15 Traditional Wedding Outfits Highlight the Beauty And Customs Around The World

Weddings are universally celebrated. Although most Western brides are known for their signature white fluffy dress wear a white dress, the rest of the world’s different culture is aesthetically seen through their wedding gown, which is full of years of culture, tradition, heritage and customs. 

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SIMS 4: Victorian Wedding Dress 

I’ve been working on this for quite sometime but didn’t have the time to finish it until today. I hope you like it and although it says Victorian on the cover picture I think this can be very well used as a modern dress as well. :) 




Wedding Day - Day 9 of @mxsims and @catus-sims 30 day ootd challenge.

Ceremony - Dress | Hair | Veil | Flowers 

Reception - Dress | Shoes | Ring 

Wedding Night - Lingerie | Hair


Couple’s portrait commissions, which I am now offering at an Etsy shop. People don’t need to be getting married to buy a couple’s portrait, of course, that just seems to be the most popular reason for commissioning them. I have two standard styles to choose from, you’ll get a digital file of the finished images which you can use as often as you want and for whatever reason you feel like (as long as it’s not for profit :) )

One couple used the illustrations for their invitations and the other as charming postcard style portraits edged in silver.

Check it out here!