Shark tattoo by Ross K Jones 2013


San Francisco - Private Studio

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Hi guys! I decided to quickly throw these little rat tattoos together because I had a mighty need for them, since rats are my favorite animal and I’m planning on getting a little rat tattoo myself in the future! So, I thought I’d share them with you, if anyone wants them. The third tattoo is actually a rat and a cat, which I thought was cute :3

There are eight tattoos in total. (Click on the second picture to enlarge it and get a good view of the Tattooinator previews!) There aren’t any ingame previews, besides the top picture. Sorry about that :( They look best in black and at/close to the largest size.

If you love these lil critters like I do and decide to download them, I sincerely hope you enjoy! Let me know if there are any issues!



This is a set of tattoos for your male and female sims ! There are 11 different combinations for the chest tattoo, and 8 combinations for the legs (which make 88 combinations !)

Custom thumbnails, we don’t own the images, credits goes to all drawers.

  • Download the full set for male and female (Dropbox)

Skin / Plugs / Blue / Brunette