customer service done right

Can I just say that I had the best experience with Lush ever? Which proves even more that they are such an amazing company!
I ordered something off of them a while ago and I was waiting for it but never got it in the mail. I checked my tracking number and noticed that they actually sent my package back to sender? 
I called their customer service line and was connected in about .5 seconds. The person was super nice and upbeat and brought up my package in about 2 minutes and had it sent right back to my house, via air to get here faster and with a different delivery service because it was the last ones fault I didn’t get the package.
I wasn’t even the slightest bit annoyed and she was like “oh my gosh sorry for this experience you can choose 2 products at your choosing for the inconvenience.” I was like uh…. I don’t care omg it’s free as long as it’s vegan.
So freaking awesome and I should be getting my package by Friday.
Awesome company, amazing products and out of this world service.

but the people that work at GameStop are so great like you pick out a new game “hey we have a used version of that and it’s cheaper”
when I got AC rogue the guy working started an intelligent conversation with me about the series
no one there ever tries to point me towards the “girly games” nah they just tell me how great of a game it is and ask me if I’ve played any other games they like
I just love GameStop okay

At my store I work in produce, the bakery, and sometimes I cashier. Tonight I was cashiering for the first time in months, and this woman comes up with maybe 3 items. One of her items was a cake from the bakery. It had one of our clearance Barcodes stuck on it, which is for the most part normal. We mark down items in the bakery when they reach their sell by date. But this sticker was very badly stuck on, and our clearance stickers print with a Barcode sticker, and a sticker telling you the price. This cake was missing the second sticker, and I know the department manager wouldn’t have stuck the Barcode sticker on so poorly. But I scanned it anyway and it comes up as a $1.99 cherry pie. This cake is clearly not a cherry pie. The woman starts becoming very chatty with me at this point, saying how great it is we mark down cakes every Monday (it’s not every monday, it’s literally everyday, and only the things that have reached their sell by date) and she goes on about how last Monday she got this peanut butter cake. So I void out the 1.99 pie, peel off the sticker, and scan the cake. It’s 13.99. This cake is good till the 16th so I know it sure as hell wasn’t marked down today. The woman gets so defensive saying I don’t believe her about buying a cake last Monday, and why am I charging her full price and where is my manager, she wanted to see my manager. She went on for a good 10 minutes, while I stood about to cry, but holding my ground, since I fucking work in the bakery. She finally told me to just ring up her other 2 items, so I did, and when I handed her back her change she snatched it out of my hand and started counting it loudly in front of me. She walked right to customer service when she was done. I really hope she didn’t get that stupid cake for 2 dollars.