I’ve come to the realization that in every open-to-close retail shift, you will reach a point where you come dangerously close to crying over something stupid, simply because you have been there for too long.

Today mine was when I dropped the lid to my Powerade and it rolled under the register where all of the dust and spiders reside.

I actually started sniffling.

If you’ve EVER shopped in any kind of retail, realise workers bust their shit to deal with the awful attitudes of crappy people to the best of their ability, keep the store as clean as they can with everyone tossing items anywhere except where they’re supposed to be, and still manage to give decent customer service. So before you get hot-headed over a simple mistake, remember everyone is human, and please be a decent one.

Stop vilifying adults that live with their parents.

We’re still deep in one of the worst economic recessions of modern times. For many of us its not a choice but a requirement in order to survive. For many of us we have disabilities that make finding accommodation that suit our needs a lot harder and a lot more expensive.

Many of us pay into the household. Many of us are trapped in abusive households because we don’t have the means to leave. We aren’t moochers or afraid to leave the nest. The world simply isn’t built to support us anymore.

why do people even think it’s a good idea to hit on anyone working in retail/customer service while they’re on the clock
we are literally PAID to be nice to you. we can’t get away from you because you’re a customer and we have to “help” you, and we aren’t allowed to leave the store. like wtf kind of trap is that and why are you okay with putting us in that position???

I work in fast food and our store got new registers that make us ask the customers for their name and I really don’t feel like doing that so I’ve been naming all of my customers lmao this lady came up with her reciept and was like “I’m not Melissa???” And I was just like I know but you look like a Melissa

I was ringing up this woman the other day and we were talking about her dog and how she was new to the area and then she was like “I just got an apartment because my husband left me for a younger woman” and I was like ???? cause damn she looked like 28 at the oldest

and so I was like “Wow your husband is a fucking scumbag. But I’m sure you can meet someone new and a lot better. You’ve got plenty of time!”

And she’s like “Eh it’s hard to find men, I mean I just turned 63″ and I was like


because she literally barely looked thirty and I was like omg what kind of scumbag husband would give up such a pretty lady and she was so nice and she was so excited and loving while talking about her dog and anyone who loves their dogs a lot cant be a mean person and long story short shoutout to the very pretty older lady I rang up the other day I hope you find ur dream man 

but can we just take a few moments to appreciate those working in customer service cause that shit is hard let me tell you just one bitter person can ruin your day and make you feel horrible and can especially affect those with mental illness and just shout out to you for being strong

So I was helping a cashier get a box of condoms out of a security box (because she’s new and didn’t know how to work the security tag remover magnet) for an attractive male customer tonight and when I was done, instead of saying “have a good day” I accidentally said “have a good time.” I will never live this down, I will never be able to look at that person again, my life is full of such regret.

so a woman asked me how much I thought her bowl of frozen yogurt would cost, because according to her I should just be able to know by looking at it by now, and I go “oh well it’s uh” and she cut me off mid sentence, mocking me, “It’s uhhh? What does that even mean?” and I had to explain to her that I can’t tell by just looking, I have to hold it to make an accurate guess or just fucking weigh it like I have to anyway and I’m telling you all this as a plea to be patient with people working in customer service because you never know what asshole we just had to deal with