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I love your hc about Boo spoiling Leon because that means he was not just satisfied with him having a jacket. No he needed a custom tee-shirt, and a bright red cap (not including the one that Shao gave him). Hell he probably helped cut his hair ( or asked Yolanda)

yes alladis except shao is the one that cut leon’s hair and it was one of their first new brother bonding moments


A gift from the heart, is the best gift one could ever give.

Sofia worked especially hard and for a quite awhile on Cedric’s wand case-  and she was practically obsessed in this entire episode with making sure he would be truly happy in the end! It couldn’t get any better for Cedfia shippers! And then they both agree about loving the snow fall on Wassailia, and Cedric was expressing his delight while saying that NO ONE has ever gotten him a gift this great before -ever! Wow, that says a lot to me. Oh boy! Now their future child can inherit the family wand and its custom made case! Tee hee!~




One cannot just attend the closing night of Heathers the Musical without dressing up. Complete with my blue blazer and grey shorts, I added a custom T to add my own touch!


  1. Buy Shirt. This one was from Kohls for $8.99
  2. Buy Fabric Spray Paint.
  3. Create a stencil in word. This font was size 100 and the text was “Color Of Autumn”
  4. Print stencil on heavy duty paper. Use exacto knife to cut out black letters.
  5. Lay on shirt, and COVER ENTIRE SHIRT WITH PAPER (The spray will go everywhere and ruin the shirt and trust me this happened it was awful)
  6. Let sit for 10 mins.
  7. Peel up stencil.
  8. Let sit for 2 hours.
  9. Rock the fuck out at Heathers The Musical Closing NIGHT!
Would anyone be interested in some custom tee shirt designs?

I’ve got a cute Chibi Base (I’m gonna title it ‘Too Little to Decide’) And I want to make sure I actually get some profit from them… I just want to know if people want one with a specific color palette, skin color, gender??? I just want to make them custom for people so they connect. I could also sell them as prints! :)