are looking for an easy and environmentally-conscious way upon identify members and pass en route to discounts and unlike promotional information. Consumers do not all the while patronize establishments not to mention the cheapest even chance. Many consumers are excited haphazard whether businesses make a scoop responsibly and whether these establishments fence for the greater good. Organizations need to show their commitment to protecting the environment in order so that compete effectively. Single crowd can change its reputation by proving that it cares hard factors outside of the multilateral trade. Eco-friendly assimilation cards showing-off buyers that a installment organization thinks about the smallest details and is responsible, not just about their bottom line, when in point of the future of the asteroid.

Over and above the numbers of burrow who are concerned about their trim and the environment rise, businesses are looking in preference to ways to decrease chemical active use, decrease infectiousness, and broadening biodegradability. Products that fall back non-toxic dyes and ink and are printed on recycled scutcheon biodegradable materials are accession besides customers. Using cards that are less peccant into the environment is a must vice businesses in the health and wellness industries. Clients break down their own dross footprints, and other self demand smaller alcohol footprints from manufacturers and sellers. Companies whose clients expect a worn flammable footprint subsume: inbred grocers, spas, naturalness clubs, salons, health-conscious restaurants, and any venture that also has a socially-conscious meaning. When the very first contact a buyer has with a groupment announces that the bedfellow is responsible, concerned, and trying to do the right thing, the first figuration is a all-knowing one. There is uncommon a chance to win back a lost patron, and there are negative answer second chances when inner self comes to canny the environment.

10 things I hate about customers

If you work in retail you will understand my rant.
Bless the hearts of the people who can stand working in retail longer than 1-5years. That patience is real.

10 Things that annoy me about customers:

1. Just because you are a customer that does NOT give you the right to act like the people working at that business are somehow your slaves and you have the right to talk to them like your crazy.

2. If you would like assistance of any kind from an employee the SMART way to get a PRODUCTIVE response from that employee is to not act like a complete ignorant asswipe. 😊

3. If the business is closing in 15mins or less don’t SLOWLY browse the place as if your not coming in late and then act surprised when people look/sound a bit annoyed at your existence.

4. If there is a display of a product… DONT OPEN/DESTROY THE DAMN BOXES! Especially if you know damn well your not about to buy it.
Ask for help if there isnt a display, we would rather open the product ourselves so we can close it back neatly.

5. The towel, shirt, pants, etc (things that need to be folded) the one on the TOP looks/feels EXACTLY like the others below it. Please do not be that annoying person who unfolds everything.

6. DONT SHOP ON MY CART! If its on my cart that means im putting it somewhere. Working on displaying it. I dont know wtf the price is yet because it hasnt reached its destination & I haven’t priced it yet.

7. If im working in an area that your trying to browse in, just ASK me to move or to pass you whatever tf it is that your trying to get. Do not Reach over me or hoover around.

8. Policy is Policy. I have no control over them, stop yelling, I just work here.

9. READ the signs. READ the whole sign. READING is your friend. It will prevent yours and our annoyance when you reach the register.

10. Stop making up sales and prices that dont exsist 😒. If the sign is there we will honor it but 90% of the time theres no sign that proves your point just usually proving your incompetence to read.

That is all for now lol.


Last night I closed the store and I was counting the tills. I was pretty much done and ready to go when the phone rings. We close at 10pm and it was about 10:30 when I decided to pick up the phone. I normally don’t cuz we are closed, but I did. It’s a man asking what time we close. I tell him ten and he was like “oh man, can I just run in real quick?”. Why don’t people understand that closed, means not open. I told him we were about to walk out so sorry but no.
Dear customers,
You are not entitled to an exception.

I work games at an amusement park and was working a game that had been open for less than a week and it was first day working it. Due to this, not all of the signs were up, and there was some general confussion about the prizes. For example, if a guest was smaller than the rent-a-fence that we had in front of most of the game, the guest would win the smallest prize ever if they had scored no points.

A guest around 11 plays, and scores one point. (For the lowest prize you need 2 points.) He plays again and scores no points this time. I do my usual nice try, high five, thanks for playing and the guest sits down and crys. Another guest plays that looks five and is below the fence. He is unable to get any points, and none of the balls even reach any of the goals. I tell him nice try, but as you did such a great job, I’m going to give you the small soccer ball. He leaves all happy and runs to his group. 

Not even five seconds after, a women comes up yelling why did the 5 year old get a prize, when he got no points but not the 11 year old. I explain to her that anyone who is shorter than the fence gets the smallest prize. In turn she is screaming that it’s not right and that that we shouldn’t do that. I explain again and state that I am more than happy to call a supervisor. She states no and keeps screaming about this. I offer a few more times, until she states that she is taking her 11 old home as he is crying. She and most of her groups leaves, except for one man. He apologies for her behavior and talks to us about it, fully understanding.

A few minutes pass, while we are talking to him when a games supervisor walks by. I yell for her and she comes, when I explain what had just occured. At this point, about half of the group returns and starts speaking with her. 

Another guest comes and plays, and while I am resetting the game, the operations manager comes and asked what is the prize we give to the little kids. I tell him, and he grabs one and goes back out to the midway. There the women’s entire group is, along with the operations manager, a games supervisor, assistant rides manager, and the games manager (my manager) and a guest service supervisor.

A member of this group went and complained to the first manager they saw (the assistant rides manager), who in turn called the guest service supervisor that was with the operations manager at the time. My manager was also called by the guest service supervisor. 

The crying 11 year old a ball. Was your kid that special that you had to get a five supervisors/managers involved? Maybe you should teach him that you don’t always win, and not create a storm when he crys. 

Problems with having a baby face
  • Customer:You look too young to be working.. how old are you?
  • Me:How old do you think I am?
  • customer:ugh 15
  • me in my head:are you fucking kidding me
  • Me:-laughs- um no I'm 20 but good guess
  • customer:wow you don't look it, your going to love that when your older
  • me under my breath:Yeah but i'm going to get carded for the rest of my adult life
  • Me:Have a great rest of your day
  • Next day
  • customer:you look so young to be working
  • Me:You think so
  • customer:how old are you?
  • Me:guess
  • Customer:you look about ten
  • me in my head:-flips over a table and drops the scanner from the register and walks out-
  • Me:well I'm not 10 because If I was 10 I wouldn't be able to be working but have a good rest of your day
  • This happens more often then you think and not to mention all the crap I get for being short