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Your boss is not your friend. Your boss is not someone you can trust. Your relationship with your boss needs to be entirely professional.

  • Do not do your boss favours. No working for free. No doing unreasonable duties. No working outside the hours you state as available.
  • Do not say anything to your boss. About anything. Keep it work related. They will only use personal information against you.
  • Know your rights. Know the laws. Your boss will come at you trying to get you to quit like its a favour to you. Its usually because they can’t legally fire you.
  • Be wary around your coworkers. Some will have no problem passing things along to your boss. Such as your mental health or financial standing
  • Never offer to pay for anything lost, stolen or broken. Especially if money is missing from the till.
  • Demand safe working conditions.

Your boss is only there to exploit your labour for profit. Unfortunately you need that labour to sustain yourself. Just be careful.

Just an update of my body! Thanks everyone for being so supportive. I’m thinking about making custom videos, any advice or would anyone be interested in purchasing one?

Bad customer service happens to bad customers.

As someone who worked in retail for the better part of a decade….DO NOT ASK FOR A MANAGER UNLESS YOU ARE LITERALLY DYING. 

So my friend posted a little blurb on Facebook this morning and I’m going to make an example out of him because some of y’all just refuse to learn how to be a good customer.  (Warning:  I’m being petty.  And I don’t care because it’s the holiday season and I stand in solidarity with retail workers, not with terrible customers even if they are my friends.)

OK.  First, I do recognize that he actually did need a manager.  However.  You are wasting your own time when you repeatedly ask for a manager as opposed to just telling the associate why you need one.  Let me explain further.

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Helpful Shopping Advice for Customers Updated Edition
  • Unpack your shopping basket
  • Don’t talk about religion, peoples sexual preference or politics
  • Don’t tell racist or sexist jokes
  • Wash your re-useable bags regularly
  • If you can’t fit a box of cereal in your “re-useable” bags dont bring them to the supermarket, theyre too small
  • Don’t yell at the staff
  • Don’t throw a tantrum like a 5 year old when you dont get your way
  • Don’t try to get someone fired because you didn’t get your way
  • If you dont want an item dont just stuff it anywhere, ESPECIALLY REFRIGERATED ITEMS either put it back or give it to the staff
  • Don’t eat or open anything unless you’ve paid for it
  • Don’t let your kids eat or open anything unless you’ve paid for it
  • Don’t let your kids climb the shelves or displays
  • Get off your fucking phone when the cashier is trying to serve you
  • Listen to what the staff are saying to you - like when to swipe your card, what the sale applies to ect.
  • READ the product ticket and sale signs, They tell you everything you need to know. Yes they can be confusing sometimes, ask the staff if you need help. Don’t throw a hissy fit at the register because you read the sign wrong.
  • Saying please and thank you won’t go astray. Manners are free. If you’re polite staff are 203% more likely to want to help you and go out of their way for you
  • Don’t expect the staff to read your mind, tell them what you want/need
  • If you’re having a bad day don’t take it out on the staff, if you’re in that much of a shitty mood do everyone a favour and stay home.
  • Standard plastic bags stores use to pack your items are not designed to be reused, don’t bring them back in to be used. If you want re-useable bags buy them.
  • Shopping trolleys and baskets are not rubbish bins
  • Shelves are not rubbish bins
  • Change rooms are not toilets
  • If an item doesnt scan it’s not free. Don’t make that joke. please.
  • Staff make mistakes, they are human
  • Show your ID when requested, don’t make a huge deal out of it. It’s the law and store policy, if you want service it’s required.
  • If you want to return an item BRING BOTH THE ITEM AND THE RECIEPT, most stores require a reciept for a return and they certainly aren’t going to give you a refund if you didn’t bring the item with you.
  • Don’t make an ass of yourself when they won’t refund an item due to policy or having no reciept.
  • Staff will get fired for not adhearing to policy, their job is more important than breaking the rules for you. If you have a genuine issue with the policy speak to the manager.
  • Don’t be an asshole.
  • Don’t go shopping if you’re sick, not only can you make other customers sick but you can make the staff sick. Many staff can not afford to have the time off work if they get sick, have consideration for how your actions affect others.
  • DO NOT LICK YOUR FINGERS before handing the cashier money or cards, not only is this disgusting its increadibly unhygienic.
  • Do not go to a store and expect the staff to be your personal shoppers for 20+ minutes, they have other work they need to do before the end of their shift and most can’t spend that much time with just one customer. HOWEVER if you have a disability and need genuine assistance doing your shopping and are unable to have a carer or family/ friend help you, call the store ahead of time as some stores can make arrangements to have a staff member assist you for a period of time.
  • Do not eat fruit or vegetables before you have paid for them. Almost all produce items are sold by weight and so alters the price. While the price may only be different by a few cents, but having many customers do it can put the sales out buy hundereds of dollars meaning the store will cut hours and a staff member will lose their shifts. It is very unhygeinic for the cashier to be handling a half eaten fruit, and this is also considered stealing, do you really want to be arrested over 35 cents?
  • Children under the age of 9 should be supervised at all times! I cannot tell you how many times we’ve caught unsupervised childeren wandering around the store, climbing shelves, eating the lollies and playing with the toys (in general destroying merchandise). If the child were to wander out of the store, be abducted or injure themselves you would be the first to complain. It is not the staff’s job to watch them, it is your responsibility and quite frankly bad parenting.
  • The staff are NOT babysitters, DO NOT leave your children with them.
  • Registers, counters and dining tables are NOT change tables, if your child needs a nappy/diaper change do it in the restrooms, also dispose of the nappy/diaper in the appropriate bin, don’t leave it around the store for staff to clean up.
  • Please don’t start to unpack your groceries while the customer ahead of you stil hasn’t finished unpacking theirs
  • USE THE DIVIDERS! Dividers are there so the cashier can distinguish between your purchase and another customers purchase, by not using one all you are doing is causing confusion and slowing things down.
  • Don’t leave the checkout before the cashier has finished counting your money or your card transaction has been approved. If something has gone wrong with the payment (i.e card declined or money given was short) not only will the cashier get in trouble but if you can’t be found you could be charged with theft.
  • If you’re planning on doing your shopping late in the day it is a good idea to call the store ahead of time to see what time they close DONT come to a store within 10 minutes of closing time. Just dont.
  • When it is announced that the store is closing within X minutes it means you have X minutes to have paid for your shopping and left the store, NOT that you have X minutes to keep shopping and then meander down to the checkout when you feel ready. I can’t speak for all stores but at mine i don’t get paid past closing time and if you think i am hanging around and working for free you are sorely mistaken.
  • If the store needs to be evacuated for whatever reason, do what you are told and leave the store.
  • Don’t be an asshole. (This is here twice because i cannot stress this point enough)

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A customer gave me amazing advice today: if a customer is pissing you off, "drop" something and while you are bent down call them as many names as possible and you'll feel MUCH better 😂 that lady was so nice

prelim sketches for a pearlshipping flowershop au in which dawn is a florist who strives to become a professional fashion designer and ash is a passing customer who, at first, enters the shop to buy flowers for his mother’s birthday, but eventually begins to visit regularly due to how well he gets along with the florist and how much he likes her fun and vibrant personality. longer summary and details under the cut ⬇️

(edited for easier viewing!)

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How to properly give a critique in an online art-site setting:


  1. Ask if they are ok with a critique. 
  2. If they say no, say thank you for the reply and leave it at that.
  3. If they say yes, send them a private message with your critique.
  4. In your critique, include professional examples or tutorials better explaining what you’re critiquing (EX: The lighting in this piece looks a bit off, here’s a great tutorial showing how light sources work!)
  5. If the artist accepts your critique, thank them for your time and wish them the best with their artistic advances.
  6. If the artist rejects your critique, do not fight them on it. Tell them you understand, and thank them for their time.

Remember to always:

  • Keep your critique polite and short, without too many words. Use universal examples and resources, not personal or private ones.

Remember to never:

  • Give an unwanted critique. 
  • Be incredibly rude and pester the artist about a critique.
  • Give an unhelpful critique. This may include pointing out a flaw but not giving advice on how to fix things, or just a personal view (EX: That arm is fucking backwards omg do u not kno how 2 hand. EX: Ew, why is her hair blue, it should totally be pink).
  • Place critiques on commissions in public. Private may or may not be ok with the artist, but placing a critique in public can make the customer question the quality of the product they received, even if they’re entirely happy with it and it’s perfectly to-par with the artist’s skill.

Thank you for reading! 

Thing I love about stripping

Instead of all the wise women being haggard and desexualized, the wise women are multitudinous and their sexuality is fluid.  One can be grinding on a customer while whispering advice in your ear to make a sale while another makes a bear cave out of sweatshirts under the makeup counter and eats a pizza while spewing drunk advice about the best way to deal with sports injuries.  The stripper on the side stage hanging twerks while suggesting take out options, while a disembodied voice from the tanning bed tells you to not let boys make you feel unwanted.  Make up fixes, flexibility exercises, tax advice.  There is always someone who has an answer. 

Customer: You should hire more cashiers.
Me: Are you interested in applying?
Customer: What? No.
Me: Do you know anyone interested in applying?
Customer: Why are you asking ME?
Me: So you just wanted to point out something that as an employee here I am already well aware of?
Customer: I don’t like your tone!
Me: I don’t like your “advice” that is common sense and does nothing to solve the issue of us currently being understaffed.
Would you like your receipt?

Advice to customers. The entrance is the only door with a handle on the outside. It’s also the only one with a rug in front of it. Stop trying to pry open the exit, stop getting angry at me for not letting you in the exit, stop telling me we need to make the entrance more obvious. Also, could my boss fix the damn door? One of the exits doesn’t shut by itself, and coincidently, it’s the door 90% of customers exit through. It’s been broken for at least a year, and every single time a customer exits the door, I have to rush over and shut it. We have thousands of customers a day… For most jobs, people coming in the exit isn’t a huge deal, but it’s a movie theater. My job is to make sure only people with tickets come in. When you come in the exit, I have to go track you down and get your ticket. And when you leave, please don’t hold the exit door open for those entering. I know it’s polite to hold the door, but people aren’t supposed to come in that way. I often feel like I’m that boy from the story about a leaking levy. And every time someone leaves the door open or comes in the exit, it’s like the dam springs a huge leak. Customers bypass the actual entrance to flood in the exit, sometimes several dozen at a time. Just. Please. It’s not a huge deal to you as a customer, but you’re making my job waaaaaay harder than it’s supposed to be.

8 New Rules For Growing An Enduring Startup Brand

It’s a lot harder to recover from brand missteps made early, than it is to get it right the first time, so build your brand strategy accordingly:

1. Don’t ask your customers what they want next.

2. Turn your biggest fans into apostle customers.

3. Always welcome a customer’s scorn as a gift.

4. Ramp up your virtual and real relationships.

5. Take giant leaps rather than timid steps.

6. Don’t ever assume that your brand is stable.

Two more new rules for growing an enduring startup brand.

real quick shout-out to the makers of Dark Souls 3 who somehow created a game that is simultaneously unbelievably fun and mindbogglingly frustrating. a not so quick shout out to the dude at Gamestop who felt the need to stop in the middle of ringing up my stuff to spend 15 mins making ABSOLUTELY sure I knew dark souls is a hard game and if I might want to start with something a little easier. Fuck you man, I know you where trying to be helpful or whatever but id really appreciate it if you would just not. Im fully aware that I am never going to beat this game, I know I suck at games. You, however, do not know that. I’d much rather waste $27 on a game I will never finish then waste 15 mins of my life being talked down to by a 37 year old dude who works at Gamestop. Now I get to do both. Thanks buddy!

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As someone who works in retail, I want to share some advice. If you're purchasing alcohol, please put it up last in the transaction. If you go to an underaged cashier, they are not allowed to touch it, so they have to stretch around the alcohol and strain their back to scan the rest of your crap. In addition to this, if it's last, you can hand the cashier your payment method and your ID at the same time.

Have you tried Spot On yet? It’s Planned Parenthood’s new period and birth control tracking app, and it was made for anyone who gets a period, or who uses birth control like the pill, patch, ring, shot, implant, or IUD. And now it’s available for both Android and iOS users!

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Want a heads up on your period and a tracker for your whole menstrual cycle? Spot On’s got that. Birth control reminders and customized advice if you make a mistake? Check. Tips, guidance, and fun facts from Planned Parenthood experts? We’re on it.

We’re always updating Spot On based on feedback from our users. So download it and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear from you!

-Jenny from the Spot On team at Planned Parenthood

Designer Questions:

- What is a good amount of cycles to aim/limit your design to in a custom magic set?

- What is a good amount of themes and when does an umbrella of a theme (example : my set is aimed to be Fairy Tales) start to break apart into smaller themes?

- How many cards constitutes a tribe?

Feedback is telling me I might have too much going on.

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Look, to all the newbies that might be in the tag right now, there’s this person that keeps saying you don’t need a mask to spray MSC. Their reasoning is literally that ~nothing bad has ever happened to them~. Elementary logic, however, will tell you that this is an idiotic reason to avoid safety measures.

There are warnings on MSC (and similar spray cans) for a reason. There are heaps of anecdotal evidence supporting the fact that MSC can cause respiratory system damage. I myself developed a severe weeks-long cough following my first time spraying MSC, due to what was later found to be a default in my mask (I could smell the MSC while spraying but thought nothing of it).

This person is not just content with answering that masks are unnecessary when personally asked, but seeking out any statement re: masks and MSC to spew their idiotic and dangerous opinion, willfully endangering others.

TL;DR: Don’t listen to “nothing bad has ever happened to me” advice…take safety measures to protect your health, it’s not that hard. Wear a mask when you spray MSC.