lindaignarroCustom Legos from @minifigsme I had made for @celluloidheroes! They were delivered to his hotel room as he was getting ready on the day of our wedding (he put them together). I took that photo of Greystone the first time we went there, and had it made as the custom backdrop. I picked out our hair color, hair styles, his facial hair, tux that matched his real one, and dress that matched mine. We each have wedding rings on our left hands, and he’s holding the marriage certificate. The back of his jacket says “Spencer”, and the back of my dress says “Linda”.

Wedding Illustrations

I’ve been busy lately, with life. I was away in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party couple weekend ago, now I’m just trying to catch up. A couple freelance projects and 3 markets coming up which I need to prepare for, also still trying to finish my travel log (initial sketches) from the bachelorette party😵 and more comics for the blog! Eeek!

Here are a couple wedding illustrations I did late June and early August :) There will be one more coming in September! ;) I love wedding illustrations.

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So I’ve had this lot in my game now for a little while. I didn’t share it because I wasn’t really happy with it, but now Romantic Garden and Dine Out items have made it onto the lot and I’m pretty excited/in love with it.

Anywho, here is Selina’s Chapel. Absolutely CC Free (which I’ll be migrating a lot of my houses and other items over to every once in a while). I showed shots from different times of the day so you all can get a good feel of the lighting. I also didn’t edit the shots as you can tell by some of them being a little darker.

Download: SimsFileShare

As it’s late I’ll reblog this in the morning.