WitchTarts Mini "Giveaway" [CLOSED]

Alright so this may seem sudden but I really want to do a mini “giveaway” sort of deal for my gain of followers during my absence (Also I feel like giving back to the community).

During the event, I will pick 3-5 different “winners” on 3-22-17 (tomorrow evening).

Prizes Include:
-One custom thoughtform no larger than 3ft×3ft×3ft
-Two Readings of your choice (energy, character, tarot, pendulum or suggest something else)
-Advice (or just a regular conversation) from any of my spirit companions
-A shout out

*I won’t be sending anything physically to you*

In Order to Enter, you Must:
-Be following me
-Send me a message/ask telling me about yourself (anything can be included!)
-Tell me a funny experience you’ve had recently
-Like and republish this
-Be 15 and older (I am not sending anything to you physically so I can get away with it shhh)
-DO NOT TAG THIS AS “GIVEAWAY”. It will ruin it for everyone!
*I will respond to everything privately unless otherwise noted*

If you are chosen, I will message you about the thoughtform and readings privately. If you do not want a shout out please tell me!

If you have any questions or concerns, please message/send me an ask! I’d be happy to answer you.

Winners will be chosen tomorrow evening! (3-22-17) Good luck!


Don't want to work today? Too bad you just made this line of customers for yourself.

So I work at a mom and pop shop where it’s just me and another guy on the weekends. He’s usually pretty courteous and friendly to customers, but today I walk in and he had his hoodie up, smacking his gum, cursing and not communicating with customers cashing out. As time went on, I was working at the register and he just seemed to be casually walking around. Customers needed help getting their products in their cars and he would just stand there doing nothing until I told him they needed help. At one point he seemed to just be hanging out in the company vehicle outside.

Well, it was about 9:30 am and I had a line out the door and my coworker was no where to be seen. I was pissed at this point and I walked in to the break room to find him literally hand writing out our inventory list.

I was so fucking pissed at this point. I understand people have their off days but you don’t throw someone under the bus by not doing your job. I said to him, “Dude. WHAT THE FUCK. What is going on with you today?”

He smirked and said, “I don’t have to tell you shit.”

I stand there for a moment, taking a look at the time and seeing it’s about quarter to 10. I was actually waiting for another coworker to take my place since I had to leave early and he hadn’t shown up yet. So I grab my bag and told my coworker, “Actually, I have to go now. There’s a line of customers waiting so now you actually have to work!”

Never felt so good watching his sorry ass head back to the register to deal with the line he created for himself.

Made these two educational illustration posters today and now I wanna do a whole retail (clothing?) store for GTW in this natural style! 

I’m afraid it’s gonna take ages, though…

Állás kerestetik

Kedves Tumblinépe,

Álláskeresésben vagyok, a segítségeteket szeretném kérni.

Az alábbi területeken van tapasztalatom:
- Szoftvertesztelés (Quality Assurance, Risk Analysis);
- Ügyfélkapcsolatok (Customer Service, Direct Communication);
- Vendéglátás, idegenforgalom;
- Webdesign & development.

- Angol (írásban/szóban folyékonyan);
- Német (írásban/szóban alapfokon);
- Lengyel (alapszinten).

Informatikai ismeretek:
- ISTQB: CTFL vizsga
- MS Windows operációs rendszerek (desktop és szerver) ismerete;
- MS Office programok ismerete;
- Webdesign, alapfokú PHP/MySQL, Photoshop;

Ami érdekelne:
A fenti tapasztalatokra alapozva bármi jöhet, de nyitott vagyok új területek felfedezésére is.

Ahol érdekelne:

Ha van valami infód/tipped, kérlek, keress meg askban/üzenetben! Igény szerint küldök CV-t, motivációs levelet.

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piogre  asked:

Are the rules of Design Sealed any different from normal sealed, other than the fact that you're playing with a set still being designed? The custom card community might get a kick out of trying it with their own custom sets.

The only big difference between normal Sealed and Design Sealed is that problematic cards get changed on the spot in Design Sealed.


It’s here!! My custom underbust from Contour Corsets has finally arrived! I have so many wonderful things to say about it after my first short wear, but I shall wait for another day to share all the details. It’s getting late. Good night everyone!