Etsy Store - Taking Halloween Orders (till the end of the week!)

New items:

-Custom cosplays for $60.00! (Team Rocket, Tifa, Riona, Kairi, Namine, Orgainization XIII, Raven, Light, Goku, Squall) 

-Custom Cosplays for $120.00 (Ashe, Sailor Scouts, Vampire Knight, Asuna, Kairi, Teemo, Annie, Poison Ivy, Sebastion, Ciel, Kirito)

-Custom Cosplays for $175.00 (Ciels dress, Ed, ciels blues, Gaara, Chi, Joker, Arcade Sona)

-Raven from Teen Titans Belt

-Black Butler Hair Bows

-Cosplayer Shirt

-Tadis Shirt

-Disney Princess/Villian Hair Bows

-Vampire Knight Cosplays

-Maleficent Cosplay!

-Japanese Street Fashion Skirts


-Steampunk Hair Bows/Flowers

-Boba Fett Female

-Fairies including Tinkerbell

and MORE!


Are you guys tired of making cosplay.
Do you spend 800 dollars and end up making shit sometimes?

What if you could do customs?
;W; It sounds sketch but I do work for a cosplay company based in China. We will be at AX this year to showcase our samples. Let me tell you the stuff is pretty awesome.
That’s it’s damn expensive, and it’s not in my job or say that I can change that pricing. But if you could spend that 800 dollars on one cosplay, custom made, super fly with a 3 month warranty for free
WOULD YOU? ;W; please send your comments into my ask box.
We are making an English website currently. The client just sent us her photos wearing it.. The standar produce time is 30 -45 days 👑email us :
👠 our website :

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