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I have long hair and my hair usually covers my name tag. I just had a customer actually reach out, put his hand ON MY CHEST, and push my hair out of the way. After I backed away he said, “Oh, I just wanted to see what your name is.”

 What is wrong with people? DON’T. TOUCH. ME.

Things to remember when being intimate with a partner and you’re nervous: Girls have rolls. Guys have rolls. Girls have stretch marks. Guys have stretch marks. Girls have pubic hair. Guys have pubic hair. Girls are insecure. Guys are insecure. Sex is awkward sometimes. It’s important to tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s okay to laugh when things aren’t going as planned. We’re all just humans trying to do the do and it’s okay to be nervous. 

  • what they say: hey! so sorry to bother you, i just wanted to say that we'll be closing in 10 minutes, but please don't feel rushed! thank you SO much for stopping in today. we always appreciate wonderful customers like you. have a marvelous rest of your night :)

Some guy just came in to the store where I work and he stayed really close to the doors and kept eyeing where I was every now and then probably thinking I didn’t notice. Then suddenly he grabbed some incense from the table right in front of the doors and bolted out with a smirk on his face. He looked really proud of himself, especially since I wasn’t running after him and he knew he got away with it. Way to go dude, you just stole some free samples.

don’t mind me i’m just having a lot of elinico brotp feelings

i’ve just realized that aside from the time nico defended hanayo, nico has never openly disrespected or challenged eli. when eli was being an ass by not letting the group talk to kotori’s mom, it was MAKI who called her out while nico stood off to the side. even when honoka chastises maki for raising her voice at a senpai, nico still doesn’t do anything.

there have been a few instances where nico would add a snide remark while feeling jealous in regards to maki. however, whenever eli manages to inadvertently one-up nico in terms of attractiveness, nico simply keeps quiet and grumbles to herself.

i believe this is because nico admits to herself that she respects eli. i believe they even have mutual respect going on, as they were too shy/reserved to befriend each other until muse.

it is actually my headcanon that eli always felt a bit of guilt for not attempting to reach out to nico the same way nozomi did (which goes perfectly with eli’s character arc where she learns to be less awkward with her feelings and what she wants to do). and that when nico’s club disbanded, she was actually supposed to forfeit her club status as a one-person club would only leech from the school budget. but i believe that then-regular student council member eli felt responsible in some way, and was able to pull some strings and allow nico to keep her club. nico later found out about this from nozomi, and from then on decided to treat eli with a silent respect.

customer service/retail gothic
  • you clock in. you look at your time card and realize that you never clocked out. you’ve never clocked out. you’ve always been here.
  • a short woman with a screaming child says she wants her latte steamed to exactly 200 degrees fahrenheit. you explain that you can’t do that, it’s against store policy. her child screams louder. “i want to talk to your manager” she growls. you stare at her blankly. the manager went on lunch four hours ago and never came back. 
  • it’s black friday.
  • every day the mannequins are wearing new outfits and are positioned in new poses. no one knows who changes them. no one asks. has that one always been looking at you?
  • service with a smile. you’re always smiling. your face hurts from it. the sides of your mouth are cracked and dry. you try to relax your face, nothing happens. you’re always smiling. 
  • the buzz and hiss of cheap fluorescent lighting has wormed it’s way deep into your brain like a hungry parasite. it’s always there. you can never hear yourself think. 
  • you were supposed to go on break an hour ago, but no one ever came to cover for you. you page again. you were supposed to go on break five hours ago. no one ever comes. 
  • the greeter at the front door is always the same. a blonde twenty-something with dead eyes. you think her name is pam. she never notices you, only customers. 
  • you’ve forgotten your name again so you look down at your name tag and realize you forgot it again. who are you?
  • one girl got fired a few weeks ago for talking back to a customer. you saw the missing posters with her face on them this morning. 
  •  “this isn’t what we ordered.” you look down at your notepad. you do not recognize the ancient symbols you scribbled down.
  • you having been ringing customers for hours. you look at the endless line of people. they are all the same. they are all buying the same thing. they all have the same empty eyes.
  • you lock the doors and are ready to leave but strange lights begin to glow inside the store. you could swear you turned everything off. you double checked. you blink and walk to your car and think about what to eat for dinner.